viewneo can be used on your FireTV Stick as
well. That means you can transform this entertainment
device into a fully operating digital signage player. After downloading the viewneo player app from
the store, you can find the app under the tab apps. At first, viewneo will explain how you can
use the remote. As usual, the big button in the middle is
the select button. The outer ring is for the navigation in the
app menu. Pressing this button will bring you to the
app menu. And to close viewneo, just press the home
button. Next up, you have to add the device to your
viewneo CMS account, with the code which is shown on your display. The stick will instantly start downloading
the assigned playlist. In the app menu, you can get more information
about the device and you have the option to change the settings of your FireTV Stick. Via the player tab, you can go back to
the playlist.

Amazon FireTV Stick as Digital Signage Player with viewneo | HD
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