for four challenges redundant versus Suarez the trickshot challenge oops my bad I thought he said Deadshot one-nil the cheeky challenge ok tit faith we’re rolling do you love me [Music] okay tooth face we’re rolling just like you when your play-acting to get the rough to give you a fall Mathi do you love me man you captain they’ll never ever leave oh shit that look just like you go Larousse no point the Sally alley three finger challenge god dammit this is impossible and just relieved that all we have to do is a retarded hand gesture having seen deli alleys x-rated video I was a bit worried this challenge was going to involve his girlfriend and some KY I worked for the second time this summer who even just tell you I only played for Tottenham dimwit Oh total come no one cares about total calm exactly just like you’ve a example just like you would one warned the accuracy challenge you can do it it’s going in let’s go the helm is fine to me you cheating poke tooth burst Oh one two the fortnight goal celebration challenge this is easy I win there’s no way swatters can do the flaws ah really why not have you seen the size of your teeth that will take weeks asshole due to the Sprint challenge this is easier than winning the Champions League to make nasty challenge but there’s no way I’m dressing up as a german soldier who do you think I am Prince Harry next you’ll be asking me to black up like Antoine Griezmann Suarez it’s the big North Street challenge not depict Nazi challenge Oh idiot 3 3 etc Joana tiebreakers Rosa feed we already sent of these at the World Cup area sorry wins much officials showing boss of favoritism like this Swihart let me go check out the other football challenges below [Music]

🔥RONALDO vs SUAREZ: Football Challenges!🔥 (Parody)
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