*Jaws theme plays* On this episode of Make it Real we’re making Nightwing’s Escrima sticks And to do this we’re starting with an extendable police baton that we got from medieval depot, plus one of these step-up converters Which produces high voltage it takes a few volts and makes a few thousand and gives you a nice little shock Though it’s nowhere near as powerful as a true stun gun don’t be afraid to ride the line In the face! In the FACE! But it certainly is enough to make you giggle Now for this build, the Escrima sticks we want to put the contacts at the end of the baton which is actually pretty complicated because it extends, and high-voltage likes to arc to metal which this is made of but we figured it out And I think you guys are gonna like it This video is made possible by our sponsor war robots who helped us start up our flying like Iron Man project again by buying a jet engine, and work on cool projects like these Escrima sticks! War robots is an awesome 6v6 tactical shooter that requires quick reflexes and a keen sense of strategy to annihilate the enemy team Because there’s such a huge variety of robots available you get to pick the gameplay style with a robot that fits you With over 70 million downloads. It’s one of the biggest mobile games You can play and it’s constantly being updated with new robots, maps, and game modes. I especially like this weapon called the shock train, which uses electricity to zap your enemies Just like this project! Use my bonus link below to get a GI Patton robot with a custom skin, four punisher machine guns, 100 gold and 400,000 silver to upgrade your robot exactly the way you want. This offer is only available for a short time So use my link in the description below and start playing war robots today and help support the channel Alright, first test, through fabric. Yeah? It goes through? Is that actually it? Ian: Yeah Works pretty good. All right so the Nightwing Escrima sticks are done. All right so the cool thing with this is it works closed So all in all we were able to make this quite compact and If we wanted to we could even add some grip tape on the outside plus super easy to charge We just left a little battery wire right here that you can plug in Neat thing is it’s still durable enough to break stuff Camera Guy: That hit my foot. Plus you can use it as a flamethrower Plus it makes a great propane torch lighter plus if your BBQ lighter doesn’t work very well Well you might want to get a propane tank first Perfect It’s hot Ian: All right, so what are we doing here James? James: You’re getting shocked in the neck Ian: Why are we doing that? James: Oh, you’re filming already. So Ian said he didn’t like the thumbnail Which means we need a new thumbnail And since he suggested the idea, he is the lucky contestant to test out the Nightwing Escrima sticks So in the thumbnail it’s gonna look like he’s not expecting it, but the worst part is he’s totally expecting it and it’s just yeah all right let’s Take the from you, put it on the table here Oh yeah, that’s what Riley’s for. 4K 60? Can you just check the framing on this first? Like tell me when I’m looking sufficiently crazy. You look sufficiently crazy Yeah, yeah, that’s You’re gonna do a bunch of yes. We’re getting the thumbnails right now Think we got a thumbnail? Riley: I think you got a thumbnail. I don’t know I was zooming in on your face. Alright, just a few more I couldn’t let you know when it was coming! I’d say this project worked out pretty good but if you guys want to see the full test video where we give one of our high school co-op Students free reign to tase us with this make sure you’re subscribed We attached a GoPro to the end and the results are hilarious. This is probably a bad idea

50,000V Nightwing Escrima Sticks!

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