Nice fish! They’re all running really nice size. You know, I’ve got about two more hours. Let’s box her – put her in there. You know, I came up – Ben told me about this bite –
he says “you gotta come up and try it.” Yeah, I got to thinking a little bit – he’s
in some of the best smallmouth fishing in the world, it’s in his back yard, so I brought
some smallmouth stuff. But we went out the first day and we started
doing the coho jigging bite. It’s addicting – that’s all I can say. It’s addicting! It is so much fun! This is something that you need to try. If you’re looking for a bit of an adventure,
something different from your daily routine of bass fishing, or walleye fishing, or crappie
fishing, or anything: You gotta come up here and take a look at this. If you like to explore and have an adventuresome
spirit, give Ben a call. They’ve got guides out here that know how
to catch these fish. This particular bite – jigging –
I really like. I know I get into the lake trout which would
be fun. You’ve got the whitefish, you’ve got everything
else. I just want to say thanks! All the bass stuff never came out. We talked about it – we’re going to go catch
some smallmouths – but I said to heck with it, this jigging for coho is addicting. That’s all I can say – it’s addicting. I’ll be back on the Lake Trout bite next year,
which is what, a little bit earlier that this?You know, it starts in May really
well and goes all the way through the season closure at the end of September. It just gets better and better as the summer
goes on. It’s phenomenal.I like the word phenomenal. See you on the water. For more info on all Michigan has to offer,
check out Sport Fish Michigan, they’ll set you up big time.

Al Lindner – Fishing with Sport Fish Michigan

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