My son, like any other boy playing minor hockey in Kamloops looks forward to the opportunity to playing KIBIHT. One of their first dreams is to play in that tournament. As a child, I can remember playing in the tournament, I can remember coming to the rinks and watching the games all the time and it’s part of the Tournament Capital. There’s a lot of history with KIBIHT in Kamloops. We’re here for the hockey, but really, our takeaway back home was hospitality. Genuine hospitality. When you look for it, it’s here; it’s everywhere but we just have to pause and look. I think it’s great, the fact that they got so many teams and so many good players. I think the competition level is very high and I love playing tournaments where you can have kids who are better than you, bigger than you and you always get to challenge yourself. The history of KIBIHT in the community it was started up by a group of people, volunteers all of them that decided they wanted to have the best bantam teams in the country and eventually, internationally to show them what Kamloops was all about. It’s a lot of fun out here. I got to play a lot of hockey, good teams. We got to play Hungary – that was awesome. I was proud for the guy because it’s a big thing to sing the national anthem in front of a lot of people. A sense of selflessness, putting others first, getting along with diversity, adapting to wins or losses, just overcoming things. KIBIHT to me is one of the greatest bantam hockey tournaments in the world. When people think of KIBIHT, they think of Kamloops and I think people look forward to this tournament. It’s known across the country, people want to come here and they travel around the world and people have heard of this tournament. I think it’s a great organization, a lot of good teams here and it’s really exciting how they provide all the stuff for us, it’s good. A lot of elite teams and a lot of experiences you’d never have in a regular old tournament. We went all over Western Canada and Alaska and up north and this was the flag ship. This was the one that’s on the calendar for a lot of teams. I think KIBIHT for the community it really brings that awareness around us being Canada’s Tournament Capital. It’s such a long-running tournament, such a well-respected tournament that people really identify with it and very much understand what it is. You have to play tough, don’t play by your size – it’s in the heart. There’s lots of competition and great teams. There’s so much excitement and feeling of scoring or stopping a goal, it’s great. This is such a nice place and it’s unbelievable to be here. I think all we have to do is look at some of the names who have gone through KIBIHT: Dino Ciccarelli, Mario Lemieux, Dion Phaneuf, they’ve all played in KIBIHT before going to the NHL. But in the end, I want him to learn that concept of friendship, the friendships you form along the way. In the end, if they come away with this experience, coming here is some place special, the experience of Kamloops and it’s really the interactions of folks within the community. I’m trying to show them to open your eyes, open your heart, and when you do that, wonderful things happen.

2016-2017 Kamloops International Bantam Ice Hockey Tournament (KIBIHT)

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