– Nice-lookin’ group.
– At least it’s warm in here. Look at that. – What about it?
– It’s a five-pointed star. Maybe the owners are from Texas. – Remember the Alamo.
– I beg your pardon? – Oh, he was just joking.
– Joking? I remember The Alamo. I saw it once
in London, in Leicester Square. She means in the cinema…
that film with John Wayne. (David) Oh, yeah, of course. Checkmate. Right. With Laurence Harvey.
Everybody dies in it. Very bloody. Bloody awful if you ask me. ‘Ere, Gladys, Tom.
Did you hear the one about that…? Let me speak! – Ask him what the candles are for.
– You ask him. All right, then, I shan’t tell it.
No, no, you’ve had your chance. It’s a pentangle, a five-pointed star.
It’s used in witchcraft. Lon Chaney Jr at Universal Studios
said that’s the mark of the Wolf Man. And you want me to ask them if they’re
burning candles to ward off monsters. – Right.
– Wrong. All right, then!
There was this aeroplane… ..over the Atlantic
on its way to New York, … ..and it was full of men
from the United Nations. – Go on, ask him.
– You ask him. So halfway over the ocean
the engines run low on petrol. So they have to lighten the plane. So they heave out all the baggage,
but it’s still too heavy. So they chuck out all the seats,
but it’s still too heavy. Finally, this Frog, he steps up, shouts
“Vive la France”, and leaps out. Then an Englishman, he steps up, shouts
“God save the Queen”, and he leaps out. But the plane is still too heavy. So the Yank delegate,
from Texas, he steps up, shouts: “Remember the Alamo”,
and chucks out the Mexican! Remember the Alamo. Excuse me.
What’s that star on the wall for? You… made me miss. Sorry. I’ve never missed that board before. – Jack, we’d better go.
– Are you kidding? I’m starved.

An American Werewolf in London (1981) – The Slaughtered Lamb Scene (1/10) | Movieclips

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