We are here with Shannon Strawinski after Elmira’s big 6-0 victory over Manhattanville in UCSC play. You led the
team with three points, can you kind of talk about what was working well out
there on the ice? I just think getting the puck deep,
fore-checking and having the whole line work together, and my goal came from
working hard as a line and I got rewarded for it so it’s nice. With this
win you guys clinch first place in the UCHC playoffs, with two more games to
go, what does that mean to the team heading into the conference tournament?
For us personally it gives us a few days off to go home if we want to, we get a
first weekend bye so we won’t be as tired going into the last two games for
the final for the UCHC so that’s good. Six different goal scorers today, can you
kind of talk about how everybody on offense, and defense for that matter, is
such a threat and how you were able to spread the puck around so well? We had
all our lines going tonight so I mean everyone got rewarded, each line had a
goal I believe, so that was good it’s something we’ve struggled with the
past couple games, really close one- nothing games, ties, so having finally
breaking through our team and having everyone score it was really good for us,
morale booster, so it’s really good going into our final weekend here. And then as
you said, two more games at home, you will be hosting throughout the UCHC playoffs,
can you kind of talk about the momentum you get from the crowd and how important
that is to the team? It’s a big one, no one ever likes playing on the road,
it’s a tough place to play here, not only with our crowd and our fans, dedicated
fans, but like also, just the Domes, it’s a different atmosphere, so it’s really good
for us, we’re used to it, we like it, something we look forward to every time
I have a home game, we can’t wait for it.
Thank you

#3/3 Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey Post-Game Interview With Shannon Strawinski ’19
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