The All Blacks had their first
full training in Tokyo today with the much-anticipated
team naming only a couple days out. We cross live now to our reporter
covering the Rugby World Cup (RWC) in Tokyo, Irena Smith. Scotty, I’m reporting live
from Tokyo from the very famous
Shibuya district. And as you correctly stated earlier, the All Blacks are in full swing now
training this morning for the first match
against South Africa. It was an opportunity
for them and namely their injured to get back together
at full strength. But while the All Blacks
are well-known, the indigenous people of Japan
continue to search for ways to get the recognition they deserve. Although Hokkaido is Akemi’s home, she’s committed to sharing
the knowledge passed down to her. The dream is to establish
something similar to a marae. They’ve been inspired
by their time spent with Maori. Although she doesn’t really
follow rugby, like most Japanese, she knows at least one team
famous for something they do. Despite the challenges, it’s hoped that little by little the Ainu people will gain more
self-determination and pride.

Ainu people continue to strive for rights, recognition
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