Here we have 45-degree bounce you are going
to bounce out at a 45 degree angle again. Excellent for hockey explosiveness, skating
stride, skating power and really good. And here we’re going for distance. So we’re going
to be down in a low position knee bend 90 degrees, exploding out, landing, recoiling
down in 90 degree position. And exploding out again. You are holding it for a couple of seconds.
So hold and then jump again; land, recover each time. Every time you jump you want to
absorb and hold. You are really working on that straight and that holding and 90 degree
position exploding. Try not to use your hands when you land. Try
not to put your foot down on the land but if you have to do that it’s okay; if you are
a little bit out of balance. As you get better and better, you can eliminate
that as much as possible. So on this one we are going for distance 45 degrees out, as
far as you can. Now we are going to do it. When you jump you
are going to jump with this foot from right in here and then jump up. We are not going
to take that foot back and then swing it. We are right in here. We are jumping and are
really pressing without the outside leg. And we are not swinging our inside leg when we
jump. So, our back is flat, head is up, down at
lower position and exploding out 45 degrees for distance hold getting out as far as you
can. So, keep your head up and your back is flat 45 degrees for distance; explode and
try not to touch the ground. Trying to put your foot on the ground always is bringing
that puck right back into here and exploding again.

#1 Skating Drill – Off-Ice Hockey Training
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