(swishing) – Hi Adam Bazalgette founder
of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject golf
drills with alignment rods. (upbeat music) So golf drills with alignment
rods these can be handy. Most of them you will need two rods for. I’ll show you five drills that
I think will really help you, not only build a good
golf game but maintain it. If you like the video please subscribe to the YouTube channel. Scratch Golf Academy.com
is my home website. Let’s get started. All right our first two drills
are both alignment related. One’s intermediate this one and the next one the more advanced level. Just put two sticks down I’ve got plenty of space
for the bottom of my swing. Not even that necessarily
to hit the ball in reality but it gives me a very clear target line. Here’s the mistake people make. They aim themselves too much. Nobody that’s a great player does that. They all aim the golf club. Much easier to do with these sticks. Then all they do is aim
themselves toward the golf club, or parallel to that line, if you like. Much easier to do of course, when there’s a obvious line there. So once you’ve put the club in place and felt like you’re directly
aiming at these sticks then have a look up. Most chances you’ll find
you’re aimed more to the left or more to the side of the target than what you’re used to train your eye that’s
what you should be doing. Let’s have a look at the advanced version. All right the more advanced version. I’ve put two rods forming
a little alleyway there. Maybe a couple yards in
front of the golf ball. Jack Nicklaus by the way
famous for a lot of things used to pick a spot on the
ground about that far ahead and used it as an intermediate target. Something for him to aim the club at and then work his way out. So its similar to that. But I like this drill because
it does a couple of things. It forces you, it doesn’t give you all the
reminders right by the golf ball so it forces you to be a little more in tune with the way you
are lining up the club it creates more of sense that
you have on the golf course where you’ve really
gonna take responsibility for the club alignment. Couple of things, step
in with your trail foot when you do this. You’ll always have better
vision when you do that once you put your left
shoulder and foot up your not gonna see so well forward so trail foot align the
club up then place your feet then you’re fairly ready well to go. Another thing I like about this drill is if you’re hitting range balls you can hit within a
reasonably amount of space 15, 18 shots before you
have to move the sticks. Because you have a decent
slot there to hit from. Great training for your pre-short. – [Narrator] Our next
drill involves take away. That’s Johnston Thomas on the left. I’ve drawn the line up the club sharft one on the target line beautiful take way just
up that line there. Rory McIlroy here. He’ll just go just a touch above it which I recommend most people
air just too much below but you can see the same general idea. Now if you’re interested
in the in solid strike I’ve got a whole course on that it’s fee for you. Download the in description
box help yourself there. – A word of caution here many times when people start
to risk out their take away they take these little control muscles and they start to place the club you’re not gonna do well like that. You have to feel a certain flow of motion and just be aware of where
the club is if you like. Now here’s how to customize the drill. I’ve set this stick in
there with the angle. This is my seven arm and
the club I’m gonna use. What I will do is I’ll
put it in a little steeper and then bend it back till
you feel like it matches up. And I place the second rod on
what will be the target line. Now if my problem is taking
my club too much to the inside that’s pretty common, I wanna set up with the
club with the imaginary ball slightly on the outside of this so my playing will be just
above it a little bit. Now I would caution you against
just working a full shot ’cause you can hit yourself but work your take away
a little bit like this. Conversely if I tend to take the club too far outside l’d wanna go a a little
bit on the near side of that so that my take away
is gonna be underneath that. Couple of a little words
that might help you here. If you tend to be too
upright in your back swing the odds are you’re
probably not using pivot you’re lifting the club too much. Try to feel your arms
stay lower to the ground calmer more connected use your pivot more that will draw the club back in. Conversely if you are the
one taking it to the inside and you’re probably
using your hands too much or whipping the club head too much. Feel that the club head is more passive and stays more in front of
you lagged a little bit more if you like in your take away. That will help cure that. Okay next drill I’ve got the
rod on the ground at an angle with balls a couple of
inch in underneath there. I can easily hit it and swing here. What this is great for
is for you to be able to tell whether or not you move as you start the club back
in through out your swing. Let me show you what that would look like from the golfers view. So if you move while you’re swinging you are gonna notice a distinct
change in the relationship of the stick and the golf ball. Obviously if that doesn’t change you’re staying pretty still. Okay, I use this training
lessons all the time. Here’s a word of caution ’cause I see this with a lot of golfers. By the time they get the ball there and they wack that thing in there there’s so rare to talk about outcome on what they are trying to do. They frankly have no recollection or no sense on whether they
moved or not despite the stick. If you’re gonna get good on golf you have to be able to put your attention where you wanna put it
regardless of the golf ball or whatever else is out there. So have the poise when you do this drill in order to relax your mind and just pay attention to what’s going on. It will really help you. One of the little things for this as well this is great for little chips
and peaches around the greens so you don’t really need to
have a green and a target there set this up on the range get your wedge, pitch some balls, wonderful way to keep yourself still. All right let’s have a look at
one here for the hip movement and the back swing. So I’ve got this in the ground
slightly sloped inwards mode and I’m gonna get my ankle close to it, I’ve got this much room or so tells me if I’m bumping laterally. And let me just say I’m not
a big fan of putting a golf ball under the outside of your feet or wedging your foot in or something to prevent
the knee from sliding. If you pivot properly you’re
not gonna have this problem. In a proper golf pivot is
the right side goes back the right glute actually
goes behind you a little bit so really you should see
even a slight increase of space here and if you’re not doing it if your bumping into the sharft
there, work on your pivot till it’s the proper weight. don’t do anything too
artificial to your right foot. One of the little word of caution, if you wind up having
too much space over here you probably need to
pivot a little bit steeper and not so flat. And you will see that
will reduce that space. So I hope that helps you with golf drills and the alignment rods. Work on this things they’ll help your game Have some fun with them. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel if you like the video
Scratch Golf Academy.com is my home website. Thank you. (upbeat music)



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