I think so far, I mean we’ve had kind of
a shorter preseason this year. But in terms of getting it going and our flow drills have been really good, our speed is up there this year. We have a lot of
talent so I’m excited to see how it will unfold throughout the season. Yeah I mean,
I think it’s a combination of two things, we have returners who maybe weren’t in
big roles last year, that I think are certainly capable of stepping up and
to chip away every year. I mean you mentioned kids that we had lost. Sarah Hughson was somebody that every year, she got better and you know, she
became an All-American her senior year just because of the work that she put in. I think our returners are capable of playing big minutes for us and
contributing even more on the scoresheet, and obviously they’re going to
carry us the first little while just with so many newcomers. But, I’m really
excited about the freshmen and the one transfer that we had come in this
year and you know, I think they’re more than capable of chipping in when
they’re asked to do something for us and I’m really excited about this
year and the group that we have. I think we’re really strong. Obviously we
lost Crawford and Rachel Grampp was a huge part of our D-corps as well, but we
got two new goalies coming in, we also have Lizzy who’s gonna have to fill in
some big shoes from Crawford, but they definitely have what it takes. Our D-corps is very strong this year. We have Amanda and Jenny who are very strong
players and our core defenseman are still here so I think we’ll be okay. I think our expectations have always been kind of the same throughout my four
years here. We want to win, we want to get to a national championship game and I
don’t think that’s ever changed. They joke, they’ve been in every game,
other than winning the championship. They’ve finished second, they finished
third. Our senior class, I mean if you look at their body of work
it’s obviously tremendous and they’re a big part of our program.
You know, this year there’s certainly high expectations you know
from them as a class and obviously for our team. We want to get back to
that moment. It’s certainly difficult getting there just based off last
year, but you know they’re incredibly talented. I mean if you look at all six
of them, they all bring something different but they’re all six key pieces
of our program and they’ll be six key pieces of our lineup moving forward. We’re really excited to play Norwich and I think that we didn’t play our best in
the National Championship game. This will be a nice opportunity to redeem
ourselves. We’re going to look fresh out there and we’re gonna work really hard,
so hopefully we have a good outcome. I think this is our year. I mean in terms
of, we have the same expectations every year like Meg said. All four years we
want to be that last weekend in March, so that’s going to be our expectation.
Working towards that every single game.

2018-19 Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey Season Preview
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