We are here with Rachel Grampp after Elmira’s 7-1 victory over Neumann in UCHC play and the regular season
finale. Can you kind of talk about your thoughts after the game? It was kind of
surreal to finally play our last regular-season game as a class. It was
something that came up a little too fast and didn’t really expect it to happen
that quickly, so it was pretty awesome, I mean I love my class and it was great to
go through this experience with them. You, as a senior, today was also senior day, can you kind of talk about that and the emotions that go through
your head as you go with your classmates through senior day? It was definitely
pretty emotional before the game. Our underclassmen did like great job,
they hung up our away jerseys, they all made us posters, we each got like
personalized gifts in our stalls, they made like a nice video that kind of like
showed the four years. Class pictures, nice pictures, whatever it was, they kind of had it in the video for us and it was just really nice. And then the offense,
seven goals today, you yourself three points, a goal, two assists, can’t kind of
talk about what’s working well for you out there in the offensive end of the
ice? Well that goal is just kind of like “oh, wow. I hope this goes in,” the assists
were just kind of also lucky, I don’t know. It just felt great to be back on the
ice after missing a couple weeks with the concussion, so it was definitely nice
to be back out there. And then finally, unbeaten in conference play, you head
into the conference tournament. It will be March 3rd, you’re going to be here
hosting, can you talk about the team’s mindset heading into that game? Well
first we’re taking this next couple of weeks, this next week, and we’re going to
go home really relax and then we’re going to come back fired up, ready to go.
We haven’t hosted a tournament since my freshman year, so I think it’s like
really exciting for all of us, and for those who have not experienced it yet, it’s an amazing experience, so they better prepare for it. Thank you.
Thank you.

#3/3 Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey Post-Game Interview With Rachel Grampp ’18
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