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Let’s take a quick look at the Nexus 600 stick from Bauer.
Bauer set out to accommodate the shooting styles of a broader range of players, and
to do this they decided to offer a third flex profile that would complement what you would
find in the Supreme or Vapor series. The NEXUS series is that third family with a Tru-mid
flex profile. If you are a player that is looking for a stick with a quick release and
a very natural feel, you should give these some serious consideration.
The Nexus 600 stick offers advanced technologies at a great value at this performance price
point. The shaft shape is the same as the Nexus 1000 – which is a square shaft shape
with double-concave walls. This shape provides a nice secure grip no matter what shot you
are taking. The shaft itself is made of premium lightweight carbon fiber and fiberglass and
is available in either the Griptac finish or matte finish like the one I have here.
Bauer uses a power profile dual taper, which increases torsional stiffness and reduces
shaft deflection. This design also helps to maximize the load of this tru-mid flex stick
to give you more power in your shots. This taper design in conjunction with the expanded
throat of the Pure Shot Blade Profile means that the blade of the stick is more likely
to stay closed which results in better accuracy. Bauer uses its patented Aero Foam II blade
on the Nexus 600, which can be found in many of their higher end sticks. It is stiff and
lightweight and provides nice balance and feel to the stick. As you can see here under
the matte finish, they use a 3K premium carbon fiber blade wrap.
You’ll find great performance technologies at an excellent value in this Nexus 600 stick
from Bauer. Get yours today at one of our superstores or at hockeymonkey.com. See ya
next time.

Bauer Nexus 600 Stick
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