Yesterday he helped
the ABs claim the world cup. Today, Nehe Milner-Skudder won
the Breakthrough Player award at the International Rugby Awards
in England. The recognition comes after
a meteoric rise in 2015 where he’s gone from being
a provincial rugby player to world champion. And as Manawa Wright reports, Nehe was part of the NZ blitz
at the awards. A blackout has occurred at the
World Rugby Awards held in England following the AB’s World cup win. A blackout of the sporting kind, our NZ boys raked
in four major awards. Skudder’s scintillating form has earned him a place
in rugby history, named breakthrough player
of the year of 2015. Skudder’s namesake at home
in Ruatorea is still buzzing at the rate his nephew has climbed
to world champion status. He is named after me,
Nehe Rihara. He’s my nephew. He’s done so well to be named
breakthrough player of the year. Julian ‘The Bus’ Savea’s Jonah-like
try got best try, while Rongowha-Carter’s form
has earned him the nod for his third best player
of the year trophy. Details are still being sorted
for the parades across the country, but we do know the ABs
are due back Wednesday. As for Nehe senior, he says Ruatoria may still have
to wait for their parade with Nehe junior. The day will come soon when we’ll have to have a chat
with his mum about that. As far as I know, however, he is
going to go play for the Barbarians. Team of the year
went Nehe’s and the ABs way, but his coach Steve Hansen
missed out on top honours. Manawa Wright, Te Karere.

All Blacks scoop prizes at the International Rugby Awards

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