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enjoy the great Minnesota get-together If this is your first time this has ever crossed
your mind that the earth there’s a flat motionless plane then it does say
research Flat Earth has it ever crossed your mind well are you sure I can prove
I can prove it to you okay then believe what you want that’s all right
not a big deal at all it’s not true because science tells me
so people I’ve never met before tell her that the earth is flat here an elephant staying over here for a little bit I
guess see once people see the sign and they may question what I’m trying to do
then it’s like I want to hang hang on a little bit longer thank you for coming by for this episode
of authentic intent I am your host as always Joshua Swift
thank you for all your contributions your thoughts your prayers your Federal
Reserve notes allowing me to come here today got uh sure uh sure
practicing in the grandstands he’ll be playing later tonight I figured Thursday
night was gonna be the best opportunity to come out here because it’s gonna be a
lot of Millennials wanting to see uh sure uh sure
so there’s the zoo right there folks look at all those people one thing about
this kind of videotaping in between and not
going live because I’ll be able to like cut out and come back when there’s a
better opportunity to get some good conversations and I also want to show
you around too so I’ll keep this going as long as I can I hid my selfie stick
in my sock so don’t tell anybody see how fried pickles you have the
famous sky ride your sky ride takes you all the way that away I won’t eat in
front of everybody because I will eat some GMO food so I’ll pause it and then
get back to you when I want to get hungry I did just eat on my way here
so I will want to get my selfie stick out it’s kind of digging into my leg
here there’s all sorts of stuff I hope you’re having a good afternoon
hope you enjoyed the live billboard then I showed everybody that was great thanks
for the funding with that everybody out there trying to get adjusted here the famous sweet Martha’s cookies
where you can just indulge in cookies basically the idea here a lot of people a lot of people there’s
probably easily around a hundred thousand people here right now so this
is the best decision that I have made so far during authentic intent is to come
to the Minnesota slat Fair and also I think it was a good idea for
me to just record it and then you kind of go from there you say scary haunted house here in the intersection here’s this flag check it out not a ball
like your Todd I was going in research Flat Earth
alright research the earth is flat got a DVD here for you if you want check it
out man that’s all I’m in I get mocked all the
time drinking hey buddy hey the earth is not evolved the earth is not a ball like
we’re taught in school it’s flat tell your teacher that when you go to school
on Tuesday it’s yours the earth is not a ball like we’re taught in school that’s
what people I’ve been trying to tell they don’t listen to me really close
record rounders don’t all right Robert I know it was a movie with nothing Matt
Damon no Bears are standing on this globe you know we’re not a plane you’re
flying yeah quite explain the horizon but fold
it again sure thing but they’ll call it occur
bison right damn horizontal line that’s right man water is always leveled hey
you I got a car right I got a billboard of ladders right down the road there’s
my card for YouTube it’s my youtube channel well in the flat
earthers Arvest what enthusiasm like a pancake like Kansas we’re setting
out up Candace Kansas zip code start six that’s interesting come on take it easy guys somebody could
say are you sure because it was written by man science books were written by man okay but it does and how much water is
on the earth do you know okay yes 71 or so and so water is always
level and flat how is it that the other 29% of the earth is curved do you feel a
skinny right now so they taught us to discredit our
senses it’s not a virus ma’am I decided I don’t spread trolling the truth I
don’t spread to it to do that man it’s a pancake so I do have a DVD with all the
information by science you know you can’t really dispute ah but I am doing
it right now right I do have the right to is there anything that the government
has told you through our educational system our news that you don’t believe no I mean recently like within the last
15 17 years or so the war on drugs okay hey what about it CIA can I be a little bit more specific 911
do you believe the narrative well on my DVD here I just encourage you
to take it with you it has 911 on there so you’re afraid I see what you’re doing
okay you’re afraid to confer you’re afraid to put yourself in a category of
a conspiracy theorist but it separates yourself from her family and friends
maybe but there are no planes used on 9/11 how about that there were no
airplanes flown into those buildings how do you think your movies are done right
now CGI it was pre-recorded before the event happened so if you believe what
you saw was a live TV your deceives it was done by an algae weapon it was done
by an energy weapon and thermite inside those buildings and what hit those
towers were weapons like a missile what if they were all what if they were all
crisis afters and they were paid to say that on national TV yeah they’re in
Sandy Hook and Orlando poolside Club shooting also the news is not going to put those on
there they’re going to put on you do go well nobody flew in those
planes that’s what I’m saying there were no airplanes used see you guess the
thing is when people see the footage of the Pentagon that does not look like an
airplane hit it and there’s no wreckage around the Pentagon and when the
airplane crashed in Pennsylvania they say that the airplane disintegrated an
airplane has never disintegrated so I understand where you’re coming from and
you’re very young right now and I have just been into this game for
significantly longer than probably both Viacom volumes I’m 36 years old because I don’t believe we land on the
moon either the moon is just a lot in the sky that’s the narrative I do and I have a
YouTube channel and I do all this stuff so I’d recommend that you check it out I
also do live streams and I talk openly about other various types of
conspiracies that I think the public should be aware of because we’re being
lied to by our mainstream media and our government so that’s why I’m here I paid
I paid to get in here so I could talk to people like yourselves not to entertain
myself I’m recording and then it goes on YouTube yeah luck with that you too bye when you guys go to school tell your
teacher the earth is flat and not a ball yep Flat Earth there Toronto
I’m saying that the earth is a level flat motionless plane and not a ball
like we’re taught in school yeah I have plenty of times there’s some curve man
there’s no better than curve have you ever even investigated the idea that
you’re at the slab I have a DVD right here that can help what is your opinion
about like yeah of course it is they’re lying to you I don’t know what it is
I’ve never been there before if you play pool all the balls are round right so
does that mean that you’re playing on a round surface no okay so how do you
think if you were to say the planets are a ball why couldn’t the earth be a flat
motionless plate also look at you it seems very dogmatic to believe in one
narrative and not explored alternative perspective right Sherman I have a
YouTube channel two men and on the back I have coordinates to Flat Earth
billboard I put up that’s next yeah yeah just put that into Google it’s
off of 35w north and you set up an avenue yeah so this is a massive
movement man yeah I know I’m just trying to pay your own way where you come
across sure okay well can you prove it to me are we spinning right now well I’m
just saying that we haven’t been shown that the earth is a ball from outer
space because they’re all CGI and I don’t feel us moving right now and the
Sun is moving around us so yeah no dinosaurs actually never lived so all
right well they just should show up until the eighteen hundreds of em so you
see more open-minded man hey man this isn’t my first rodeo man they get mocked
and ridiculed all the time I have over 200 hours of this on YouTube so
anyways so I guess the only experiment that I can give you is water the earth
is 71% water right sure and so when you fill up a bathtub for example and you
leave it still for a couple of minutes it’s level right so how is that any
different than the oceans well I just say I just say that use
water that’s the best proof that we live on a flat motionless plane if water is
cover 71% of the earth I mean do you feel it’s moving right now no
centrifugal force right but excuse me they teach us they teach us in school to
discredit our senses I have a youtube channel so I don’t know there might not
be an edge so like over time school that outer space has no it never ends right why can’t it be what if there’s infinite
lands what if the reason that they hide the idea that the earth is flat their
hiding resources and more land from ups so it could be have you ever seen the
movie Truman Show okay it’s it’s got Jim Carrey in it and we might live in a dome
type structure that is enclosed so we can’t actually get out no one’s been in
the know the further set they tell us that we’ve got is 400 miles and for me I
am did I give you that DVD no no okay so I got a DVD yeah do you believe in God
100% there are no atheists there are no atheists I’m flattered I know and I say a lot of things that
you won’t hear Christians tell you either I’m against the idea because if
we were all homosexuals we would be able to reproduce and then that would end a
human race you can but you’re cheating right well you’re kind of getting going
in a tube or in vitro fertilization it is reproduction but not the way that we
were created to recreate human beings how do you know that there have you been
up but have you been there though okay so I have to so I’ve been to so I’ve
been to Southeast Asia and I’m just saying that you can’t trust everything
that we hear in mainstream news and that’s why I’m here is to just challenge
the narrative and I’m provoking thought right so that’s my point
let’s go take it easy thanks for being
open-minded man don’t join the army either man because man there’s no reason
for you to the Rothschilds use kids your age to go die for their cause I’m not
going to be doesn’t matter man if you’re still there
what if we go into active duty in the future just think about it alright just
reconsider at least okay I care about you man I wouldn’t tell you if I didn’t
all right take it easy man good stuff good stuff how’s it going
research Flat Earth okay alright how’s it going guys we don’t live on a
spinning ball like what taught in school make sure you guys teach your kids the
earth is flat when they go up okay not a ball there’s a snowball don’t scare the
poor people in this scary fake haunted house I got a couple of I have a couple more
DVDs so I want to get rid of these guys before the end of the afternoon that’s
my goal although yeah I got a save one for the
uber driver or lyft or whatever I get here at the slap Research Flat Earth all
right men teach your kids the earth is flat horticulture
area they sell your GMO and non-gmo foods plus they got a craft brewery up
there so you can feed their beers Oh sad day so I found this on the floor littering
littering hands littering and so they’ll regret their decision for filling this
stuff on the ground that’s alright they don’t know any better they don’t know
what they do and by they I mean the establishment and all the people these are flat earth signor doing the SEVIS state fair teams
so people are definitely gonna remember they’re gonna be like what hey deep-fried candy bars I don’t think
so I already broke my rule I had a corn dog
earlier all these people hope they’ll wake up we called up WCCO early in the week let
them know both ladders and the billboard appreciate everybody hanging out for the video here we’re also going to do a flat
cab episode so I hope you enjoy that I think I’ll just corner here for a
little bit still got our signage here here with
this flat guys we never laying down the moon sir hey
hey folks hey you alright just letting everybody know that the earth is flat
like a pancake not a ball like we’re talking yeah research it level
yeah well that’s what they tell you in school to keep you from investigating
the idea it’s called predictive programming so
then you’ll mock me when you get older and you’ll think that you’ll fall off
the edge but who said that there’s an edge just like space right we’re taught
that space is infinite right but you never been to space nope
but you believe that it’s infinite though right okay why you told right so
if I was to tell you that maybe we live on a flat motionless plane and there is
no edge that goes against what we’re taught right yep actually a 100% does sir he says over 40
times and the Bible that the earth is immovable and firm whether the earth is flatter around I
don’t know you don’t think it matters well when you get to that point are you
believer in Jesus Christ so if you and I were to deduct a dialogue with an
unbeliever here do you think we would be able to convey how important it is to
have salvation through Christ to an atheist probably not so I can’t really
get you to that point about understanding up here at this motion oh
stop it does yeah and I guess I just understand that we’ve been lied to our
whole life so sure well actually I can do you one
better you guys have a computer at home right now soon okay hey that’s right
some of them are curved now right I actually can do you one better I got a
DVD and my youtube channel is in there also so well you can keep it it’s free
for you yeah so no that’s why I bring it yeah so I hand it out to people that are
questioning or are open to other possibilities and in Genesis 1 it does
actually say that the moon and the Sun produced their own light so that the
moon actually does not reflect the sun’s rays it actually produces its own light
so yeah man you curious I’m curious look sorry but thanks a lot yeah yeah actually I got two of them
there so it’s about five hours worth of content so you know take it in bits and
pieces and go from there I got a YouTube channel on there also awesome so and I
actually got a billboard put up a billboard right down the road here after
35w and Hennepin the coordinates are on my YouTube card on the back so if you
just punch that into Google Maps you can check it out so it would never cross it
never crossed my mind year and a half ago and now I’m out here
letting people know that just check out and alternative viewpoint of not living
on a ball in outer space you can do an experiment right now do you feel a
spinning like do you feel us are we moving right
now are we having to catch our balance to adjust for the spin have you ever
taken a physics course I can do observations and I can see that I’m not
moving and the Sun above me is can you do mathematical calculations I don’t
have to it’s observation that’s yeah then have a good afternoon hey appreciate it guys have a good
afternoon all right who Star Wars
a Star Wars here at this flag but Star Wars is a
fantasy this looks like a good a spot I spent
many $1 bills in that arcade right there so we’re right in the corner from the
intersection in the middle of the intersection figured I’d be here direct
traffic you know research Flat Earth hey guys research
Flat Earth all right we didn’t we don’t land on the moon yeah mr. circle here are you doing good man thanks research
Flat Earth what did all the people yeah you don’t live on a ball man you’ve
been lied to yeah you don’t live on a ball man
research Flat Earth check it out stay sober off your eBay man you might
be able to research something I know you are I know you are that’s that’s why I’m
out here that’s why we’re here folks we got DVDs to hand out looking for
those who are willing to listen who knows what’s gonna happen hey man how
are you terrific research Flat Earth when you get home okay hey bud how’re you doing sir we didn’t land on
the moon okay it was it was a fraud not EAS planner near this flag but Star Wars is fake they’re doing research Flat Earth when
you go back to school okay and when you go back to school at
Tuesday research flat earth okay you were lied to about where we live I research Flat Earth when you get home
just type it in research flatters it’s like I don’t know what rate of turn
there’s so many people here hey Google Flat Earth while you’re at it hey guys
when you get home tonight look up two under proofs we don’t live on a spinning
ball oh I can dialogue with you for two minutes and prove it to you is that your
science Hey ladies how you doing hey when you you want to check out a flat
earth DVD yeah yes of course it’s the only thing you’re gonna get here for
free right are you gonna like we don’t live in a ball like we’re taught in
school we live on a flat motionless plane let’s catch it like that’s a
dimension it’s a connection differences
well you’ve seen a gun outer space no I know I haven’t but I know that all the
images that we get of Earth from outer space or CGI that means that they’re not
real so of course you can yeah and actually have a billboard put up just
off a 35w and maybe I am yeah well we are on public property right I know but
you do get videotape camera on your phone you know that right like your
selfie cam watching yeah exactly I do this for for that reason awesome that’s why I put tape over my
selfie camera in the home I need to make oh yeah for sure
I mean they do admit that they do that so when I do get harassed by I’m not
saying that you’re harassing me I’m just saying like I have been in the past and
I just remind them that like we have cameras over all the intersections
that’s all right yeah I can respect your privacy but totally cool
all right ladies yeah no problem have a safe trip home have fun out there
thanks Joshua Cheers a menu at this flat all right not
a ball like we’re taught so many people to tell the earth is flat
what a ball when you get home to their research flat
earth ok 200 proofs how’re we doing then double kiss it
right now and then hey when you get home and you got a free hand google it flat
earth yeah check it out then yes sir but TNS planet All Right see ya check out Flat Earth
guys we don’t have on a spinning ball even lied to hey guys check out the
earth is flat not a ball so beautiful day
are you celebrating because he found out the earth was flat and not a ball yeah
everything they give us a CGI Men nice job yeah yeah it’s a lot of money to
control your mind I got a DVD if you want check it out good don’t know how do
some gravity working okay gravity doesn’t work in a vacuum and rockets
can’t propel themselves and others in a vacuum not at all man it’s just buoyancy
and density because you weigh more than the air around you it’s really that
simple man gravity is a belief system minutes it’s
a god basically because you can’t prove it nor measure it to control your mind they control your mind right now man how
far away do you think that son is do you know how long wait but I’m just asking
you a question that you should know I know I don’t have to man and what I took
in school doesn’t really alleviate the pressure of knowing that we won’t be
beautiful money breathe air what do you really I
mean I deal with people like you all the time on YouTube men and I have if you
take my card yeah I have a YouTube channel and I do this often you know so
you don’t want to pursue maybe an alternative viewpoint that could
challenge the narrative of where we live so sciencism so so religion team well it
sounds like it if you’re not going to take another perspective its dogmatic
not to listen to another opinion right you haven’t asked your gonna answer my
question before the Sun is away so I can’t answer yours I do it’s about 93
million miles away that’s what they tell us it’s actually significantly closer no
probably some people say might be 10 to 15 miles away actually I am saying that
some people say it’s 3,000 miles away to man it’s not 93 million miles away I can
tell you that much whatever you travel okay so neither can I so if I disagree
you but see miles away but see if I disagree with what we’ve been taught you
get upset with me because I’m not going along with a narrative what is 1+1 but
it doesn’t make sense 1+1 but it doesn’t make sense if you
if you measure where the earth is six months from now on the other side of the
Sun you can actually figure out how far away’s why don’t the constellations
change no they don’t we’ve always had the North Pole where it’s always been
oh it’s the constellations have always been the same spot those moons doesn’t
man because as polar ships that’s that’s Fairy Tail why would they lie way they
make that up to lie to you man I’m just letting you know that they’re lying to
you the money yeah you are you’re giving you your tax money man and it also goes
to the Fed Reserve yeah to lie to you and also all of your sports also so so
that’s probably but you don’t believe it’s your disability do you know do you
know how far away the earth is from the Sun or the moon is the moon is how far
away the moon did we land not at all man why cuz it’s not a physical object that
can be laying in zero gravity okay so we couldn’t we
couldn’t do that the physics well you are you gonna take any of my information
my card or a DVD or anything all right so it’s been a pleasure talking to you
guys and I hope you guys wake up at some point but if there’s some other people
that are more open-minded than you guys that I’d love to talk to you so come on
people hey guys research flat earth when you
get home tonight hey the earth is as flat as that frisbee how you doing man research Flat Earth
when you get to school all right no need to sit there and argue with
trolls there’s more opportunities out here to talk to people
amen research Flat Earth when you guys get home 200 proof set the earth is not
a spinning ball this is a good one when you guys get a little research Flat
Earth we don’t live on a spinning ball taught in schools a mess how are you today terrific how you doing hey right on hey did you
know that we didn’t land on the moon you sure okay are you did you watch it
it’s like live and stuff did you know that the CIA uses predictive programming
and mind control to make you believe something because you saw it in a group
of people well they do and you can watch your movies about the moon-landing and
you’ll see that there’s using harnesses in a stage there’s plenty of evidence
out there to show that we never landed on the moon we’ve never been a spacer
well it has happened but we can’t go to outer space it’s all part of me yeah
they tell us actually though the furthest that we’ve ever gone is 400
miles the establishment your government yeah so it’s never crossed your mind
that we live on a flat motionless plane either huh
no so how do you know that we live on a spinning ball I got a DVD here so you
want to humor yourself I’m no sir have a good afternoon bold dropping DVDs are you doing guys
good I got a DVD here about the earth being a flat motionless plane the earth
is a level motionless plane and not a ball like we’re taught I want to see
this sure yeah I got about this uh-oh I’m recording but I got a DVD here for
ya take home yeah check it out my youtube channels on there man
have a good afternoon thanks men hey guys doing research flat herbs when
you get home ladies they record you on the intersections man
not the areas planner how you guys doing research Flat Earth
yeah I got a DVD here for you it actually kind of helps explain that we
live on a level emotionless plane and not a ball like we’re taught in school yeah we’ve been lied to about where we
live through our educational system and NASA they tell us that we live on a
spinning ball in outer space right do you feel a spinning right now okay so
but you see the Sun moves all right so how is it that they tricked our minds
into believing that we spin around the Sun but actually the Sun moves around us but it doesn’t well the Sun is moving
yes but we’re not rotating we’re not orbiting around the Sun like we’re time by who so you’re taking somebody else’s
word for it I’m just challenging the narrative
that’s all I just question things and then I share that to the public and then
I let you people deal with it on their own time yeah so don’t believe
everything you see and I mean half of what you hear all right hey the earth is not a ball like that
basketball it’s flat here this flat not a basketball I hear people yell at me and say don’t
fall off the edge hey when you go back to school talk to your teacher about
Flat Earth yeah good luck with that hey man the earth is not a ball like retard
research Flat Earth okay a research Flat Earth okay send a ball
like we’re taught in school me hey I was going man want to say that
this flat it’s the earth is flat yeah hey right now and then hey cool will it
be a fistful of you know I got a YouTube channel I got a billboard up at those
coordinates okay is it right yes I’m in there see you later man
fellow flat earther how’s it going fellas
good research flat earth okay when you go back to school tell your teacher the
earth is flat and see where that goes yeah hey guys teach your kids the earth
is flat okay make sure you teach your kids the earth is flat and not a ball
okay we’ve never landed on the moon nope hey guys when you get home tonight have
a movie night 200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball it’s flat bubbles hey guys research Flat Earth
okay hey when you go back to school this fall
tell your teacher of the year this flat okay ladies research letters or mmm don’t make sure you teach your kids the earth
is flat and not a ball like we’re taught all right we never landed on the moon I can dialogue with you for a minute and
I could prove it to you or walk away hey bring up flat earth with your teachers
and see where that goes alright ladies when you go back to
school research Flat Earth and tell your teacher about it yeah the earth isn’t a ball guys
definitely is definitely isn’t ok well I’ll prove it to me teach your kids the
earth is flat and not a ball ok leechers Flat Earth when you get home okay
the earth is not a ball like we’re talking yeah it’s actually a flat
motionless plane hey while you’re at it man I got a DVD yeah yeah talks about
action I have use of YouTube videos well I got my uh my youtube channel right
here you want to check it out appreciate it
thanks for your openness oh yeah hey you’re welcome thanks those are sky ride right up there going against the narrative hey guys doing hey I got a DVD or talks
about flat earth it’s free it’s the only free thing you’ll get here this flap and when you go back to school two small
ladies remember research Flat Earth you can watch a movie about it right now
if you want thinking about walking to another
intersection but this is as good as any right I do ladies
hey when you go back to school tell your teacher the earth is flat Hey yep the earth is flat hey bud when you go back to school tell
your teacher the earth is flat see where that goes okay hey do man so do you believe that we landed on the
moon do you believe we landed on the moon yeah thank you okay why is that okay so the that’s faiths then right
okay what if we didn’t absolutely not sir no
you can actually see of using harnesses while they were on the moon I got a DVD
here to give you some information that it might be it’s free focus the
curvature you have okay how have you seen it okay
it hasn’t been measured of a curve though sir I got a high-altitude balloon
video here and I can show you at one hundred and thirty thousand feet that
there is no curvature yep you can sir I’ve seen it myself and there’s no curve
whatever so I’m just challenging the narrative sir why is that a problem
all right so that’s faith then hey guys make sure you teach your kids
the earth is flat when they grow up okay and we never landed on the moon and
evolution is a lie the earth is flat check it out I can dialogue with you right here I
mean it’s not a big deal I get laughed at all the time this isn’t my first
rodeo hun nope throughout all right
let’s walk down here a little bit I’ll show you a famous spot where I can get where I can challenge
the narrative a little bit more research flattery
this mouth round like a pizza or a ball ah okay so but you already said round so
there could be two different things right so could you give me an
observation that you have that the earth is a ball and not a flat motionless
plane what up so do you believe that outer
space is infinite yep okay so have you ever been to the infinite ‘no subspace
no no I have it so but but I know I know it’s funny but if you believe that the
outer space is infinite and you’ve never been there how do you know there’s an
edge to a to the earth but you just said blowing around it I know that these new
information to you but it goes to say the earth is 71% water and if you were
to fill up a bathtub or a pool and that is level and flat after you know a few
minutes of leaving it alone how is that any different from the oceans okay so so
but that doesn’t prove anything though because I’m not an engineer and I can
understand that the earth is a flat motionless plane and so those are all
CGI sir they are literally they admitted that they are photoshopped so there are
no authentic pictures of outer space and we’ve never landed on the moon so with
that being said how do we know as civilians other than trusting in what
somebody else tells us that we live on a ball well exactly just like I talked about
9/11 it’s the biggest SIOP that this generation has ever experienced and when
i telled know airplanes hit those towers people say I’ve gone too far but what if
those were cruise missiles CGI’d airplanes on top of those cruise
missiles and what we saw a new thought was live TV was actually pre-recorded
before that if that happens well maybe those were paid witnesses by the
government so I have some I have some information on this DVD that could help
provide some clarity and everything that I’ve spoken about it’s free men take a break pill then
it’s alright set a big deal and whack around my eye I know man I wish I could
take another blue pill and go back but I’m bleeding way too deep right now I
appreciate your openness gentlemen and you know just have an open mind that we
may have been lied to you about where we live that’s all so and the reason why is
because what if there’s more resources and land than what they’re telling us
like on The Truman Show you’ve seen The Truman Show with Jim Carrey right that
could be a possible scenario of where we live you never know so get a little wave
home appreciate it have a good weekend thanks to us yeah
yeah all right right all right all right that was pretty good when people see my
side I just try to engage conversation because it is provocative hey fellas hey when you go back to
school on Tuesday tell your teacher the earth is flat okay no I don’t want to
get kicked on hey do guys research Flat Earth Star Trek and Star Wars are fake they’re
not real they’re just fantasy and we’ve never been to outer space okay but they believe that uh that is real
that’s too bad research flattered hey folks are you doing we never landed
on the moon okay all right no we didn’t nope she’s upset I don’t believe we landed on
the moon it’s all right still figure it out
hopefully hey guys hey when you go back to school tell your teacher the earth is
flat no it means that the earth is a level motionless plain water is always
flat and level it doesn’t curve well I do have a youtube channel but you like
YouTube check it out man hey don’t be too lazy and research Flat
Earth okay hey the earth is flat now yeah do it
are you afraid to research letters don’t be stirred technically you never
landed in the mood okay it’s great it’s a fraud I know man good good research Flat Earth
all right has it ever crossed your mind that we
live on a flat motionless plane and not a ball like we’re taught in school no no
it has now though right yeah so if the earth is 71% of water and water is
always level and flat how do we live on a sphere then so it’s that’s a religion
then because gravity has never been proven seen or tested it’s a theory man
it is actually a theory you’re taking somebody else’s word for it right now I
work for NASA I’m sure you do yeah but they’re not going into outer space no
and we don’t live on a ball because all of your pictures that you give us in
NASA our photoshopped and CGI doesn’t matter but I do know to make this part this part go back so
that’s called compartmentalization and I’ve seen the entire thing put together
and I’ve seen and met the astronaut sort of in his face and come back and many
the ships and they’re very complicated I’ve seen my parts installed
and I’m sure and I’ve talked to people in space while they’re working on things
I know you believe that but we’ve never been to outer space and it’s called
compartmentalization we work mates for a long time and I’ve yet to find the phone
number email address or office of the you know of the Department of fate holy
shit because it’s called NASA Platinum bladder yeah NASA is the biggest fraud
that’s ever been put upon this earth right now
oh no we’re giving them money notice it is a massive fraud and I would tell
everybody who works for NASA that you either need to quit or you’re part of
the problem it’s a great gig man I’m sure it is a lot of people to lie to
people believe in your ignorance no we’ve never landed on the moon you know
that’s a fraud right hey buzz I know it’s not it is yeah the moon is
not a physical object to be landed on do you believe that we land into the
money there’s no planets man go get a real job yeah research Flat Earth okay
here yeah is that science ma’am okay all the people I know man I got one better
for you I got a YouTube channel thank you and so yeah so it’s called
compartmentalization we never land on the moon that’s what they tell you I have a DVD
that can show you that they fake ISS footage it’s fraudulent and they use
green screens to make you think that they’re at the ISS and it’s actually a
vomit comet augmented reality in a green screen they don’t go in outer space as
we’ve never been know the truth and also I don’t need oxygen to survive that high
because I’ve never been out into the area where I need that so low easiness
and a commercialized airplane we don’t live on a bond then I wouldn’t be here
if I didn’t believe what I’m telling you and I have a youtube to prove it to I
have over 200 hours to show that people that work for NASA are either ignorant
or willfully lying about outer space well you will because it will become a
massive part of your life in the future there are over 60 private companies
that’s what they tell you I may or may not I’ve never seen it
before but but you believe that it was outer space is infinite right even
though you’ve never been to outer space or been that far right so you and I have
the same idea right I might believe the earth is an infinite claim and he
believes that this outer space is infinite even though he has never seen
an infinite plane as we look this direction it would continue on and there
would be no horizon you would actually appear as if it went up you know the
Verizon the reason we have on Rises because the earth is a sphere it’s not a
sphere man I know you’re in school right now man and I totally understand where
you’re coming from but I’m probably twice your age and I’ve been researching
Flat Earth for about two years and it’s a massive fraud dude seven waters water
cover 71% of the Earth’s water is always level and flat and all the oceans are
leveling flat man okay the oceans on a massive scale
you see you’re you know why because of atmosphere because I know it’s because I
have a sphere then you can see another first okay so
the moon phases when it’s a half moon why is the moon cut in half there is no
curve to the half moon the light my man please listen to me okay I know I know
but try to focus on what I’m gonna tell you right now okay in Genesis 1 in God’s
Word the Bible it tells you and I that the moon and the Sun create its own
light the moon does not reflect the sun’s light man
that is exactly what Genesis 1 yeah that’s exactly what Genesis 1 says
perception of something going over the curvature if you have a p900 which is
one of the most powerful civilian cameras that you can get you can zoom
that object back into focus and so because you can’t see forever it’s
because of atmosphere man it’s not because of the curve there are lasers I
know you I know you want to believe that man the other side man I know you want to
buy no you’re in school right now and you want to believe what you’ve being
taught but you have no idea how deep this deception goes and I hope that you
can wake up to the reality man who said there’s an edge so if outer space is
infinite and you’ve never been to outer space right who knows just question
everything you hear okay bud and believe half of the things you see well do it
always question man all right hey don’t tell your kids that will fall off the
edge if you’ve never seen it well you know there’s how do you know
man have you ever seen The Truman Show before so you might live in a Truman
Show atmosphere right now so have a good afternoon the cognitive dissonance is heavy there
folks booth that’s why I had to stay I guess I think
all right folks all right so we are gonna walk out of
the gate and we’re gonna call call it a night
I appreciate everybody for stopping by figured we’d leave on a on that note
where it was just kidding this is getting too heavy getting crowded up on
and I don’t feel like arguing with people who claim to know that what they
see from NASA is real because they work there and they’re just ignorant or
willfully wasn’t lying to people so so I appreciate everybody coming by this is
Joshua for your episode of authentic intent at the Minnesota flat fair thank
you nothing I encourage it but as soon as I
could get home the better well how’s it going on your end okay just spending money I like driving
myself oh yeah what else do you do for your free time I Drive at night because there’s no
traffic yeah yeah that works that’s great I bet what do you listening
to when you’re driving serious free-range on fertility first is an old
rock okay you ever listened to like podcasts or anything like that books news follow these channels in here up and down special channel together
over over have any less where do you usually drive like I mean
is there typical route that you go here Wisconsin okay
meet the driver going on Marvin oh you go to Stockholm I switch out trailers oh
okay oh well so you’ll be tired here pretty soon that
right yeah it’s kind of the point right I’m trying to wake up or I try to wake
people up yeah you married okay kids with all that yeah
rebel like okay stay in one place we like to travel
okay that’s a good thing you know sometimes
yep let me have a kid somewhere I don’t know where hopefully not in your truck right just a minute
you don’t even notice okay okay that’s also a short different color in your
phone okay then flash back and forth cleaners do
this says your name then it gives me a
seizure for blinking on my face right yeah yeah right
hey man they do it well I spent some time in Thailand about eight months in
2015 and they they have a tendency to do that they’re for white people and if you
don’t know enough tie or at least give them GPS of some kind they will give you
the scenic tour of Thailand yeah Bangkok for sure no I mean there
aren’t those parts I mean yeah we we went on a couple of strips that are
definitely questionable but I stayed away from that don’t want to get into
any trouble our human trafficking oh yeah it’s
big-time over there yeah I do uh I do activism for stuff like that
actually yeah I have I have a YouTube channel and I share links in my
description section about those types of topics yeah you know Ted Gunderson
there’s a guy named Ted Gunderson did a lot of that stuff yeah he did yeah and
he recently was murdered actually so yep exactly rajat little propellers okay yeah the links
crash Martin yeah maybe so twins play okay have you been to the clear just take
mine tomorrow okay there’s a lot of people that
so yeah well I mean I guess anything is crowded something like a hundred
thousand people crammed and it’s squirt a half mile or so okay okay I also did some activism at the State
Fair about the idea of the earth being flat and not a ball like we’re taught I have a youtube channel for that what’s
that oh yeah Columbus slow that yeah I’ve heard all
that as well straight across the ocean
yeah that’s what they tell us but when what I’ve done my research
about the idea of the earth being flat I wish they stick to the water idea yeah how earth is covered in 71% water and if
a pool or a lake is level and flat when it’s a calm day out I just challenge
people to think of the oceans being in that same fashion and so there’s
different ways that you can observe this like from saying up out the Chicago yeah
exactly actually and there was a guy named Admiral Byrd back in the 60s who
did some touring and may have found like an Antarctic ring around the earth
that’s helping to hold all the water in in that wall from the top above it might
have an infinite amount of resources and so the narrative is is that they might
be hiding extra resources and land from us that’s why they tell us that we bail
out of all matrix yep
that’s a pretty good observation what’s up yeah I don’t know
I guess we just see what we see and we’re kind of limited to the our
surroundings right now but you’ve gone cross country if you notice much of a
curve to the earth okay yeah that’s a good son take a picture of
that to hang about is it Duracell you
what about the big anniversary of 9/11 coming up what do you think about that yeah do you fall in line with the common
narrative like terrorists flew airplanes into the buildings yeah you’re insane yeah I wouldn’t like to be a fly on the
wall find that Oh yeah yeah I know right or we feel it’s there in her interest
she having said thank you waves over 33,000 emails that’s a her best interest though yeah
exactly her and everybody else in that level order well George Bush did George Bush Senior
talked quite a bit of it Kissinger did opensolaris yeah starting to rain people wearing those pants and Tifa
I did a livestream while those were happening on YouTube yeah and had all
the multi angles of that and everything and I actually have a DVD for you if you
want you can keep that do a podcast if you want listen to that I’m sorry
I I don’t pick any side no I picked whichever side is best for human beings
and life in my opinion is the most important I do yeah I believe Oh God but I’ll be more dogmatic and I say that
Jesus Christ is God and so when I when I go on on live and I
just go on there to give people a platform to speak openly and freely yes this story okay story a David shut it yeah yeah that’s what you see one through he
was still deemed as having a heart after God so it just kind of goes to show that if
we only had the patience and grace that God gives us to share upon other people
feed pick up a lot that are off well that’s what they were saying about
this Eclipse is that seven years from this Eclipse is the next Eclipse
oh yeah you know 33 days but between the two
you familiar with the number 33 it’s the number for the highest-ranked
and Freemasonry yeah so the number 33 is yeah that’s what they tell us that’s right
first it was No the certain ways most abusive what yep Jannetty published future well just get more fascinating as you
dig in a little bit I haven’t it didn’t cross my mind before that the Bible
talks about a little motionless plane and how its firm and immovable and how
they teach us that the earth is spinning then that kind of contradicts what it
says about it being firm and immovable and how in the four corners of the earth
there are pillars like a stepstool yeah so when you think of a stepstool it’s
usually flat so you can put your feet up on it right yeah right exactly
so the universe is always expanding but then we may or may not be living inside
of a Truman Show type film experience I get that a lot well you’ll fall off the
edge right so it is it is very challenging to go
against the narrative and to study stuff that you know most people don’t agree
with but I do feel like it’s important to question what we’re taught yes and anything that’s coming from the
government it should always be put in question Oh yeah I’m not sure you messed up the
first time bones on earth oh that’s why he flooded he flooded what
in the earth I think he flooded the earth because
people were goofing around with human genome and making crossbreeds with
animals and humans and stuff yep exactly chimeras right
I am the first yeah what a coincidence right for first
clone was a sheep in a lamb nothing biblical about those right yeah
with horns yeah yeah we gotta watch offline 666
yeah I thought about that right well through the my like study
about the mark of the beast’ what I found is that well it’s it’s a thought
life actually so it’s just you agreeing with the beast system you know in the
kind of make Rick matrix if you will and so yeah it’s it’s not necessarily like a
microchip it’s a thought life and then your hands also yeah and if you’re
willing to live that life and use your hands to work at the B system then
you’re agreeing with everything that’s going on yeah so because God puts a mark
on your forehead and in your hands when you’re chosen by him and if you love this reality which a lot of
people do then that is a lifestyle take the farmers on first right regulation second heart the seven bowls of Wrath not cereals sit
snap crackle pop really the people that talk we will stand are
seven years feels like it’s right though sometimes
at times it does feel like that yep you ever say that I’ll show that kill plate exactly it’s kind of a contradiction to the kids on their race yeah sneaky
he’s pointing the wrong way though I don’t get that I guess so where’s Evan
yeah we’ve left to continue what you asked about West you still a little bit every weekend it is a nice arias quiet yeah I’m that
TV show with Kevin Sorbo Hercules yeah Kevin turbos from bone spring birthday Bart order Oh Kenny I was born in the early 80s so
don’t lean to date yeah yeah that’s kind of how I feel right now
just feel like I have mice have my feet in a firm foundation right now set your
own destiny yeah what’s up yeah oh sure yeah car accidents and
stuff yeah seen him happen in action seconds later wanna help the guy out
look the staring oh really oh yeah they are huh what’s your wife do okay we can travel kind of dogs yep chairman Xiang every time I clean up that girl yeah
Herron and forth their hair somewhere in here stinks
right – yeah well these are not cats I’m allergic to cats and I’m not a fan I
never shot by camera noise fire shot your cat when you were five all fought
cancer came back and said goodbye I took off said I mean that oh yeah well that’s one way
to get back at him I guess yeah five years old right yep our analysis yeah people that mean well if you want
to be a rebel with me sometime next week I plan on going to the Fed Reserve and
hanging out up front no protest I’m gonna ask him why they keep sending our
money to the to fill up the interest rate on national debt I had a I had a
like a telemarketer call me yesterday and she said are you over two thousand
dollars in debt and I said yes she says how much do you owe and I said seventeen
trillion dollars yeah she threw her off a bet she said some very naughty words
to me actually she was not happy with me I did laughs yeah and she hung up on me
but I was actually quite surprised at the vulgar language that came out of her
mouth so yeah and then you try to call him back and it’s always a busy signal
yeah that’s why I always ask cameras how’s it going yup tips in it now until the marketers call me usually
I give a tell about the earth is a flat motion is playing another ball so that
usually gets him triggered yep ask questions thank you so much
you want to buy something yeah I got some some stuff here you know
some knowledge most people don’t
most people trust in their education yeah I go to the university quite a bit
and talk about it and they’re very it’s like church nowadays I mean at school
school is church Santa in process yeah anyway like Berkeley is going
right well and I had um yeah somebody had the coffee
it’s a Hudson from what I have experienced if you want to be and if you
want to be an anarchist tell people the earth is flat because that’s going
against the common narrative and I had two girls when I was talking to them she
one of the girls brought up she had some really short hair and she’s like well
what do you think about homosexuals cuz I told her I was a Christian she’s like
well I’ve never heard a Christian tell me that the earth is flat I was like wow
tell me a lot of stuff that you probably won’t hear from a lot of Christians and
she’s like well what do you think about the homosexuals and I said I have no
problem with homosexuals but the idea is if we’re all homosexual and you’re not
cheating you can’t cheat and I say like cheating by like in vitro and
fertilization or you know test-tube baby or something how would we procreate you
know you’re not pro creating the natural way that we’re meant to be and she kind
of didn’t have a whole lot to say after that and again lay up and I don’t have no
problem with homosexuals it’s just that how are you if if we all Procope we all
are homosexual how are you gonna procreate so bring it on the inside
right yeah exactly to treat quiet session right time very
great right
but that’s how it would have been if she would have won in Donald Trump loses you
know there still would have been a problem with that yeah I do also take off my stuff it’s a real thing did you hear what happened in Virginia
Maryland and Washington DC they have a strip of metro line train tracks going
through particular parts of the city downtown and and the day after the
Eclipse August 22nd inside of a bill that Donald Trump signed was warrantless
searches on that strip of train tracks so anybody that lives on these this line
of train tracks can get their house basically raided to make sure that that
area is safe yeah I thought that was kind of peculiar to especially to do it
like the day after the Eclipse when everybody is talking about the Eclipse
you know which is when they usually pass stuff like that is when people are
distracted the supports you know County Road 6 th
Avenue that’s one thing comin help fuckin site he talked up Giuliana sighs
whatever Sanders one mile
Lisa’s got some information about that Russian never Sammy Trump Russia yeah gopher games over years ago forget he’s
got some information presented to okay Oh the way the world goes exactly trying to
say something this is Arthur happy – correct yeah what do you think about
that it’s funny in Japan to jump on it Oh
what are you what do you think about nukes nuclear weapons there’s a rumor
out there that they don’t exist at all what do you think about that that is
just kind of fear-mongering and like to keep us all in order like EMP like an EMP right scientifically Macaulay bravery two
miles batteries than anything else etc be bored laughing no hey I certainly
don’t have a Borah life right now I’ve got myself into something pretty deep so
I can’t get out so I’m just gonna ride the wave yeah exactly like throwing a boomerang it’s gonna
come back to you eventually right well when it says that when the Second Coming
happens that price will be seen all throughout the earth so how could he be
seen on the opposite side of a globe also and in Daniel that talks about a
tree in the center of the earth that was seen by everyone also like
something like that but a lot of times like trees are described as like Nations
or a group of people yeah so for a tree to be seen all throughout the earth it
could mean like a type of people or a nation that’s like yeah yeah like a thought life not soon enough no no yeah there is I actually know a
lady that did some horseback riding for like women who are an abusive
relationships yeah so there’s that type of I know that that is nice a lot of
girls like horsies so I’m sure it would be therapeutic for women were in those
types of relationships to get out of that and then hang out with horses like
that yeah get the horse out there and get a rodeo or something yeah persons of all persons must be the popular guy though so well I wasn’t live on YouTube today I
had to record it because I but last time I went live in this in a situation like
that I was at the US Bank Stadium for the X Games and I tried to stream live
but everybody was taken up all the data from the towers and I couldn’t get a
clear signal for everybody so this time I was smarter and I bought 128 gigabyte
memory card for my fall yeah so we could definitely stream and then hi-def
because all the kids nowadays if they see a pixelation on a TV screen they
think it’s they freaked out yeah so it’s it’s like
the end of the world working gamer’s yep oh yeah especially nowadays with the VR
and the headsets um yeah wait remember GI Joe yeah GI Joe is
predictive programming to get kids to enlist in the army so there was the
point okay yeah right up here couple houses about three houses down to the
right one there at the white car in it yep all right thank you sir have a good
afternoon yeah you too god bless you stay safe on
the road out there yeah check it out for me you

Authentic Intent On A Stick | FLAT CAB Episode 3 | At The Great Minnesota Get Together

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