Hey guys this is Martin again from SIRS-Electronics. And today I wanted to introduce to you guys
the SUNLITE STICK-DE3. It is the newest most modern stand alone wall-mount
interface that SUNLITE has developed. This is a new device that is similar to the
STICK-KE1 but it has a couple of added features. And it just looks cooler than the STICK-KEY1. Basically here you will see that it looks
relatively about the same size. And it also has a similar shape profile. But the cool thing about this is that it actually
has an LCD screen display on there. On this LCD display you can label your different
scenes by the different names. Like if you have a house and you name the
kitchen, living room you know different thing like that. It also allows you to upload a picture of
the actual scene. You know you can take a picture with your
camera and. You uploaded on there and you can display
it there. So it is even easier to find what you are looking
for. It also comes with a color wheel. And that color wheel allows you to select
different things such as the dimmer. It also allows you to select the actual colors. And it allows changing different settings. So for example I got a little grade here with
my LED strip setup. And right now we are on the scene that is
magenta. So if you see you’ll actually see the strips
on the wall are magenta. And all of these scenes come pre-programmed
from the factory. These are the basic scenes but you can also
incorporate and program your effects and scenes all together. So you got magenta and you got cyon you got
yellow you got blue, green and red as well. So like I said these are the basic ones. And also you can go into the dimmer mode and
you can turn it down or turn it up. Depending on what scene you are you can always
change the dimming level that they are on. And also if you go to the color palette option
you can scroll thru the different options. If you scroll thru it will change different
values for the different colors. So this is a little cool option there as well. And if you go back to your scene palette. It will go thru all the scenes you have programmed. And like I said if you level them you could
add a picture and also here you got your speed. If you have scenes that run certain shows
you know like a color fade or something like that. You can change how fast or how slow it will
be going thru the changes. There is another feature that is really cool
on the STICK. If you go up here and you press and hold. It will go into the menu of the STICK. And if you go to Date and Time you could actually
select the date you are on your local time. And this is the coolest part of it all. You could actually select your latitude and
your longitude. Which means once you input that what is going
to do is going. To allow you to trigger certain scenes and
certain things at sunset. You know if you wanted to on sunset you don’t
have to remember every time to turn on the lights. This will do it for you. So you just configure your longitude and latitude
your Time zone and your country name and your zip
code. You could also input your zip on there. And all of that is going to be programmed. And you can trigger it like Monday thru Friday
or just on the weekends. You know just depending on where you are at. So is very versatile very easy to use. And is very slim. The back side looks like
this. It has a block connector, which is where your
DMX signal goes in. And you can also power it thru the block connector
so you don’t have a connector sticking thru the bottom. This actual interface it got this mounting
frame which it comes off. In the interface and it has mounting holes
so it allow you to mounted to you wall. And you can just slipped on there so is really
clean on your wall. Almost like a flat screen TV or a LED TV on
the wall. You know it look really clean it won’t show
any wires because all the wires will be going thru the wall. And the other cool thing about this interface
is that it got Ethernet port. Which means you can connected to a Wi-Fi router
and with a ARCOLIS app. You can find it on the app store you can control
all your lights. So you got the option to control them thru
the panel here or thru an iPad. So these are some of the main features there
are a lot more to this interface. But this are some of the cool features a wanted
to show to you guys and I really hope you find this helpful. If you guys have a questions comments or anything
like that. Go ahead and drop us a comment there on the
comment box. Also don’t forget to subscribe and check out
our website at SIRS-E.com Thank You for Watching!

Architectural DMX Interface Stick DE3 Made by Sunlite Review
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6 thoughts on “Architectural DMX Interface Stick DE3 Made by Sunlite Review

  • October 30, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    how do you setup the ip connection? mine does not seem to communicate neither with DHCP nor Static IP.
    Best regards!

  • October 4, 2016 at 7:21 am


    I have an STICK DE3 installed and I am using RGBW led strips, same as the ones you have connected in the video. I have running some loaded scenes where RGB+W (RGB + 4Āŗ channeL) channels are working, but sometimes I need to change this colors with the palette. So, when I select the palette mode I also can see a square corresponding to the current color, as well as the individual RGB values.
    The key is that I want to change or dimmer also W color channel and I don't know how to make this. For example, I have an Scene with RGB lighted in white color, and also W channel lighted on.
    I want to turn off this W channel, and get, for example, a pink color (just red (1st channel) & blue (2nd channel) colors ligthed up, not white (4th channel).
    Could you please help me with this?

    Thank you in advance!

  • December 3, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    How do you connect up the power+dmx connector?

  • December 9, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    Hi there, how would i make this DE3 have sound to light functionality ? i.e move to the music?

  • June 5, 2017 at 6:25 pm

    can i control the dmx w the ethernet wire?


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