ALBUQUERQUE JUST GOT A NEW SOCCER TEAM… NOW A NEW HOCKEY TEAM IS ON THE WAY.. AND IT MEANS MILLIONS IN UPGRADES.. FOR A LOCAL ARENA. NEWS 13 )S CHRIS MCKEE IS LIVE AT THE “OUTPOST ICE ARENAS” ON TRAMWAY.. NEAR PASEO. DEAN… THE OUTPOST HAS BEEN AN ALBUQUERQUE FIXTURE FOR MORE THAN THREE DECADES.. AND NEW OWNERSHIP IS INVESTING BIG TO TRY TO BRING THE NEXT-GENERATION OF ICE ATHLETICS HERE. Stan Hubbard/Owner, Ice Post 02:45 “And we feel great about what we )re doing here” 02:47 12:14 ( (sound of kids cheering ( ( FROM THE ICE.. 13:03 ( (sound of ice scrape ( ( …ALL THE WAY UP TO THE RAFTERS… Stan Hubbard 02:56 “It )s a big undertaking, right? It )s a 100,000 square foot facility 02:58 THERE )S SEEMINGLY NO PLACE.. CREWS AREN )T FOCUSED ON FIXING UP AT ALBUQUERQUE )S ONLY ICE RINK. Stan Hubbard 20:49 “We have a lot to do but we feel real good about where it )s at” 20:53 STAN HUBBARD.. IS THE NEW OWNER BEHIND THE PUSH. Stan Hubbard 08:56 “We )re trying to embrace the community, embrace people that love ice sports and bring more people into it as well” 09:01 SINCE BUYING “THE OUTPOST ICE ARENAS” ON TRAMWAY IN AUGUST.. HUBBARD )S BEEN ON A SPREE.. TO MAKE THE MORE THAN 30-YEAR OLD FACILITY NEW AGAIN… OUTLINING TWO-MILLION DOLLARS IN UPGRADES AT THE ICE RINK.. AS IT READIES A NEW HOCKEY FRANCHISE.. THE NEW MEXICO ICE WOLVES. Stan Hubbard 04:41 “It )s a big deal, these are some of the top 17,18,19 year old players in the world” 04:46 THEY )RE SEASON STARTs IN THE FALL.. BUT UNTIL THEN… IT )S UPGRADES FOR EVERYTHING… LIKE ADDING A PRO-SHOP.. Stan Hubbard 22:15 “It )s all here” 22:16 THEY )VE ALSO REPLACED EVERY SINGLE LIGHT WITH L-E-D )S… AND DONE A LOT OF CLEANING Stan Hubbard 08:16 “The locker rooms and shower faciities have all been substantially cleaned up and painted” 08:21 SOME OF THE BLEACHERS WILL BE TAKEN OUT SOON FOR SEATS WITH CHAIR BACKS. AND NEXT MONTH.. THEY )LL BEGIN THE HEAVY LIFTING OF RE-LEVELING THE RINK. Stan Hubbard 09:23 “The ice has never been taken out, the ice is going to come out, all the glass is going to be replaced” 09:28 ALL OF IT.. HUBBARD HOPES.. WILL BRING OUT THE COMMUNITY. Stan Hubbard 10:50 “IT )s for people that love ice sports, and people that are going to love ice sports 10:54 and don )t even know it yet” 10:56 IN ORDER TO DO THE RINK RENOVATIONS.. THE OUTPOST WILL CLOSE FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL.. BUT THEY SHOULD BE BACK OPEN IN MID-MAY. DEAN BACK TO YOU. OKAY CHRIS.. THE NEW MEXICO ICE WOLVES HOCKEY TEAM WILL PLAY IN THE NORTH AMERICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE.. OR N-A-H-L. THE TEAM RECENTLY HIRED A COACH.. AND WILL HOLD TRYOUTS IN JULY.

ABQ’s ‘Outpost’ ice rink gets major renovation for new hockey franchise
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2 thoughts on “ABQ’s ‘Outpost’ ice rink gets major renovation for new hockey franchise

  • March 19, 2019 at 5:21 am

    So much for using the star center

  • August 4, 2019 at 4:09 am

    What about a hockey players over 20 years old like 23 24 or 25


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