Things are well. We have a good group of
guys. Pace has been pretty good in practice. Everyone seems to be in good shape and we’re starting to implement some systems now that are gonna help us. So things are on the right start. I just try to get the new guys right into our system. So we do a lot of system based stuff for sure. You know, but you want to keep kind of keep it competitive too. You know
the guys playing hard against each other, but D zone, neutral zone, our
forechecks, something the guys should be second nature, think of it second nature
when we get going. You know the special team stuff is always exciting and you
know, we’ll be starting that up this week; but I’m confident. We’ve got
a lot of guys returning who are on the powerplay so I think that’s going to go pretty smooth for us early on. Guys gelling, obviously is a huge part of
success. So when we get on campus it’s the first thing we try and do. Getting
everybody together get everybody gelling right away, because the second you have one person off, then everything’s down. I think that the chemistry is already
there which helps us a lot. You know we do have five freshmen that are
starting to fit in well. But yeah, only graduating one guy is something we haven’t done in a long time and we’re trying to take advantage of it for sure. We love playing Hobart early every season. It’s a good way to mark ourselves
against the rest of the top teams in the country and we’re looking forward to
that first weekend for sure. I mean our expectation is to be in the in the championship game this year. You know, but last year I thought we caught fire in the
second half and we kind of knew we had a pretty good team but we weren’t
really showing it early. You know, and then when we finally started playing the
way we could, winning those games on the road, in the playoffs, I think really
helped our confidence and you know with all those guys coming back, no
reason that we can’t get back to the championship game. Last year we caught a
lot people off-guard. A lot people didn’t really take us for, take us seriously I
should say and we snuck up on some teams. And ultimately this year, I mean we’re
going to have a target on our back, we’re going to have a lot of teams gunning for us
and giving us their best game every night. So we’re gonna have to do the same.
With goals and expectations for this this team as a unit, obviously making it
back to the final would be fantastic. We’re just focused on winning game-to-game at the moment and taking it one step at a time. But making the playoffs first
foremost. Winning our series, making it to the final and then hopefully getting the autobid. That’s our goal as a unit and we’re going to do everything we can to obtain it.

2018-19 Elmira College Men’s Ice Hockey Season Preview
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