6 National Titles 4 Consecutive One team has a chance to make history tonight [Static shots of the team on the bench and on the ice] 1:35, Meneghin, across, here’s the chance, it’s in! Melissa Sheeran has given Plattsburgh the 1-0 lead. Turning with it, Mackenzie Millen, backhand try by Moriarty. Score! What a terrific backhand! So it’s 5-on-5, Duquette carrying, Duquette shooting. She scores! She scores! Julia Duquette scores! And it somehow seems fitting that this game goes into overtime Across to Brand, Brand comes in and out, to the front, shot, score! Score! There it is! Plattsburgh has done it! Plattsburgh becomes the first team to win four in a row! [Dogpile celebration after the overtime game-winning goal] Plattsburgh State Women’s Hockey Plattsburgh State Women’s Hockey 2017 National Champions 2017 National Champions

2017-18 Plattsburgh State Women’s Hockey Banner Raising Video
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