Hi, I’m Allen I’m one of the product experts here at SpyGuySecurity.com and in this video we’re gonna go over one of our
most popular products that is the Android recovery stick. This is a product
that is actually a computer software it just comes on the stick so you’ll actually
plug this in to your computer to use it and basically what it does is it extracts
all sorts of information from an Android phone. With the phone recovery software that is on this stick you’ll be able to extract all sorts of information from the phone, that includes: text messages, pictures, videos, emails, call history, web history all sorts of other data Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Kick, Whatsapp a long list of applications that you’re able to pull data from and not only the data that is currently on the phone but even deleted data. This product will recover deleted data and the way that it works is let’s say you have a phone and its only 50% full right so you have
another 50% that doesn’t have anything there right well not so much because
when you delete something from your phone, it’s not truly deleted it’s kinda like when you just put something in your recycle bin on your computer it’s still there it’s not truly deleted that’s
what happens when you delete something from your phone. it’s just put in a corner and covered up don’t know that it’s there but when your phone starts getting full so instead of 50% full let’s say it gets up to 98% full well it’s running out of room right? Well the phone start saying hey where can we put this stuff it says well as this person deleted
something from about six months ago we probably go ahead and delete that and
then it’s truly deleted. So we’ve had a lot of customers that have deleted
stuff from their phones and at some point or another wanted to get it back so they use this particular product for that. Most of our customers are able to go back around three to six months depending on how
much how big the storage was on their phone how much of it was used I have been able to go back about
thirteen months or so on my iPhone we have an iPhone version of this product
should check it out you have an iPhone and not an Android and I’ve been able to go back thirteen-months, and I’ve had some people go back as far as two years which sounds like unreal but we’ve had some customers go back only as far as two weeks for example and that’s because their phones were completely full there wasn’t anywhere
for that deleted data to go but keep in mind, you’re still getting all that current data that’s on the phone, everything that’s currently on there. Text messages, videos pictures whatever you’re still gonna get that. The two most popular questions we get about this product are does it actually work and do I plug it into my phone well it does actually work, I can guarantee you that but it doesn’t work by plugging into your phone, you have to plug it into your computer. What you’ll do is you’ll take the cap off and plug it in your computer the software program will load on
screen and it will go ahead and start scanning to see if any Android phones
are connected. Well the camera operator has gone ahead and given us his android phone and a cable so we’re plugging that into the computer now the program has found the phone and its gonna go ahead and
start scanning it. That can take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes depending on
how much stuff is on the phone and most of our customers when we hear back from them at least it’s usually about 15 to 20 minutes like I said it just depends on the storage size of the
phone the Android Recovery Stick is a very popular product works with most Android phones that are out there that the only the very newish phones but 90% of our customers are able to use
an Android phone with this product without any problem whatsoever. If you have any questions if you don’t know if your phone compatible or not, feel free to give us a call more than happy to answer that for you
and keep in mind the company that manufactures this software also develops forensic
software for all sorts of law enforcement and they’re also more than happy to take any call you have asking about any questions regarding the Android recovery stick the
iPhone recovery stick they’re more than happy to help. If you have any questions feel free to open up a live
chat with a customer care or you can also call the 800 number that’s on our
website and just let us know of any questions whatsoever. We’re happy to help.

Android Recovery Stick
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