I am Nicola Sherlock, I am the head rehabber for Coventry Blaze Ice hockey club And also for GB We use PHYSIOLAB, After every game actually, with Ice Hockey it’s very kind of intense it’s ver tough We get a lot of puck injuries, so being able to Put the PHYSIOLAB mashine on and help them with kind of The injuries afterwards as well has been brilliant This year we used it at the World Championships in Budapest We were able to fly it over with no problem’s at all It’s very intense over there, we had five games In seven days, We have got a squad of twenty- three players So being able to use the PHYSIOLAB in between kind of games and Being able to take it back to the hotel was tremendous So we were the lower seat going in and we won The gold medal with literally fifteen seconds to spare at the end So yes, it’s first time they have actually reached pool A Since 1994, so it was a major thing The PHYSIOLAB is great for kind of pain But it’s also great for inflammation, I have seen like a Big change in the swelling of the a Joint actually when it’s been used overnight The guy had a puck into his ankle Very sore, we didn’t know whether he would play the next day He was not able to put his boot on, he took the boot home Overnight, with the PHYSIOLAB machine And by the next day he was able to put it on with no problems And he returned to play very quickly, We don’t have A big time scale between games, so being able to use the PHYSIOLAB machine kind of, throughout the night as well And on there journey back, helps a lot in their recovery for the next day

A PHYSIOLAB® story: Team GB & Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey
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