Today Go Auto has sent me to Go Mazda
here to learn about this subcompact. This here is the 2018 Mazda 3 Sport. Boom!
this is Troy, he’s gonna tell us about it. montage? Hi guys, I’m here today to tell you a
little bit about this vehicle here. This is the AJAC best small car in Canada for
2018. This is the Mazda 3 Sport. It comes in a variety of different vehicle options
starting off with your GX Comfort and Convenience, working all the way up to
your GT Premium with the Nappa leather and the Bose audio sound system. In
crafting the 2018 Mazda 3, Mazda designers took every chance to examine
every curve, every angle, every line to create bolder, more dignified proportions.
The 2018 Mazda 3 GT sport comes fully equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels, your
advanced blind-spot monitoring systems. It comes with 63% high tensile steel. What
that adds is a high rigidity complex. It’s designed to protect your vehicle.
It’s why the Mazda brand has the highest rating with the American Highway Safety
Council. So, moving to the back it is a hatchback. The back-up camera is situated
underneath the emblem. It helps keep it a little cleaner as well it’s going to
give you a better area of view. The rear space of this vehicle is definitely not
lacking compared to their competition. Tons of room in this. Jesse: driving! Alright,
we’re in, we’re in the car. The Mazda 3 Sport. This is.. which trim is this?
Troy: This is the GT Tech. So premium tech.
Jesse: okay Troy: This vehicle comes fully equipped with all what I think’s become standard in vehicles, heated seats, heated steering,
has a backup camera, as well your leather upholstery, your Bose sound system and
then the tech features. It comes standard with navigation, also gives you
all those extras: advanced blind spot monitoring, smart city brake support,
which is a neat safety feature that Mazda has. In the event of you’re driving
and you haven’t really been paying attention,
it’ll give you the heads-up that you’re about to have a…
Jesse: Oh, it tells you?
Troy: she’ll beep at ya and give you an advance warning to to apply the brakes.
So your highway gas mileage for the Mazda 3 in the 2.5L engine, which
is what is in this GT, you’re gonna get 8.7L/100km city driving and then
7.6L/100Km highway. It’s actually, tops in class. SKYACTIV is an engine
design concept that maximizes fuel efficiency while not sacrificing
performance. The vehicle has a linear acceleration due to us having one of the
best in-class compression ratios of 13:1 So this engine’s designed for
drivers who want to drive, who want to pick up and go. So your adaptive
cruise, essentially you have a heads-up display. One of the other advantages to the tech package.
Jesse: Yeah I like this, you probably can’t see it on camera but I can see a little animated car.
Troy: It’ll give you your speed as well. It’s gonna give you your speed.
Jesse: It’s telling me speed, the speed limit. Troy: It’ll also give you, if you program navigation, it’ll let you know your turns. Jesse: okay. Troy: So to give you the heads up, to activate the adaptive cruise, you just simply have to turn it on and set it.
Jesse: oh okay, there we go.
Troy: so now you’re setting to 90. Put it up a little more. I want to get us
get us… get a little closer to him and see what the cruise actually does.
Jesse: So it’s set to 110 it’s keeping me at 103 and it’s showing a little animated guy. It’s
got the lines for the lane and it’s got the car. Troy: So that’s letting you know that
you’ve reached your distance to the vehicle in front of you. So, until this
vehicle moves on your way, it won’t actually let you hit the speed limit that you set.
Jesse: It won’t let me rear-end this guy. Troy: it won’t let your rear end ‘im. You still
as always have to be a cognizant driver. It is technology, if he comes to a dead
stop, technologies… I don’t think there’s a car out there that’s gonna
recognize and come to a dead stop. So now if you just let yourself drift a little
bit, you’ll feel it kind of to tell you “hey or you’re leaving your lane there”.
Jesse: oh yeah yeah yeah
Troy: you feel the bounce. Jesse: Yeah and it’s like, it gives me a yellow line. Troy: Yeah, that’s your lane keep assist. So it’s allowing, it’s letting you know when you’ve gotten a little too far off there.
Jesse: Yeah. What’s cool too is there’s a couple, like
radio wave lines in the corner.
Troy: Yes Those are your blind spot monitoring.
So just like most other brands, your blind spot monitoring is still in your
mirror, still activated by a sound, but ours also… everything is on the heads-up
display. So that again, that whole range of motion, you shouldn’t be taking your
eyes off the road as you drive.
Jesse: Yeah. One thing I’ll say, this is not related to
anything you’re saying, it’s a really comfortable seat.
Troy: That’s the kinesiologist (who helped design the seat) at work there. Jesse: Oh it beeped at me because I was a little too close when I started that lane change. So this is the 2018 Mazda 3 GT Sport … tech?
Troy: Sport Tech.
Jesse: okay, yeah that’s that’s it for this. I like it for specifically, for me, the comfort in
the seat. I keep talking about. Also like, going around corners, like just
driving, like the general ride. It doesn’t feel like a subcompact that I’ve
tried this year. lt’s a lot more, I don’t know, secure? Is that the word?
Troy: That I think, that’s a good, a good choice for what Mazda is trying to do.
Jesse: It seems like… like
I took that corner at 70 and it didn’t feel like 70, it felt like 40 in other cars.
Troy: yeah Jesse: Yeah, it’s got, its got the HUD, it’s got the backup camera, it’s got the adaptive cruise. So definitely check out this ride
if you’re in the market. If you liked the video, hit the like button, comment,
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2018 Mazda Mazda3 Sport GT Review – 2018’s most fun small car?

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    I wonder how much hokey sticks and bottles of mapple syrup can fit in the trunk and is this car suited for a beaver family

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    I do believe there are already cars out there that will indeed come to a dead stop whilst in adaptive cruise.

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    Rip go auto channel

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    It looks small but once your inside its comfy and roomy for tall or big people leg room in back can use more space head room is good


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