What’s up guys PWG here, and today I’m going to show you guys five simple flick ups and by simple. I don’t mean easy Let’s start with flick up number 5 and this is a flick up that I would like to call fake popcorn turn. Let me show you guys what it looks like The difference between the popcorn flick and the fake popcorn flick is that when you do the popcorn flick, you use only your laces But when you do the fake popcorn flick you use your sole and your toe so to be able to do the turn you have to spin to the opposite way of the foot you’re using so I’m using my Right foot so I’d spin to my left Number four. This is a flick up called the Clipper lift. This is how you do it This is actually a pretty simple flick up, but I think it looks really cool All you have to do is roll the ball in front of you, catch the ball with the outside of your foot Roll it back and then flick it up with the inside of your foot like this number three, the famous Popcorn flick. Keep your eyes peeled !?*

5 simple flick ups – best way to start your football skills education?
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