It is a fairly daunting environment with the IRB Tournaments, you know, you’ve got 16 countries competing at those tournaments, and there are some rugby powerhouse’s such as New Zealand and England. And there are particularly in the women’s game countries that aren’t perceived as Rugby power houses, but they do have very strong women’s programs. (Push out.. Play on, Play on. Go again!) We do a lot of on field training in relation to our individual skill work and our team play. And then, lots of education sessions with the girls as well. And obviously the recovery is a big part as well. Being able to recover from the first session of the day, and be ready for the next session in the afternoon. The beauty of this group is they help each other out really well. A lot of our girls come from either touch or Oztag backgrounds, so they haven’t got the contact skills as such. But they do have very good catch-pass skills and very good spatial awareness. So it’s a very young squad for us to be taking away. We’re a bit unlucky with injury, but it’s a great opportunity for these young girls to step up now. I think our team is very good, but very young. We can take this opportunity though, and our back line is pretty slick – we’ve got touchies in there. Also our forward’s are fairly experienced, so I think it showed from our training session today that we all kind of gelled and it felt really good, so we’re on a great path towards London. My first major tournament was about six weeks ago, and that was in Hong Kong and China. That was where I debuted on the World Series Circuit but London is obviously going to be another big tournament for me. It’s still all new to me, so, I take it very seriously and it will be very big. While the World Cup in Russia is our immediate focus, you know, the ultimate big picture is Rio, and all this development we’re doing and the talent ID that we’re doing is aimed at Rio. An example of that, we’ve got the Sydney Youth Olympic Festival that was on in January. We had some good success there, and girls from that squad were invited into various training camps here at the AIS. And they’ve forced their way into the squad. Oh I love, I love coming here. Just to train, eat, sleep and that’s all I want to do.(Laughs) I’ve learnt so much from Laney and Scotty. Just the way my running lines… It’s totally different to fifteens. And you just have to think. The day’s pretty full on, there’s not much downtime. And then at night time we’re pretty much looking over our video analysis, so, it’s pretty full on but we’ve got the facilities here that help us out to recover well and get us to train together very well. (Make an early call. You see him switching, you make that early call) This camp has probably been one of our better preparations for a tournament. You know, I’m quietly confident of going to both London and Amsterdam and giving a much better display than what we put on in China. (It’s in the five, it’s in the five! Yes!) undefined

Australian Women’s Rugby Sevens AIS training camp
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