Good morning It’s 9.09, nine minutes past nine On Saturday the seventh of September 2019 This morning it’s muesli back to the muesli, first time for over a week I think So I’ve put 45g of muesli 30g of trail mix 7g, which is a tablespoon full of wheatgerm and 150g of zero fat strawberry yoghurt so bon appetit I had forgotten how long it takes to eat muesli, with the seeds and that, it takes forever, that wheatgerm adds a, I was gonna say a funny flavour a different flavour I’m not sure if you’re supposed to eat it raw, I don’t know Maybe you’re supposed to toast it, I read about toasted wheatgerm Dunno how to do that just put it in, heat it in the wok or something So this breakfast is 427 calories it’s quite high The, the trail mix always adds a lot of… the seeds are high in calories but very nutritious So, I went for a walk yesterday and I went, I didn’t go the coast route I went along the Back Road it’s called You can still see the sea and the Bass Rock and North Berwick Law, Traprain Law, Bellhaven Bay, you can still see everything but then at the end, normally I would turn right and go back round the golf course and along the clifftop trail Turned left, there’s a wee side street I never walked down before with a big house called ‘The Manor House’, I’ve never even noticed it before beautiful big house and then… on to Duke Street, which I had never been on before either and then back on to, I think that brings you back on to Bellhaven Road Now I’ve driven that plenty times but I’ve never walked it and it’s amazing how you notice the gradient when you’re walking, you don’t really notice it when you’re driving Wow ‘Cos the end of the Back Road goes down quite a steep hill so of course, that goes back up ‘cos it’s parallel so it’s quite hard, it’s quite a brae so and then I turned up a, it’s Knockenhair Road it’s called and that brings you back up to the Back Road so it was eh, 5,200 steps and that is 2.8 mile or something oh no, I’ve got my cheat sheet 2.42 mile 5200 steps says I burned 504 calories I don’t know but it was a brisk pace, wow It was a tough, tough walk, but great anyway I’m not too sure about the taste of that wheatgerm let’s say it doesn’t add to the flavour the nice flavour it’s supposed to be healthy and nutritious I’ll try, I’ll try toasting it tomorrow I’ll just…in the wok, heat it in the wok really I’ll see what that does If not, I might just add it to my porridge instead So, I’ve not had a bath yet I didn’t get up ’til something like half seven I was up a bit later last night, I was watching the rugby, Scotland v Georgia can’t remember the score but it was 44 – 9 or something to Scotland Some really excellent tries yet Georgia were in the match until the last ten, twenty minutes but then Scotland just sort of a drew away anyway I shall see you tomorrow, hopefully thanks for watching Ta ta for now

#136. Breakfast with Donald – September 7th 2019
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