Never has there been a more fitting name
for a team than the Blues! Failure runs deep in their veins and what better way
to celebrate than by rubbing salt on the wounds? You actually make the Stanley Cup
Finals in your first year of existence, sure you’re in a conference with all the
other expansion teams and you’re projected to get destroyed, but it’s
still admirable. Maybe you can shock the world? Unfortunately reality sets in and
you’re swept by the Canadians: rebound and make the finals again next year, your
team is even stronger now so you have a fighting chance. Wash Rinse Repeat. All
right, three straight years in the final, let’s hope you can actually win a game?
You get swept by the Bruins. Yeah that goal! You also lose in the first round to
Minnesota: head coach Scotty Bowman has a schism with ownership and he chooses to
fuck off. Get completely steamrolled by the Bruins. Deja Vu ain’t it? It’s now
the Blackhawks turn to kick your ass, hope you guys like coaching carousels?
Mettlesome ownership will do that to you. Enjoy something that you will come to
know like the back of your hand: first-round playoff losses. Get dominated
by the Canadians in the second round; turns out Scotty Bowman did pretty well
for himself in Montreal. Welcome to the penny-pinching hell that
is ownership under the Ralston-Purina company. You are terrible! Completely and
objectively terrible. Enjoy the basement blues fans. Emerge from the doldrums at
the turn of the decade and get swept by the Blackhawks. Again! The best regular
season you’ve ever had, it does not save you from losing in the second round in
fact get eliminated by the Blackhawks. Again.
And again! Your former coach Al Arbor, he may have a cup or two in his cupboard.
Congratulations! You get to move to the greener pastures of Saskatoon?! 2 HOURS LATER…. Never mind! The NHL has come to their
senses and are forcing you to stay in St. Louis. Enjoy the stress of having the
team potentially contract as a reward. Heck, things get so bad that the owners
padlock the arena and the Blues don’t even participate in the draft. Strip
everything clean to the point where the NHL tells Ralston-Purina to fuck off.
Fortunately they find a new owner and the franchise is saved. One catch! He’s
avaricious as well. Reward your fan bases patience with a
gut-wrenching loss to the North Stars. In an overtime game 7. Heal these wounds by
getting swept by that team the very next year. You make the Conference Finals
again. You’ve reached Game 7. You could get
back to the finals? Or get dick punched by the flames.
Ouch! Lose in the first round again. This time to the fucking Maple Leafs. The good
news is that you actually beat the Blackhawks in the series; the bad news is
that you get smacked around by the Red Wings the next round. Go back in time to
the early 80″s and get eliminated by the Blackhawks in the second round. Don’t
look now, a bunch of your old players just won a cup with the flames. At least
you’ve got Brett Hull from one of those trades. Enjoy the Blackhawk pain. Again.
This time getting obliterated by them in game 7. Another outstanding regular
season, another elimination in the second round once again to the North Stars. Sign
Brendan Shanahan as a restricted free agent. The price isn’t too steep?! You only
have to give Scott Stevens to the devil’s. In fact get bested by those
fucking Blackhawks again. Now you get revenge on the Blackhawks.
Glorious victories are soon to be yours by whimpering quietly in game 7 to the
Maple Leafs. Shed that painful loss only to get swept by the Stars. Mike Keenan is
now your head coach & GM. This means that you’ve got about a year and a half
before his shtick becomes toxic. He leads you to a 7 game loss to the
Canucks in the first round. Meanwhile, Scott Stevens just won himself his first
cup. All right, you’re going all in this year! Keenan has all but cloned the 94
Rangers formula of 80’s Oilers and early 90″s Blackhawks players;
he may have gutted the team he started with but you’ve got the fucking great
one at the deadline to up complement the golden Brett! Now go get that Cup! I forgot to ask? How’s that Gretzky trade
working out? He signed with the Rangers because of management. You say
turns out Mike Keenan was cancer incarnate! Who saw that one coming?
Last year was brutal for you guys. You get consolation though; losing to the Red
Wings again. Last year was brutal for you guys.
You get consolation though; losing to the Red Wings again. Did I mention Brendan
Shanahan won some cups with them? You crushed the hopes and dreams of the
Coyotes in an overtime game 7, maybe this is the year you go places? Or lose in
6 to the god-damn stars again. Oh look your old star Brett Hull won a cup with
them too. You’re going places now. You’re the
Presidents Trophy winner with elite goaltending, Joel Quenneville, Norris
winner Chris Pronger, and Pavel Demitra. This is truly the year; that you fall to
the Sharks in the first round. For fuck’s sake! All right, you made the third round for
the first time in 15 years. You took out those pesky sharks and
the stars. Do you get the monkey off your back? Hell no! You get battered in 5
to the Avalanche. Oh look! You get to lose to the Red Wings again. You’re up
3 games to one against the Canucks. To no one’s surprise, you completely take
the piss. The team is choking on their own shit, enough that Joel Quenneville is told to get fucked. It doesn’t matter. Because you still get your heads crushed
by the Sharks. Owner Bill Lorri really wanted an NBA team in St. Louis. The
Blues are losing in money because reasons; sell fucking everything! Return
to the basement with Mike Kitchen. Your postseason streak is over with only two
appearances in the Conference Finals during this time. Rod Bridamour, Doug Weight, Chris
Pronger win cups in the interim. You made the playoffs again. You get swept by the
Canucks. It’s like you were never there. Miss the playoffs the next 2 years in
the meantime you’re telling me that Joel Quenneville won a cup? Two things are on
the right track with Ken Hitchcock the Blues have the second best record in the
NHL and they win a playoff series for the first time in 10 years. In Blues
fashion they fail and get swept by the Kings In the next round.You know what
you didn’t go full blues enough you lose to the Kings in the first round this
time. You have another great regular season, you already know how this story
plays out; you’re the goddamn second seed in the Western Conference & your
favorites for the cup. Please at least do something! You lose in 6 to the fucking
Wild. Are you shitting me?! You’re blowing a 3 to 1 series lead to
the Blackhawks? Just get it over with so I can get the liquor. Wait! The Blues didn’t fail? They’re
playing in the Conference Finals against the Sharks of all teams? By the gods,
someone is shedding their choker label this year. Unfortunately it’s not you. Ken
Hitchcock is retiring at the end of the year;
so let’s hire his replacement Mike Yoe as an assistant. This isn’t awkward at all.
The Blues are playing like bird shit right now.
Fuck it. Snorlax is gone! Turns out that was the spark to get the team back on
track. Jake Allen is playing like a god and they stole the series against the
Wild. Maybe this is the year? Or they can lose in 6 to the Predators. One can
only tolerate so much failure! Let’s take a look at the final scores was there a turning point in the year
Tyler where you’ll in January you’re in last place in the National Hockey League
was there something that you can recall where you flipped the switch inside that
room and said enough yeah I mean we had a meeting with Doug and you know he said
he believed in us but if this kept up there’s gonna have to be moves and you
know we kind of looked around we we get along well in that room you know every
guy hangs out and spends time together we didn’t want anyone to leave so we
kind of beared down there we want 11 or Rogaine some confidence you know got a
few bounces here and there and just kept rolling if you haven’t believe that you can get
this done it’s amazing what happens focused relentless together the whole
time go boys wife this all begins welcome founder David to touch bizarre and the
blows have tied the game it and Alba Jordan paintin in his first
playoff appearance current conditions in women
nervous energy mixed in it is but getting to the sir the Southwest it’ll torture son quest yes sir it’s free too wilee he comes in weight sure he stars
a quick flick of the wrist here by Ryan O’Reily his fourth career playoff goal
gives the blue is a 4-3 lead to flex it down and hits the toe James in Winnipeg four and three the
final and they lead the best-of-seven series 2 games to know that so the
Furies now that has been so close in so many ways
but it’s the flu two-nothing lead heading into this game
number three scars and the Jets have broken it’s open
up in here and it’s five
that’s how you break the will of the team that want to try and come back
$8.00 little bit kids in game number three puppets ever wavered you know want those
first two at home so I stopped that’s right the states only get higher from here in
the pivotal game number four early in the third period the Blues have
a one-nothing lead it is caught are now in fudge stars tapped right in front of
the goal mark shapely has tied the game for the
first time lose-win
two of the road jets answer right back and it’s all dried up heading back to
Winnipeg for game number five two teams or
the board’s going into these and now two teams dead even with two
wins apiece in his first round series blues Jets game 5 Jefferson brother who’s keep back in 21
we trailing after two down by two tonight three this is crazy but at 3:02
a 3-2 lead in a series what is jose rizal
incredible.we one team is facing elimination look to stay alive tonight all mice
advantage it hasn’t worked out that way and it’s the st. Louis Blues here at
game number six and then have an opportunity in this series time Schwartz who scored the game winner
lates gets a game over here at Game six what a goal by Schwartz the hat-trick
goal for him the ruse going to come down in here and have yourself a night
towards January 2nd the single is clues to the overall standings when they
believed in you better believe it now they’re moving on to the second round
as they take this first round badge up against the Jets four games to two price center come – it’s a playoff
matchup nobody would have believed back in December but now both teams eight
wins away two teams that weren’t even in the Stanley Cup playoffs last year and
now have a shot at punching their ticket to the Western Conference final let’s
drop the puck series to Blues and Dallas Stars on a skate driving wide Tarasenko number one
take two moments away loves stars and elusive look to try to dig it two teams
tonight seriously crowded front fence stars here comes a park down the right side
drops along Dickenson flat-fee gobbler his stars heck of a road went for the
Dallas Stars nearly well artist ranted Latinos put the first two games here at
st. Louis eight three in Dallas was Rita Monday night coach how physical do you
want this series to be physicals we need to beat move on Louis speech starts who’s taking a 4-3 lead what goes into the kind of team that can
bounce back in the toughest moments the way your team did repeatedly tonight yes
did that practice of it good evening everybody and welcome in San American
Airlines Center the Blues tonight face off against the Dallas Stars in game
number four of this business seven series last round they came back and had a huge
game for here in Dallas ended up winning three straight games to take this series
and now here we are round two so lethal with that rate shot he’s like
a nerve agent when he whips it from there their big guns came up big obviously hockey is a game of
intimidation in the second period we saw some shenanigans that carry over into
Game five probably lost in two teams and you know it’s fun to compete hard and so
we play blues and stars have alternated wins
forecast each team with what victory at home this place is rocking
and stars game five and I was saying five bishops top bun Bishop this Bishop
back in his hometown outstanding in his first period with the the Dallas Mars
hang on and with five Bishop stops for the eighth of 39 mastodonic performance
by one Ben Bishop m6 between the seen lose blues and the Dallas Stars lose
head coach Craig Berube said we all believe we’re going back to st. Louis
for Game seven but ran to all the time shoot stars just 63 seconds in now
Perico of a shot that knocks down Bishop he lost the stick he’s down and the
moonscar been fishable right in the left collarbone and Bishop is up and shaking
it off and continuing the stun from the shot costs of valuable
role as the Blues now have extended their lead
break away for Sami play T is what up at stars see deep-six has been turned on
its ear was wet at for one series time we’ve got a game seven on Tuesday night
in st. Louis folks well Dallas Stars have one shot at that this
period they are being outplayed superiors today strap yourselves his mother is she’s not gonna Game seven seven jobs
the signal and all Korea neither the blues norman sharks has ever
won a Stanley Cup very soon one of these two was have a shot a mice advantage has
given the Sharks across steps giving them what they needed it’s a bucket list
item it gets loud it gets emanating some of these guys have been
here before for others it’s their first time and nobody knows on the doorstep to win the Stanley Cup
Finals this is gonna be terrific that is absolutely insane he has got
such great hand-eye coordination guitar we did a lot of good stuff we’re gonna
have to be better next game to make sure we put these guys in the deep hole but
it’s a good start a spectacular sa P Center at San Jose is
ready to rock we’re game number two of this best of seven series when you get
to this stage your stars disguise everything went well
for sharks hockey and game number one but you know the Blues are going to come
back with their best effort yet Schwartz whether his stars Jayden Schwartz just
two minutes 34 seconds in ears strike again two dozen stars Oh three to two
this group has just shown one thing throughout this entire postseason they
respond when their backs against the wall lose one at four to series tied at
the Western Conference final fans don’t buy now this series is going to be tight
and tough this blues team never quits and now it’s back to a whole night it’s
now the best of five then it starts tonight in Game three
shoot star Eric Paulson the wrist shot gets his first goal of the Stanley Cup
Playoffs and San Jose has played an excellent road period shortage but they
come to nothing lead into the locker room after 20 minutes these stores stickers go to the game at
Teahupoo to put as the shut strike right back onto his forehand stop – David Pirani shoot the game for the we are poor we are headed to overtime in
40 of the west vinyl the referees about a potential hand
class nobody called it it wasn’t blown dead they can’t call this back this
cannot be challenged this game as a favor they’re gonna call it a go and a
blues just got well what do you guys think
yes good then don’t ask me responses just about all this team is known and
another opportunity to even the series at two before heading back to Northern
California they feel like God’s older cows
tereshchenko shoo right there to make a couple of saves
and then one just trickles why Binnington gets his tenth win of the
postseason and that is a blues postseason record they overcame the
adversity of the ending of Game three and now the best of seven is the best of
three and here we go to that pivotal Game five what was the best of seven
becomes a best of three for San Jose white day that empirically white in got
away winner of this afternoon’s game will move to within one victory of a
Stanley Cup final and they shot kourt’s the net hat-trick for Schwartz its second of the postseason you’ve got
a they’re completely beat off in a
shambles right now Jordan Bennington records his first ever
playoff shutout who sorted by the coming and they need one more to advance for
the daily while they take
you’re never comfortable and your backs against the wall like that like we have
been there before and found a way and you know I’m confident we can we can do
that again the big story on the San Jose Sharks side injuries no Joe Pavelski no
air across it no toe box turtle I don’t think many people in the hockey world
think the Sharks are gonna win tonight’s game the Blues one win away from their
first birth in the Stanley Cup final since 1970 the conference final two
he scores Dylan Gabriel cuts the balloons leading him tangelo straightaway in the drive you can smell it you can taste it you
can feel it with the devil right beside me razzle
with the Morning Sun this armor that drives me Oh every time not down this is trouble
reminds me put the wings upon my feet the gold is on it’s the Stanley Cup final featuring the
Boston Bruins the first NHL team in the United States up against the st. Louis
Blues whoever the NHL in the 1967 expansion they’re playing in their
fourth Cup final the first time in 49 years couple people watching the only
three boy it’s a hundred time we’ve done this right so let’s make sure that when
we get out there were just playing hot be physical go right through people – Creek get the saw know right get your voice all my friends all my friends I love
glowy boys let’s go this is a rematch about a half a century
in the making Knight the story of the Stanley Cup final unfolds inside TD
Garden it’s time finally first impression the lights that
theatrics the anthem finally it’s the Stanley Cup final featuring the Boston
Bruins up against the st. Louis Blues player gameplay to our standard will be
just fine you all right Black’s play short shifts get after all right
sunny honey come on Arthur Stanley the beers are looking for some optimism
the bacon guy in his brief but spectacular NHL don’t like it of ruins Lord sensational this is 49 years of stored
up excitement and energy the city is up for grabs
what do you do at the mill manitoc first daily from
your suits 1970
right off the bat here boys let’s go four shots on four power plays and four
goals Woods had one of their best games of the playoffs and two wins from the
Stanley Cup ignore the noise you got to channel the energy here in the right way
the Blues probably can learn a lot from Game three
look the make those improvements as far as tailing that healthy energy in a
better way tonight Game four or is underway forty-three seconds in
period best sequels lose get bullied a big goal from Tyson the American
branded Carlos Hyde – dental Chara and you can bring up the Zamboni
first-ever win on home for the same food three all the talk around Boston today
had to do with Zdeno Chara with the bruise 42 year old captain their
inspirational leader play in Game five of the final tonight after suffering a
suspected broken jaw in game four on Monday night if Big Z
considered says he’s he’s going he’s going to be in we take away he’s on Stamford by David Krejci the Bruins Alston
is the putco in the back of the net and those things don’t
games Sunday the blues is in the building and st. Louis is
ready to party game number six is underway outstanding game here in Game six pack
it up and headed to Boston stop for a game seven it’s Game seven the st. Louis Blues and
the Boston girls the cup is gonna be but this is why you play
it’s all about and to have this opportunity when the rest of the hockey
world is watching what an awkward for either one of these teams question some are shot
five Miami University product dropped it
across where’s everybody at the side of the net Meester to Jax get in profile
and it becomes one to nothing the brews with the lead they worked a fuck d2d
the tractable to fool me stir and then the redirect from Ryan O’Reily break
between the legs of Tuukka Rask nice work Schwartz able to take it prop
it up when 7.92 guard the period he goes for
the change at least Pietrangelo absolutely wide open and on the back end
he goes up and over to carafes to nothing lead for the Blues goes up her ass off the post looks like
it’s going in in Chara somehow prevents that puck from crossing the line
completely phantom I wandered around Gunners have tried the other way off the
glass supporter but there’s that crazy Bob stop talk about just getting the
puck to the net you just never know what it might hit and Binnington tracks it
the whole way get free in my skin but mommy’s too is able to block it off
there carried right back out again by Schwartz broke back down
Tarasenko he’s going to look over his right
shoulder what are my options before I get to the puck and he sees what his
options are Jen gets in between and puts the puck to the back of the net but
tremendous play by Tarasenko I don’t mind presented by rocket bourgie as
stemming back a man being led to the corner Worcester on Baywatch nothing no chance for Tuukka Rask
beautiful play by Perron great James will give it on a cross and a shot by
presents four-two-one for the first time in their history the
st. Louis Blues at the Stanley Cup champions it is the last chapter and an accomplice
story but finished for them the tradition goes back a hundred and
fifteen years long before the NHL it’s an amazing accomplishment doc as you
touched on with the st. Louis Blues where they were at the start of the new
year where they are right now Ryan O’Reilly being congratulated by his
teammates and now comes to receive the console only he and Mark Messier have ever had a
six-game point streak in a Cup final the stairway car Louis captain Alex Pietrangelo st. Louis
has been waiting a long time for this come to the Stanley Cup one brief close a dream realized
and then all of its teams for the first time in their history the
st. Louis Blues and the Stanley Cup champions the same nail is for the first
time in franchise history 50 win seasons have won the Stanley Cup and the time
lanes down they did it it’s over the game is over this series is over the
wait is over and the st. Louis Blues are the Stanley Cup champions for the first
time in franchise history counting the seconds down in st. Louis
because after 52 years the st. Louis bees have won the Stanley Cup the same
layer squares for the first time in franchise history
51 seasons have won the Stanley Cup psi here Shula
oh I don’t see that I don’t know that good that good huh but see Bella Luther
Cordova salivates on watch it now zum-zum black line the other way $12
Alicia hell of a Stanley Cup boy Stadium was Himalaya cock – OH – unikz and oh I
stopped Oregon II saw your NZ – Telugu boy took Pavone in Stanley camp I know
she go Lonnie Tom thank you is bills father need Stanley camp for Portugal
the Warriors Julia Loggins so long ceased that CD Inori nuts the amount of people that have
bought in to this team and jumped on board for this incredible ride it’s just
amazing simply amazing to celebrate all over st. Louis tonight but Ballpark
Village school and Preserve and we had a good fortune of tip taken part adjust
and where as the countdown went on he certainly were outside with the masses
here at Ballpark Village but that wasn’t where all the party was having the party
we’ll get it down the street on Clark and 14th as the Enterprise Center just
going bananas just like bubble Park village as they sold that baby out in
just a few minutes for the watch party for game 7 and just delirious I mean I
know your phone’s blown up let’s do it is just absolutely unbelievable and here
are the heroes look at all the masses at Busch Stadium it was pouring down rain
folks if you don’t know especially during the first period in first
intermission nobody went anywhere the folks at Busch Stadium hug in there and
watch their st. Louis Blues when their first ever Stanley Cup champion first
thing Harry Cheers from st. Louis City police officers
everybody it seems has their their cell phones out there all recording this they
are taking pictures cheers from the players you know these guys haven’t gone
to bed obviously they’re coming home and they are reveling in the moment oh yeah
they get they get to do lifting they get to lift the cup again you know you lift
it on the ice but this is the first time on st. Louis soil if you will where they
can now pass it around from one player to another exactly I was gonna say this is one of those
times this was one of those times where you just want to kind of sit back like
you said and take in the moment you know you you can you can feel the
energy here with you a team that was in last place on January
3rd the players on the bench are bouncing up history will be made tonight
in Boston 15 seconds to go as Shann blocks a puck to the corner 10 seconds
remaining get up st. Louis get on your feet
freeze them high five seconds to go and the time winds down they did it it’s
over the game is over this series is over the wait is over and the st. Louis
Blues are the Stanley Cup champions for the first time in franchise history the st. Louis Blues have done it they’ve
done it the black aces are out the team has sworn Jordan Binnington the coaches
are hugging and crying I can’t believe it I cannot believe what I am witnessing
right now st. Louis a team that was put together in the fall new faces new roles
they struggled and struggled and bent and on the verge of breaking they found
their game after Christmas they came together they fought together they won
together and now they are Stanley Cup champions together this is not a dream
this is real life st. Louis let’s party

2019 Blues Hockey Tribute

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