What’s up guys. We’re gonna do a nice little flow here, get the body moving, wake everything up You’re gonna need your long stick (6-7ft) and we’ll get started. So we’re gonna start off real easy We’re gonna start off at a small split stance right foot back Okay. I want your hand up real high on the stick The base of the stick is going to be in line with your big toe and your right hip First thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have that left hand in the middle of the stick for support We’re gonna get into a nice little hang. I want you to lightly pull down into the ground Get all these shoulder muscles activated From here. We’re going to slowly slide our left hand down and you’re going to turn your right heel down Towards the ground so your back foot is creating a nice 45-degree angle From here, we’re gonna lightly Flex the stick behind us look up towards the ceiling Should feel good Come out of it nice and slow Turn the right heel up place your left hand on top Right hand goes down So just reach to your comfortable end range next thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna flex that left hand what I do Hold make sure you’re breathing Okay from here use the stick for stability and we’re going to straighten out that left leg Should feel a nice light stretching that left hamstring Make sure that back heel stays up off the ground Okay from here we’re going to return back Rotate the stick back to the right hand and now we’re going to increase that stance just a little bit I mean about three reps on each side here. So rotate the right heel down Left hand goes down Flex the stick behind you Looking up then. I want you to turn your head back to Center We’re gonna hold keep breathing. Okay slowly release turn the right heel up Left hand goes back up to the top reach the right hand down lightgrip Flicks that stick behind you Come out of that nice and slow Straighten out that front leg Try to pull that big toe up towards your hip We’re gonna hold Come back out of this slow Return back to center right hand goes on top slide that right foot back even further We’re gonna reach down Rotate that right heel down. We’re trying to keep this front knee and nice alignment. So it turned out to let it fall in Pull that stick behind you wake up all those upper back muscles Come back out of it slowly turn the right heel up left hand goes up top Right hand down Flex the snake behind you Rotate your head towards the center Wake up your neck Go ahead and look back up Okay, slowly straighten out your left leg If you need more stability here get up a little bit taller, it’s not he’d seen you Okay, slowly return come back to Center use a stick to help you stand up we’re gonna switch sides So start off well start in a small splint left foot back We’re gonna go left hand up So right hand reaches down as your right hand reaches down Left heel turns towards the ground left foot creates that 45 degree angle Reach down nice firm grip Flex that stick behind you Should feel a nice stretch in the chest ribcage Relaxed come out of the slowly Right hand goes up reach that left hand down Look up Flex that right hand back making sure that you’re pushing that left hand into the ground Hold it Relax now try to strain out that right leg pull that big toe towards your right hip Keep breathing Come out of that slowly Left hand goes up. We’re gonna slide that left foot back just a little bit further Okay, the left arm straight good firm grip reach that right hand down as far as you can Stick should be touching your chest Left heel down flex try to take it a little further this time look up look to center Release the Flex Turn the left heel up We’re going to reach that right hand up high Reach that left hand down low left heel is up Flex the stick behind you Come back out of it slowly Readjust your hand if you need to now straighten out that right leg Try to actively pull that foot into dorsiflexion Come out of it slow we have one more So left hand up high left foot slides back even further Left heel down reach as far as you can get those hands split them apart Flex a stick behind you Squeezing that left scapula Release Turn the left heel up Right hand goes up high Left hand reaches down as far as you can Flex the stick backwards Come out of this slow Straighten out that right leg Make sure you’re breathing Slowly release Come out of this slow and let’s stand up Okay, so now we’re going to get into a horse stance here. So what I want to do is just kind of Wiggle your feet out Internal/external go as wide as you’re comfortable We’re gonna do now is do a little ninja flow So right hand goes up high I’m going to hinge my hips back I’m going to reach my left hand down towards the ground First thing I’m going to do now is I’m just going to shift my hips slightly from left to Right as I shift my hips to the left Right hand goes back Shift my hips to the right Right hand goes across to the left Do about three reps trying to get a little further each time Back to the right Reach that right hand over if you need support place your left hand on the stick One more time To the left pull the right hand back Shift to the right pull that stick across your body Come out of this slowly stand up nice and tall and Place that stick just inside that left big toe reach your left hand up high change those hips back Reach towards the ground Pull the stick behind you and we’re going to shift to the right Pull the stick back Shift to the left Pull that stick across you feel a nice stretch the lat ribcage inner thigh Make sure your feet all the toes are touching the ground Shift to the right maybe get a little further Shift to the left move that stick across One more time shift to the right Pull that stick behind you To the left Reach across Come back to Center Stand up nice and slow Got one more here, so We’re going to take the stick Hold it at about waist height here hands are going to be just wider than shoulder width and I’m going to lightly pull the stick apart I’m going to reach overhead I’m just going to get a little side minute. So I’m going to pull with my right hand Try to push my left hip out Pull myself back up Pull down to the left pull myself back up with the right hand Get about two more here. So pull down to the right Pull two left Back to the right Try to get a little further each rep if you can’t Last one if you can touch the ground do it Pull back up And relax, so Now you’re done feeling good body’s warm Ready to go for the day. So Enjoy stick mobility with me better

10-Minute Mobility Easy-Flow Workout With Long Stick – #16 Fundamentals

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