– I think we just build off of the second
half of last year. We were number one for the majority of it,
and we just worry about ourselves. We worry about our preparation, and us getting
better and growing every day, individually and collectively so that we get better, and
it makes it harder for other teams to stay with us. – We just focus on a new year. We’re a different team this year. We obviously lost a lot of our leadership
with our seniors last year in graduating, and we gotta bunch of new freshman this year. But it’s a brand new team. We still have to find our identity and it’s
gonna be a journey to find that, and we’re all excited for that. – We do return four of our top five defense
men from last year, so we’re really excited about the other players getting opportunities,
and the two freshman have come on that have added incredible depth to us. – The guys here are gonna have to step up. We’re all have that one year more of experience,
and we got some great freshmen in, like I said. So everyone’s gonna have to step up their
game because we do have a target on our back this year, but we’re excited for that, and
we’re gonna be ready for any challenge. – Players aren’t satisfied. They’re pushing each other. They all individually wanna be better, and
they all wanna add, continue to add, to the Denver hockey tradition here, and I know for
myself, I want these players to excel, and I want us to be as great as we can be. What is our ceiling? I don’t know what it is. I don’t know every year what it is going in,
but we’re gonna try and attain that. – We’ve had some great captains in the past
that I’ve been under, and I’ve learned so much from them. But like I said, it’s a true honor, but saying
that, we have so many leaders in our locker room. Guys with tons of experience, and guys that
everyone looks up to. So it’s not a one-man job, we definitely have
a great group in our locker room to lead this team. – For us, we’re trying to be national championship
champions of this year. We’re not repeating what we did last year. We’re trying to win this year. – We’re gonna be an exciting team, I mean,
also we gotta a lot of offense coming back, and some great guys in the back end. Especially Tanner Jaillet. So we’re excited to get things going. I think we’re gonna be a fun team to watch,
and an exciting game, so I think defense should be excited for that.

2017 DU Hockey Preview
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    I️ wish to play for DU one day.


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