If you’ve said, “I wouldn’t be caught dead
using a selfie stick,” you may end up eating your words. Sure, these little extension devices can be
annoying when someone swings their smartphone inches from your face while trying to line
up a selfie stick photo, cluelessly ignoring everyone else nearby. But if you can move past the sometimes negative
feelings you have about the selfie stick and learn to use one properly, there’s no question
a selfie stick does what it promises to do. That’s why we’ve come up with a video guide
to the best selfie sticks you can buy. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best selfie sticks on the market, we have included links in the description for each
product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget
range. Starting off with the best overall selfie
stick we have the Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick. The popular Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick offers
quite a bit of versatility, both in terms of its length and in which smartphones it’ll
support. It can extend 29 inches, folds up to a mere
7.5-inch stick for easy storage, and should be able to hold most smartphones big or small
with its adjustable grip. The selfie stick connects to your phone via
Bluetooth, and you can take a picture with a press of the button in the handle. The Anker Selfie Stick has a strong battery
life of 20 hours, which the Gadget Vine estimates will allow an impressive 3,000 photos per
charge. Some other selfie sticks claim much longer
battery life, but most of those claims are greatly exaggerated. In its review, The Guardian loved the sturdy
feel of this selfie stick, as it has very little wobble to it, even when fully extended
to its maximum size of 29 inches. The Anker selfie stick grips your smartphone
tightly, so you feel safe using it. However, this Anker stick is a little heavy,
which may make it tough to hold the unit steady for long periods of time, according to Selfie
Pole Reviews. One Amazon buyer was pleased with the small
size of the selfie stick, especially when it’s folded down. Another Amazon customer appreciates the quality
of Anker products and the way this selfie stick works with the iPhone. Next up we have the best selfie stick for
versatility which goes to the LifeStyle Designs Premium Selfie Stick. The LifeStyle Designs Premium Selfie Stick
is an impressively versatile and popular selfie stick. Not only can it hold many different smartphone
models and digital cameras, but it also can convert from a selfie stick to a makeshift
tripod when needed. The LifeStyle Designs stick will work as a
tree mount, allowing you to set up odd-angle photos, according to PC Mag. All of the different attachments included
with the LifeStyle Selfie Stick make this model a good value, even though it costs a
little more than some other options. In its review, The Worthier Part says this
selfie stick is very sturdy, both when you’re using it as a selfie stick and as a tripod. One Amazon reviewer appreciates the lightweight
design of the Premium Selfie Stick, which is all the more impressive considering the
different ways you can use it. A few Amazon buyers were disappointed in the
inability to adjust the angle of the mount of the selfie stick far enough. Up next we have the best affordable selfie
stick which goes to the Kungfuren Selfie Stick. Selfie sticks are not expensive pieces of
gear to start with, but if you’re looking for a selfie stick to test to see if you like
the idea of using one or if you want one for a child, you may want to really save some
money with the Kungfuren Selfie Stick. It extends to as long as 31.8 inches and folds
down to just 11 inches, so it has some nice versatility in length. The battery life with the Kungfuren Selfie
Stick is impressive, according to one Amazon reviewer. It offers a remote shutter, as do most selfie
sticks, along with a wrist strap for added security. The Kungfuren stick doesn’t support as many
smartphone models as some others do, but its mount will accommodate typically sized models. One Amazon buyer says the Kungfuren Selfie
Stick is extremely easy to use, which solidifies the idea that this model would be a good option
for a child. Another Amazon reviewer likes the ease of
the Bluetooth pairing between the selfie stick and the smartphone but mentions the stick
doesn’t feel as sturdy as it should when fully extended. Several Amazon reviewers mention problems
with the charging capabilities of the Kungfuren Selfie Stick. Next we have the best long selfie stick which
goes to the Mighty Selfie Stick. If you’re looking to do some serious photography
with your smartphone, the Mighty Selfie Stick is more than capable of lending a helping
hand. Really, it’s the equivalent of lending around
20 helping hands, as this stick extends to a whopping 10 feet long. So whether you just want a really wide angle
on your selfie or are looking to replicate drone footage, this is the device to do it. Getting the stick to different heights is
actually surprisingly easy. In just seconds, you can go from three feet
to five feet to 10 feet, all thanks to a fast action twist locking adjustment. Just as impressive as its end size is the
selfie stick’s diminutive look when fully retracted. When closed for storage, the Mighty Selfie
Stick is actually just 26 inches long. While that’s still significantly larger than
some other selfie sticks, it’s a mere 20% of its full size when extended. At the end of the stick is a secure, strong
spring action phone mount, and the Mighty is also GoPro-compatible. Taking photos is a breeze as the stick comes
with a Bluetooth enabled remote with ring holders that allow you to attach it to the
stick when you’re not using it. In moments when you need the Mighty to stand
on its own three feet, the device comes with a tripod base with a 20-inch diameter for
maximum stability. You could also use the tripod independently
from the Mighty as a smaller tripod for just your phone. The Mighty also comes with a hand strap and
an Easy Grip foam handle for maximum portability and comfort while in use. And for our last pick we have the best dependable
selfie stick which goes to the Mpow Selfie Stick. The Mpow Selfie Stick is a best-seller on
Amazon, and that kind of customer consensus doesn’t just come out of nowhere. The Mpow is a sleek, one-piece device that
doesn’t come with any fancy attachments, bells, or whistles, but certainly gets the job done
for you — if that job is taking a selfie. With its U-shaped phone-holder design, the
Mpow is extremely compact. The head of the selfie stick can be folded
down to take up even less space in your bag than it would otherwise, and thanks to the
silicone material on the clamp, your phone won’t slip out of its mount even if you’re
waving the stick around in your excitement. Similarly, the handle bar’s matte surface
provides the right amount of friction to help the Mpow stay in your hands. Thanks to a 270-degree adjustable head, you
have full latitude to adjust the angle of your shot, which is key when it comes to taking
the perfect selfie. The Mpow extends to a maximum of 31.5 inches
— While that’s certainly not the greatest length on the list, it’s still enough for
most folks to get a great photo, and is certainly enough distance to allow you to take a pretty
big group shot. The phone holder is adjustable as well, capable
of coming down to a height of 2.17 inches and up to 3.35 inches. That’ll allow you to accommodate a wide range
of smartphones. When retracted, the Mpow is just over 7 inches
in length, which means it’ll fit easily in your backpack or carry-on, and the stick is
also supremely lightweight. Rather than depending upon a remote, the Mpow
instead has a camera button, which has a satisfying feedback force so you know that you’ve taken
a snap. The stick pairs automatically with most phones,
though you may have to undergo a slightly more manual process for some of the newest
mobile devices on the market. So that sums up our top selfie sticks of 2019. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

✅ TOP 5: Best Selfie Stick 2019

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