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this episode I’m gonna be changing the oil dipstick
as you’ve seen I had problems with it before when I highlighted all the issues
that I did have with the car so yeah this is gonna be a simple one it’s gonna
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interaction comment below yeah at 250 subscribers will be a winner so here I’m just taking off the battery
time now just it’ll be easy to over the Chi in case I have any issues so I
decided just to pull it off now I’m just leaning over for the
allergies that I can just remove the top jump date or the oil dipstick
so this template this holds in the dipstick as well as you can see my car I
don’t have as much plastic Soames as you guys would have I just got the car I got
previous owner probably two liter a lot of these in so maybe the mom must have
broken off before but a quick and easy way is just to use an allen wrench and
yeah just unscrew them off their phone is out now it’s empty got
the right one all bolts are out allen key and balls
have been put inside the car just for safekeeping you never know when they
could fall down in the engine bay as well as you can see taking the trim paid off
just trying to massage it off easy so I can you can just take it off normally it
takes the dip sticks or the dip stick job I was just checking the wiring
around the dipstick how easy we could access as well as how flexible and
brittle as well is the dipstick sometimes these these break apart very
easily when they get older but the oil just does that damage to these plastic
items I just unhooked the actual wiring harness from the fantastic older put off the old dipstick
going to put it one side in the box I just put there some dayt into the car
safekeeping as well so nothing falls in the engine bay or in my ring I’ve decided to put some tape it on the
troopers are in the bottom just increase that it does that I have seen that a lot
of these troops do crack and fall into the engine so that that’s more old a
deductive foot stool so I just put some tape around it just to make sure it’s
safe and if the EES pieces he doesn’t call him I’ll find out that in time you
get the pliers to actually grab into the tip stick so I just decided to put it to
treat being aftermarket or just a replacement terrific true because easy
to come off I just brought in a paper towel just
gonna clean around the tube the tube holder it’s a metal pipe that comes off
on the block I was just cleaning around it as a but dusty and there’s money in
the fauline also wanted you to we’re not putting the neutral vendors to make sure
that it puts in smoothly and Anesti locks into place when i was looking at
that metal chobe – because a lot of grooves on it I think when you put in
the tube in it easy just finds in a groove and in slots in so you have to be
very careful when you when you have to put in this jovian it should line up the
tube top you because if you put is wrong you can have a problem taking it out
most accurate way coming out so I lined it up with the put the small notch
facing towards me it’s simply to go back on to align the the grooves up and it’s
rotted in I just pushed it in a little bit and then it felt that it read Ian
and it just didn’t want to go in anymore so it’s putting a little more weight
into it and pressure trying to lock it in I didn’t get any locking song but I
did check that it was a bit of solid when you’re Indian it wasn’t coming off just clean my tip stick with the paper
towel so talking I’ll run it touching my templates just to make sure that it puts
in smoothly blinds up roughly give it a nice clean when it’s all it’s easy just
to wipe down I just use the paper towel wiped it on both sides I just lined up the template basically
the the notch on on the dipstick choke lines up with what the template I think
it’s better like a small groove on it a line that up faceted in it does flex I
had to flex the trouble over towards me and then I started in and then the tube
with the force pulls the template back to the manifold just made sure that the
actual jump it lines up with the holes on the manifold so that I could just
keep an eye on each other make sure that it all lines up top date
it becomes easier when you when you put in the balls path if they’d simply both
if it simply it all does not line up the manifold and you know that you didn’t
put it in the tube coffee mind land you land up off it just a little bit due to
the new choker just had to be a maneuver a little bit straighter and then
obviously it took its position much more easily so now the just gonna an tighten
the bolts in and then obviously once the all fine in Tunica I didn’t want to
frustrate anything so I just put it in fact me to my hand and then I just use the linkages to make
sure everything was nice and snug and it’s much easier just to tighten each
side slowly at a time until it gets tight and they move on to the next one
and we hit ID instead of making it fully tight on one side and fully tighten the
outside because you could see that when you tighten one say the other side would
move slightly it also would cause a Buddha cross thread so I just didn’t try
to make it over too tight on one side there’s took my time and and just pour
them down and move from left to right just use the spanner to make it a just a
little bit tight don’t overdo it because it’s the manifold is most active will
split and and obviously crack or get stuck in there everything is all tied
time just to clean out the dipstick and drop in the dipstick and make sure that
it every foot simple closing right as plastic as a Twitter annoying just
quite tight on there you couldn’t find a hedge party together their label of it just gimme along the children that could
take to make sure everything is nice and neat that person but up some dirt on it
so I was just checking now the natural dipstick footing it was pet snug put it
in much better that’s what it was very hard to not notice that there’s a
difference between how the dipstick actually puts in much more tighter now
it’s much more solid so make the last owners respect to use and I’m saying how
dirty and it’s been broken as well guilty in the middle you can just see
it’s a different color for what – what’s that Saudi artistic and chubbiest it may
be a cheap part but it’s much more easy just to get a good quality one from how
diesel I didn’t hesitate in getting here thanks for watching guys don’t forget to
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Audi S3 8L – How to change the Oil Dip Stick tube on a Audi VW 1.8T
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