(stick slapping) – All right guys, that
wraps up our hockey skills and explosive power workout. (electronic beeping) Hey hockey players, Kevin
here from hockeytraining.com, and in this video, I’m
gonna show you an example nine-minute hockey skills
and explosive power workout that you can do at home
as long as you have a net and some pucks to shoot. We’re gonna run through
nine different exercises for a minute each in a
circuit-like fashion. The first exercise is the
seven-point stickhandling drill. For this warmup drill, we are
just gonna be stickhandling at seven different points around the body. Start on your forehand
side behind your body and slowly work your stickhandling around in a half circle around
your body like you can see me doing here for one full minute. Next we’re going to do squat
jumps for the next minute. This is one is pretty easy. We’re just gonna squat down
and jump as high as you can, focusing on being
explosive with every jump. When you land, you wanna get
right into your next jump. All right then we’re gonna grab our stick and some pucks again and
we’re gonna move into the figure eight stickhandling
for the next minute. For this one, we are gonna
work on our toe drags a little bit with a forehand
toe drag on your forehand side and a backhand toe drag
on your backhand side, going in a figure eight like
you can see me doing here. (electronic music) The fourth exercise will be
one minute of plank jacks. Get into a standard plank position, but instead of the regular
plank, we will be doing jacks with our legs like you
can see me doing here. Think of it as a jumping
jack but in a plank position with the focus on the core. Next up we have around the world shots. We wanna shoot at all four
targets shown on the net here, going in order from one
to four and then repeating the same order for the full one minute. If you don’t have enough pucks to complete the full one minute, that’s no problem. When you’re out of them,
just jog to the net, collect them as quick as possible, and start shooting again
until your minute is up. (stick slapping) Our next explosive power
movement is going to be the split squat jumps. In a split squat position,
explode up into a jump and switch legs with every rep. Try to be as explosive as possible here. You don’t want your knee
getting close to the ground for these jumps. You wanna do more of a 1/2
or 1/4 split squat into jump. Our next minute is going to be what I call the Auston Matthews drag ‘n shoot drill. If you watch the NHL
highlights, you’ve probably seen Matthews score using this type of shot, and it’s a great one to work on. Set up something that you
can drag the pucks around and let off a quick hard shot. Do this for the full one minute, collecting the pucks as needed. Our last explosive lower body exercise is going to be one
minute of skater bounds. From a single leg, explode laterally, and land with the opposite leg. Stick your landing for a
quick second and explode back the other way, continuing
for the full one minute. If you need to catch
your breath and regroup for a quick second halfway
through, no problem, just keep working hard. To finish off this
nine-minute hockey workout, we’re gonna be doing toe
drags into a backhand shot, kind of mimicking getting a
rebound in front of the net, pulling it towards you, and then letting off a backhand shot. Set up something to toe
drag around and then try to get off a quick shot on your backhand like you see me doing here. (stick slapping) All right guys, that
wraps up our hockey skills and explosive power workout. If you guys wanna download
this workout and do it at home, click on that link below. If you enjoyed the video,
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nine-minute hockey workouts over at hockeytraining.com. Train hard, guys.

9-Minute Hockey Skills Training Workout ๐Ÿ’

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    You guys are awesome, thank you for all your videos.!

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    I love your stuff!

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    What ages is this geared towards? Should 10 year olds be doing those leg exercises for a minute straight?

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    Where did you get that shooting target from?

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    Thanks for the video I'll be doing this for sure

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    Thanks man broke my thumb in two places… been out for a while the drills in this video will help me get back into thanks.

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    Damn, nice backhand drag there

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    Should we repeat this a couple times?

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