today on top corner breaks we have 17-18
upper deck ice hockey ICY ICY and we have a bonus National Hockey card de
canada edition 2019 let’s get busting welcome back everybody
today we have a double pack action here got our hockey national hockey card day
that was a that was what like a month a half a ghost I got this when I purchased
a not protect ice box recently from 17-18 upper deck ice a hockey card shop owner down
here in Ottawa link in description they gave us the this pack as a bonus pack so
let’s see what we got here it’s five cards per pack yeah it’s a collectible
set yeah free cards so 16 cards set we’ve
got Christian vesalinien rookies rookies Oh hockey heroes of Mark Messier
pride if Canada Connor McDavid Oh Canada’s rookies Elias Patterson nice
and hockey heroes Maurice Rashard and here’s our checklist nice okay now the
main event the main event getting cold in here everyone
woo getting cold and icy gettin cold and icy Carey price on the cover here we’ve
got where we have we have four cards per pack six packs per box we’re collecting
five levels of ice premier rookie cards averaging two per box so this is the
17-18 we’re probably looking for what are we looking for here we’re looking for debrincat to bring cat yeah brock boesser there’s a to notable ones
Nolan Patrick and Nico hischier yeah all right let’s get that rusty blade and
get bust in the upper deck ice was the stuff that really got me back into the
back early 2000 yeah I struggle with the cellophane all the time but it’s just so
satisfying that’s good we like to see those factory seal yes
won’t I get fleeced this thing here this is from last year though splendor hmm
okay you want to do the left packs all sharing packs all right all right
get up get up I love you see here oh yeah so all of them are clear now even
the base G is back in the day it was just the inserts
I may get used to handling these slippy I see Josh Manson oh we got our first
rookie premieres out of 499 Jack Rowe Slavik nice six at a $4.99 and a
sanctuary we might just take that off camera and put it in some plastic nice
car nice interesting I have they’ve got full acetate and everything
yeah I believe it has something to do with the technology these days it’s just
easier to produce these cards actually I’d leave in the way didn’t shows them a
lot better yeah Travis Hammond ik big decoy Oh
zero-zero John Tavares kuvira’s having a great year this year yeah this great
year my favorite team now no more Islanders Anze Kopitar and Cory
Schneider yeah that’s a new record yeah I don’t know what the only with the
ratios of that sure give you an update on that everyone’s favorite Mike Green
oh oh you got the other I got the other ice cream years Mackenzie weigert oh boy
he just had that fight against Paul buyer in this week oh yeah a man the to
Ottawa area boys and Wow I was a very scary scary incident nice dad Oscar
class ball let’s roll that in some plastic as well something’s out a 999
Mackenzie we’re wow what is it average to so yeah so what level is that one 160
802 9.99 have to check the box doesn’t say yeah it’s a different numbering yeah
the number one oh we got a hit oh I’m gonna just put this to the side here
okay I’m gonna put that to the side all right nice there you go see I guess
once I gets the work he’s done so I guess it’s oh we got another hit another
kid okay all right geez that went to the side okay well
head hit off there Muhsin attack before we reveal our all right Alexander Barkov big decoy and
a nice primo nice another one Vinnie it’s done baby
104 99 nice David Krejci and Dustin Byfuglien Wow
three is premiers on average two per box so you know what we’ll take three yeah
this might be a hot box all right that’s what they call that
all right ladies first I’m the reveal jay-z’s are so I see what am I gonna do Greenpoint Victor meet exquisite
collection rookie 224 of 275 nice card any Montreal fans out there
Victor Victor met a victor met a Victor meet yeah and Kevin Leblanc sorry Kevin
babe this was the real star of this pack a
really nice card yeah exquisite exquisite beauty I think
we’ve got another oh yeah rookie in here Ryan Getzlaf Alex
Ovechkin and an autograph oh and tip it hey very nice nice looking car 120 out
of 199 wow that is a good card nice hit yeah very nice rookie
signatures from exquisite Wow nice signature – that was very nice number 74
plan for those Panthers Wow yeah the last card
Anthony Mantha okay well that was exciting
that’s a very fun break we had let’s recap those hits there so that’s the ice
premiers there so we got the jack rose Levesque Vince done st. Louis a last
place in the NHL January 3rd and just clinched a playoff spot right crazy the
McKenzie Weger Ottawa boy Ottawa and of course sub-zero JT Mortal Kombat
playing for my favorite team now and this beautiful rookie card for Victor
meet or met a or met a correct us in the comedy and this autograph of Owen tippet
rookie signatures acquit exquisite collection beautiful curves your nice
Florida Panthers only tip is very nice you know okay yeah that was good that’s
great thanks everyone yeah and don’t forget keep on busting

17-18 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Break – NICE PULLS!!! Upper Deck ICE 2018/19 Release May 1

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    Nice break!

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    You guys have Instagram if so let’s make a trade!

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    METE 😈

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    Great video

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    Awful box !!!

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    I pulled one box of the 17-18 got a nico hischier ice premieres 76/99


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