Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald. The Golf Doctor. And today I thought I would show you 5 uses
for alignment sticks. They are something that is quite prevalent
out there. You will even see them in tour players bags in the middle of a game of golf.
They are not counted as golf clubs so that’s ok to have them in the bag. You’ll see them
poking out. So they use them a lot. I think there is a lot of merit in using it. So stay
tuned and I will show you how to use them. [MUSIC] Alright. Ive got some alignment sticks already set
up here today. And I’m going to show you 5 ways we can use
it. So the first way we can use our alignment
sticks. is firstly the traditional way. we set up what I’m going to call the train line. I have this yellow alignment stick pointing
at my target.This orange alignment stick is pointing parallel to my target but slightly
left. My feet go along the orange alignment stick. And when I swing the club, I want to try and
swing along the alignment stick. So this helps me when I practice. To try and
make sure my alignment is correct. And it also helps when I hit the ball to give me
an impression where straight is. Our brains always try and work out where straight
is. It’s not always right. We have to re calibrate our brains occasionally. That is straight. That’s the first use. The second use is I have an alignment stick
here where I have just got it in my little tower that I have built here. Normally if you were on grass you would just
put the stick in the ground. And I have really just aligned that stick
level with my back side. So that when I hit the shot. If I do a bad swing and I swing
to the left. I’m actually going to hit the alignment stick. So that’s not really the
sort of swing we need. If I do the right swing. I am going to come down and my club is going
to go no where near that alignment stick. So that’s a handy little device to use when
you practice. It won’t do any damage. It will just come out of the ground. Don’t put it
in too tightly. If you hit it it will just fall over and nothing
will be broken. So that’s the second use. The third use. I’ve got an alignment stick
already set up just out here just slightly to the left of my target line. What I do here
is I’m trying to encourage starting the ball to the right of the flag. So I naturally draw
the ball. So this is something that will help me improve my swing path and give my brain
a visual of where I want to start the ball. So I just have that there and when I hit the
shot I want to try and make sure that the ball starts to the right of that alignment
stick. And I find that really useful. The other way we can use the alignment stick.
Is a lot of people have difficulty with their take away. So if I set this alignment stick
up so it points slightly that way. As I swing the club back I want my clubface or the leading
edge of my club to be roughly in line with that stick. I had a client yesterday where he was taking
the club back inside the line and the club was very closed. So I actually got him to
swing the club back to try and keep that club pointing parallel to that alignment stick. So that’s a good one on the take away. We can also reverse that. And we can have
it going the other way. So that a lot of people when they swing the club through. particularly
if they slice the ball. They tend to get their clubface open, through
the shot. So if I come through and my clubface is open.
That’s nowhere near parallel to that stick that’s on the ground. So I want to try and come down. Hit the ball
and try and get my clubface parallel there. It’s the same thing we are just working on
different sides of the swing. Back swing and downswing. So they’re great uses of alignment sticks. Thank you for letting me help you with your
golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald. The Golf Doctor. If you like my videos you can subscribe by
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5 Ways To Use Golf Alignment Sticks

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    over the past month this drill has helped me the most , sorry I keep commenting brian you will probably get sick of me mate lol….


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