The Olympics is the dream. If you’re not looking at your
television, now’s the time. A true definition of happiness,
of friendship, of honor. It doesn’t happen
to all athletes in the world. GANGNEUNG
HOCKEY CENTRE All eyes are watching
PyeongChang right now. You don’t wanna be out there
and just let it go by. You want people to kind of be
talking about you after. OLYMPIC WINTER TALES ICE HOCKEY:
TEAM SWITZERLAND MEN TERMINAL 2 Tom Rüfenacht, I play right wing
for Team Switzerland. I just found my way here to– THOMAS RUFENACHT
FORWARD To be in my first Olympics at
32 years old, so… Hi, I’m Jonas Hiller and I’m a goal tender
for Team Switzerland. In a tournament like this,
and– And in one game decision… JONAS HILLER
GOALIE …pretty much anybody can beat
anybody. And, yeah, you might not have
those cold-blooded snipers as– As some other teams have, but I hope we can
make up for it with some good team play. You never know when you’ll get
this chance again. I think a lot of guys
feel that. Especially– Especially with
the NHL being gone. We wanna win, we’re not– We’re
not here to mess around. A quick run-through.
One is playing to two, pass to two, two to three,
three passes to one. I’m Simon Bodenmann, I’m
a forward for Team Switzerland. This is my second Olympics. I was in Sochi already,
FORWARD The Olympics is such
a big thing. You feel honored to be here. Just really happy and–
And proud, yeah. Looking forward to making it, like, a better experience than
last time. Definitely everybody’s really
motivated and– And kinda sees a chance, if not having the NHL
players here, to also have a chance
against the big teams, because, yeah, I don’t think
that the skill level is that much different. I’m Vincent Praplan
and I play forward. Growing up, you– You watch
the Olympics on TV. I was a little boy,
I dreamed about it. and, yeah, now for it to be
real, it’s– It’s awesome. VINCENT PRAPLAN
FORWARD -One, it’s coming!
-One, two. …I want to shoot. Welcome to PyeongChang,
in South Korea, for the opening ceremony of
the 23rd Olympic Winter Games. More than three and a half
thousand athletes and officials have ventured from every corner
of the world to be a part of this
great festival of sport. It’s awesome, I think, you
know, we get to come in here and you get to see a lot of
people that you see on TV, so, it’s– It’s exciting to be
a part of it. Where are you guys? Still, like,
in the middle of Seoul– What? Food and beverage service is
ready for your convenience. It’s great, a lot of athletes
in here, yeah, makes it fun. Athletes of Switzerland, if you are ready,
please raise your hands. It’s amazing so far. Tonight, here
at the Olympic Stadium with the world watching on,
Korea stands once again and simply says
to the world, “Welcome.” GANGNEUNG OLYMPIC VILLAGE SWISS OLYMPIC During face-offs,
things often don’t run ideally. Bam, bam, Vinnie, Holler… My name is Patrick Fischer. I’m– I’m the head coach of the
Swiss national team. Well, the Olympics, for me,
are always very– Very special in my life. PATRICK FISCHER
HEAD COACH I’ve been twice lucky enough to
go as a player. -…for me…
-…for me… …face-off has to do
with readiness. The mindset of the team
is the right, we’re here to do
something special. Then it gets difficult,
if we just… I’m waiting…
talking about face-offs. We need to do that
in training. Center… take it, take it… Show some pride. But with that comes pressure and we’ll see if we–
We are ready for it. I’ve always been telling you,
it’s better for face-offs… Get it done. Push it around. As Switzerland we haven’t taken too many
medals in the past years, but we always believed
that we can get it done, and for sure, this year,
our chance is raising. GANGNEUNG
and I’m a forward. PIUS SUTER
FORWARD It’s my first time in
the Olympics, so it’s a dream come true. I think our chances
have never been as good as they are this year. We’ve got to show up,
and take the chance, too, when it’s there. I’m Simon Moser,
forward for Team Switzerland. This is my second Olympics, and I always try to do
the best for the team. SIMON MOSER
FORWARD My personal goal
at this Olympics is grow as a team
and, yeah, win it. Ok, finally. All moved in, first training. I’d like to briefly thank the equipment management
for everything. I’m Raeto Raffainer,
I’m team leader, director of national teams
in Switzerland, RAETO RAFFAINER
GENERAL MANAGER I’m responsible for
seven teams. That’s it from me, I have
nothing more. Thank you! When we’ve gone through this
a couple of times, I want to see quick,
quick feet, couple strides, get to the blue line,
just over for the goalie. Now you can get in
a little deeper, just… Tommy Albelin,
born and bred Stockholm. Assistant coach, in charge of
the defensemen, obviously, penalty kill… TOMMY ALBELIN
ASSISTANT COACH …and I also help with
the defensive structure of our team. Okay. Any questions on that? We play three games, and then you might be able
to go on to the quarter final, so it’s a very short,
short tournament, so you have to be ready
right off the bat. Cody Almond,
center for team Switzerland. Once you’re an Olympian… CODY ALMOND
FORWARD …it’s something that no one
can take away from you, so… …it’s a very
special experience, and I’m really looking forward
to getting started. Execution, here we go. That’s it, quick, quick, quick. Move the puck. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come on, tracker, get ready.
Get ready, tracker. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tracker! Come on, Haas, come on, Haas. Gaets! Hey, Gaets! I think he got a stick to
the face. Peter Mettler, goalie coach
for team Switzerland. We got three
totally different goalies. we set the puck here
and play into the corner. Jonas Hiller, who is our veteran,
if you can say that. A lot of experience… PETER METTLER
GOALIE COACH …played in the NHL for–
For many years. Then we got Leonardo Genoni, he was Swiss champion
last year, a great goaltender, we have a lot of experience
in our league and also international. Can you see him out of
the corner of your eye? No, that he’s coming. Then we got Tobias Stephan,
also experienced goalie, great person and, yeah,
helping the team. Tobi! Here’s how we will start
the tournament on Thursday. Leo plays, Hillie is backup,
and you’re on the stands. If everybody plays
his best hockey and you get outstanding
goaltending, then you can be successful. We just have to be ready
from the first minute. It hurts when I laugh. -Huh?
-It hurts when I laugh -When you laugh?
-Yeah. COME SAY HI A month ago, I had
the four teeth on the bottom. And the big one on top. It’s part of the job. So, yeah, accidents happen. GAETAN HAAS
FORWARD Yeah, It’s happened to me
a few times already. TRISTAN SCHERWEY
FORWARD But as Gates says… It goes with the territory But I think he had some bad
luck a month ago. When he already lost the four
on the bottom. But that’s okay. He gets better and
better looking. SMILING TEETH
SMILING PEOPLE Ready? Puck! Go, go, go! Get those out. Go, go, go! -One more! Lexi!
-What? You gotta get in there,
stay on him! Stay on your man
with the white shirt! My name is Christian Wohlwend,
I’m assistant coach… CHRISTIAN WOHLWEND
ASSISTANT COACH …from the men’s hockey team. My role is I have
the power play under me. Power play starts when the opponent team
take a penalty, so we play five
against four of them and well,
it’s a one-man advantage and it’s a big chance
to score a goal. Now it’s my twelfth season
as a coach, and I can’t have
a better job than this. We need to defend
on that side. Keep it low so
he has space to shoot. I was born in Switzerland,
my parents are both Swiss, and they moved over
to the States when I was six months old. You need to pull low, then play to me,
and I play it up and over, and then bam! That will
be an easy one to score. We were living in Wisconsin.
Madison, Wisconsin, and I was lucky enough to play
with a lot of guys that play in the NHL now, and grew up playing
with Ryan Suter, Joey Pavelski, Drew Stafford, came over to Switzerland
to start playing hockey, didn’t really know
the size of the crowds and how serious it was,
and started to realize that it’s kind of a big thing
over here in Europe. That’s great.
That’s good movement. We need a really
nice powerplay. You need to press forward. And be ready. I don’t know if it’s pressure,
but still, I think the best way
is just to play your game and don’t think too much
and then you’re at your best. Leo usually stays
the whole 30 minutes, right? He doesn’t leave early? Yeah, and he wants,
if possible, he wants his seven, eight,
nine, ten minutes with one shooter on one side. I haven’t talked to Toby
about being the third guy, maybe you should tell him. I told them yesterday
who is back up and who is third goalie, so… I will go game-by-game. And then we’ll make a decision
for next year. Yeah. Yeah.
And when we have a game day, I just wanna have two goalies
on the ice. Three, that’s too many. No, Toby’s not coming,
he’s doing his weight program. Please tell Stiefl, because Stiefl
asked me before if– ‘Cause the rest of
the players are coming. Yeah, but we still should
bring his equipment, you never know. Hillie walks
in the dressing room and… steps on some– Now you’re really thinking. -Yeah.
-Good. We build a team on characters. You want guys who play
for the right part of the sweater. and that’s the main thing, and at the end we had to make
some tough decisions. GAME 1: CANADA WELCOME
still that level, the Canadians didn’t think
too much about Switzerland. They just went in and tied
the skates and beat us. I think right now
it’s a different story. We came a long way and they
know we can compete. We obviously know we need
an unbelievable good game… to win, but they also.
So it’s gonna be a good starting game
for a great games. ICE HOCKEY
MEN’S PRELIMINARY ROUND Hi, my name is Patrick Geering. I’m a defender
from Team Switzerland. PATRICK GEERING
DEFENCEMAN I think it’s a really
good challenge to play Team Canada as
our first opponents, and it gives you already,
like, a good feeling about the tournament where… so how you are,
how your team’s gonna work out, and it’s gonna be
a good challenge. We played the World
Championships last year against Canada with all
their professionals, and we managed to beat them
in overtime. But again, everybody has to
have their role ready, and everybody has to play
up to their potential, and then we have a good chance. Beat them, go to the net,
killer instinct. Switzerland versus Canada, our match-up
at Kwandong Hockey Center. Here we go, here we go.
Let’s go, Lupino, vamos. I’m a firm believer, if you
cannot say what you want, you’re never gonna get it. And we’re almost ready for
Switzerland versus Canada. ‘Cause now we’re not just
playing, we’re… actually competing for medals. Derek Roy versus Pius Suter. Go, go, go! Better go! Diaz gets hit
by Klinkhammer. Go get him! Good job, good job! Good job, Unti. Chris Lee, tipped in front!
1-0, Rene Borque! No problem, no problem… No problem, boys. Let’s go, let’s go! The hit by Reto Schäppi. Trying to get through
Chay Genoway and Rüfenacht makes no attempt
to stop. At the pass, and Maxim Noreau
with the one-timer. 2-0 Canada. Get the puck from
the neutral zone forward. The same thing again. Let’s go. Here we go.
Long game. And here’s Cody Almond
at work. Shot from Almond.
Did a good job, Scrivens. Roy protects the puck in front
and that’s a power-play goal. Canada lead 3-0. This is the moment. This is one
of the important moments. Either we push ourselves,
or we quit. Here comes Wojtek Wolski,
Wolski shoots and scores! 4-0 Canada! Hiller! Leonardo Genoni’s
game is complete, as he will be pulled in favor
of Jonas Hiller. It was 2-0. Now it’s 4-0. But boys… we can do it.
Quick play with the puck. …move your legs, everyone.
And then push and believe. Haas with the shot! Good stop by Scrivens,
but the pressure remains. Somehow, some way, Jonas Hiller
finds it and holds on. Don’t wait, don’t wait! Shoot! Canada 4-0 lead
over Switzerland. Important… Battle level. We’ve only won 20%
of the face-offs until now. Hockey. Let’s go. Let’s go,
vámonos. Let’s go. Canada four,
Switzerland nil score. Roy lines up against
Gaëtan Haas. Hey! The stick just comes up
high from Roy into the face of Rüfenacht. 5-3, boys. Try to execute. Go, go, go! He just slashes the stick
out of Lee’s hands. Hey! Make the play! Hillie! Hillie! Hillie! Hillie! Let’s go, Schaps, let’s go! Suter for Ambühl. Rüfenacht with the shot,
it’s right there. Moser! Moser taps it in! That’s it. That’s it.
That’s it. That’s it. Power play goal, Switzerland. Hey, boys! Look!
When we take the goalie out… Full pressure! …the right wing
creates pressure. The right side. D-D shot. One, two, three, four.
Everyone pressuring. Let’s play into this corner…
Hillie, are you ready? As soon as we are
in the O-zone you go out. …D-D shot, let’s go! Come on, guys, let’s go! O’Dell and Corvi dig into
the left of Ben Scrivens. Switzerland being aggressive.
Six-on-five situation. Hillie! Let’s go, let’s go. Go! Wolski with the open net, and Wolski will get his second
of the game! Switzerland gambled by pulling
the goaltender and Canada makes
Switzerland pay. 5-1. In hockey,
we look at it this way. There’s battle level
and there’s execution. And we haven’t executed
well enough against Canada. We got out-worked for sure,
but that was really a compliment to Canada. They came out,
really, very hard and we couldn’t match
their level. He’s a pro for so many years,
and it’s always tough as a back-up goalie to come in
at 4-0 down and then he did unbelievable.
Like, he– From the beginning. When we have a meeting
and afterwards training? You need to be there
at 1:30 p.m. Where? At the meeting? My name is Ramon Untersander,
I’m defender. Canada is that team, you know? Yes, they were all
really pumped. We have to play as a team.
We have to help each other… RAMON UNTERSANDER
DEFENCEMAN …wherever, on the ice,
off the ice, and then, I think, with a good team spirit, we can
go very far and win a medal. Switzerland, with the perfect
game, we can beat everybody, but we can lose
against everybody. We are now world-ranked seven, and this is an unbelievably
good result for a small hockey country
like Switzerland is. But still our goal is
to develop ourselves. We still need to find
the balance. We had the same chances
and same shots like Canada, but we were–
They had the better ones, because when they had a chance,
they were right in the slot. Recap… …of yesterday. Let’s do that
quickly. I already said that… I’m sure this wasn’t
the best match we showed. It was a tough start
into the tournament. Canadians outplayed and… most importantly,
out-battled us. They were good, we didn’t
perform like we wanted, Unti, how many shots
did you block yesterday? -Not many…
-Right. They were a lot better. Big difference. This is a big difference,
believe me. I have a tremendous amount
of respect for Fischie. He understands the game
very well and I think he has a knack
for motivating players as well. Let’s do that. Do we want to do that… Furry? Sure? Everyone? Why don’t we do it? We are…
but the ultimate willingness… to block this shot…
We need to bring that now. They had it. They had it.
And when we had a good chance, most of the times
the defender was there. Well, it’s funny, I used to play with him
on the same team. I was almost surprised,
the way, like, he acted as a coach.
I like it a lot. Like, he’s able to kinda
bring over his energy, his enthusiasm to the team and, yeah, I think everybody
respects him. I love Switzerland. We are
very gentle people; we’re very polite and we say
“You go have a seat” and “You go ahead” but in sports,
that’s not very helping, so we have to change that and we say, “No, this is
our seat” and we sit down. And getting that mindset in,
it’s the hardest thing. But we’re getting there and we can inspire
Switzerland, too, though, to… sometimes think even
a little bit bigger. GAME 2: KOREA Okay, guys! We need discipline
within our system. Avoid too many penalties.
Take care, Think straight. Chips, dumps,
and bring the puck. So we put them under pressure
and they lose the puck. We need to show them that we are strong.
Are we ready to go? Untersander, Blum, Grégory, Vincent, Hollenstein. Come on, boys! -Come on, boys, come on.
-Let’s go! Come on, guys. Come on, guys. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!
Good start. This tournament is wide open
as Patrick Fischer will lead this Swiss side into their
second battle. Will it be, in fact, a first
victory for Switzerland? Go, go, go, go! That’s it, that’s it,
that’s it, that’s it! That’s it! If we continue this way,
we’ll get it! Let’s go, guys! The net coming over. A caged man there, Matt Dalton. Hey! Come on! Come on, ref! Call it! That’s it, that’s it,
that’s it! That was a great play,
super-close. Taken by Switzerland, though, calmly, and it goes past
the post. Dalton is under siege
and he’s finally been beaten. Yes! Right! -Right!
-That’s it. And the first goal
of this hockey game. But Korea coming back
with a shot. Hiller. Skate, skate, skate! And the one goal is all
that remains on the board so far. Come on, guys, come on!
On top and below! Let’s go. Every puck scores, guys! A shot. Or rather a pass out,
and that’s just too ambitious, as Dalton has been– I think that’s partially
across the line. That was a good goal. It’s a long way, still a long
way, guys… Guys, come on. That’s it, Hillie! Jonas Hiller will make
the save. Yeah, that’s it, guys! Oh, they’ve done it. At third time, they’ve beaten
Dalton. It’s Switzerland
with a couple of goals in the second period. That’s it… that’s it… Each goal counts in this mode,
take long-range shots. Christian is the head coach of the under 20 national team
also and… Keep shooting, shooting.
Important. Super important. …I’m super happy to have him. He brings a lot of–
A lot of fire, passion. Talks a lot to players.
He’s funny. Great friend of mine. Cody, shoot the puck,
shoot the puck. So, somebody is– They come
around this way on the “D” in front. Tommy Albelin is
the quieter part, very smart, defensive instructor. And I am very, very happy
with him. And again,
Schäppi to Geering and Dubie, Geering left him
at the first post, and Dubie kind of stayed
in front, that’s a time Geering
right back in front. No issues. The first PK. Who do we want
in the back, Blum/Unti? Blum, Unti, Schäppi, Scherwey. Let’s go. Let’s go, guys, let’s go,
let’s go! Come on, boys! Let’s go forwards, huh? Let’s score a few more goals. Come on, come on, come on! Under way for the third period between Republic of Korea
and Switzerland. Every goal counts, boys,
let’s go! Bring it, bring it, bring it. What a score! Thomas Rüfenacht. That’s it, Ruffi! Good, good, good! Let’s go for one or two more,
come on! Ah, nice try! Yes, that’s right! That’s it! 5-0 spot,
as quick as you can say it. Faster, faster, faster! Let’s go! Bring the team… score,
guys, aye? There’s a shot. Take it there. Hiller in a scrap for it,
a scramble, he comes up with Radunske getting involved in front too. Ten minutes, two goals,
let’s go, guys! Hey! On his head! He takes his man
into the boards, no call from the officials. It was fortunate maybe to have
gone away with that one, Swift. six-nothing tough guy!
Way to show up now! Way to show up now! Yeah, right on his head. Ref! Don’t call the score,
call the game. That’s it, that’s it. Yes! Continue the same way! That’s a touchdown
and another score. It’s… seventh heaven right now
for Switzerland. GOAL
KOR 0 7 SUI Only two goals guys! Let’s go! Yes, that’s it! As they bound away
one more time. Through to your right. -Good job, man.
-Thank you, we needed that one. Needed that one. It’s the final score. Switzerland, eight, Republic of Korea, no score. Are you gonna pass me
the puck today? Chuck each other grenades. Throwing each other grenades?
Yeah. That was a sick grenade. I almost put my arms up
before I even shot it. Being 5’10” and having a little
slow start professionally, the NHL dream was always
out of reach. Even though I’d–
Would have loved to have that. So, this is amazing, for the–
For me, for my family, this– The people
that have supported me. So, it’s pretty crazy. You know, there’s no ego from top to bottom
in this organization. There really is a lot of
humble people, humble players. And when you want
to be a winning team you need to be unselfish. I really believe that we have a
chance to get something big… PHILIPPE FURRER
DEFENCEMAN …but it starts with small
steps and we have to learn and to stay in the process,
getting better each shift, each period and each day. Wingers. Important. Stay in the shooting lane,
stay in the shooting lane stay in the shooting lane, comes down, you attack him.
And again. I find here that they’re there
for the team. And, these guys,
they really have passion for– For their team
and their country. We have to have a team concept in place
for us to be successful. He shoot a lot? Červenka? He– He– He attacks a lot. -Does he shoot?
-And he looks for the seam. So now you want Schäppi to come
in here, right? And we hold. -Yeah.
-Correct? -‘Cause here is no– Nobody.
-Yeah. -And hold it.
-That’s the other guy, if he wins it to there. Well, we can’t just be one
or two, it has to be all–
All 25 players we have here. Tommy’s a– You know,
he’s obviously a hockey legend, and it’s a privilege to
work with him and– And learn from him a
bout the proper way to– To penalty kill and he’s, you know, very detailed,
very structured, but you learn a lot. Bit more behind him,
you know, for the right wing. So you can’t get too high here. I feel good. I think we
know it’s gonna be a good test. They’re obviously a good team,
they play hard, they’re very fast
and physical and big. But I think we have
a chance at getting the bye. Which means two days of rest. I think we need to dictate the
game and play our style. GAME 3: CZECH REPUBLIC Czechs, I saw,
they have a really good team. They had, like,
good pre-game games. They’re very strong. Okay, listen. Great game to play out there,
guys. Play with trust, boys. Win the face offs. Offensive behavior, be determined. Wingers get the puck out,
box in, puck deep. Or on the outside. Make it fast. The big defenders turn around,
that causes a problem. But most importantly. The team at eye level, There, captain’s stuff,
it’s about heart today. It’s about the heart and when
we get the medal, boys. Shift for shift. Hillie in goal. Suti. Unti. Holler. Haas.
Let’s go! -Yes, here we go!
-Come on, boys! One and one. Switzerland vs. the Czech Republic,
undefeated in group A. Use each other, boys,
that’s it. Sticks out, sticks on pucks. Řepík to Birner
and straight away. If you can’t get it through D, make sure it gets
behind the net. Tommy Albelin, the assistant coach
for Switzerland, twice a Stanley Cup champion,
with the New Jersey Devils. Here we go, boys,
here we go, boys. Řepík penetrates
and Řepík scores! Czech Republic one,
Switzerland no score. No problem, no problem,
we’re good here, we’re good. Listen, hang on to that puck,
boys. Yeah. Keep going here. That’s it. Hey! High sticking penalty, coming
up against the Czech Republic. On your right, Rüfie!
Make ready for him! Get ready for it. Find it, boys. Find it! And it’s
in the back of the net! Rüfenacht with the shot! Goal for Team Switzerland!
Scored by number nine, Thomas Rüfenacht. It’s a 1-1 score line after
twenty minutes of play, group A action, Gangneung Hockey Center. Unreal. Three high sticks in
one period. Tough period. Penalty though. The guys come and tell
me to stop diving. But he just knocked three
of my teeth out. I’m leaking out of the top
of my lip, and the bottom of my lip. Rough period and a goal. It’s Hockey… What are we going to do,
either drop or double swing. When we shoot…
they come around like that… In or out? -Bully point, always.
-Oh, bully point. -But in the double swing.
-Never on the rim. -Double swing, too?
-Yes. Here. Near the rim,
you have no options. Come with me. Come to you. Hey! When it’s clean,
you can put it in the middle, and you are
in front of the goal. When it’s clean, when you say,
they checked you away, Hey… Don’t get smaller,
when it gets difficult. We need to grow
in these situations. We need to grow. All of us. It can’t be that only three
players yell “come on.” and the rest of the bench
is like this. When it gets difficult, boys,
we take over. -Let’s go, boys!
-Let’s go! Stay together here, eh?
Fuckin’ stay together. Climbing the mountain
is not gonna be easy. Okay, boys, come on. Come on! PYEONGCHANG
2018 1-1 after 40 minutes
of play. Both goals coming in
the first stanza. Playing well, Switzerland. Bending a little bit but
not breaking under that pressure from
the Czech Republic. Come on, eh, boys?
Twenty minutes, eh? Third period underway at
Gangneung Hockey Center. -That’s it.
-Hofman, let’s go! Watch it! That’s it. Good job. Polášek with the shot, then
it’s off the chest of Hiller. Come on, Hiller! Blue lines, boys. Watch in front, watch behind. Kubalík camped out in front,
and Kubalík slides it in. 2-1! Goal for Team Czech Republic! That’s it, boys. Great way
to help out. Find a way here, boys!
Find a way! Find a way! Hillie! And Hiller is gonna stay
on the bench. If you were down by two goals,
you might pull the goalie with 3:22 remaining. This is very brave indeed,
by Fischer. Roman Červenka with the empty
net goal! 3-1 Czech Republic! Come on, boys!
Attack before red. Řepík has an empty net
and Řepík will score! Goal for Team Czech Republic! Done and dusted,
the Czech Republic with a 4-1 victory
over Switzerland. We had to win in regulation. We were 2-1 behind. We needed
two goals to have six points to then get qualified straight
to the quarter-finals. That’s why we took Hillie out. Otherwise we would’ve
waited a little bit, but… we needed two goals,
so we couldn’t wait too long. QUALIFICATION PLAYOFF: GERMANY It was a… It was a hard week.
We had three tough games. We expected a better start
from ourselves, and we never really
got going yet. But we tried to tell
the players, it doesn’t come around
too often. We have chance to move into
the quarter-finals. That chance might never
come again. What do you want to see
on Wednesday mornings schedule? You wanna see, “pack your bags,
fly home to Zurich”, and everybody’s like…
at home like, “Okay, great job.” And then watch
the Olympics on TV. Or you wanna see,
“Prepare for Sweden?” Big, big game.
Switzerland, Germany. Winner will go on
to play Sweden in the quarter-finals. And, unfortunately
for the loser, their PyeongChang
Olympic dream will come to an end. You get to this stage
and you wanna perform. You don’t wanna be out there
and just let it go by. You wanna– You want people to kinda be talking about you
after. It’s a long journey,
and we have to be, like… DOMINIK SCHLUMPF
DEFENCEMAN …the leaders of our journey, and then achieve–
Achieve that big goal that we have all in mind,
and yeah, go for that. It wasn’t the start
we wanted to have, so, we gotta stay positive,
gotta stick together. This experience usually
only comes around once in a lifetime,
so I just wanna play my best, and hopefully we have something
we can achieve together, that we’re very proud of. -May the better one win.
-Yeah. Switzerland, Germany,
it’s like a derby. We’ve faced each other
a lot of times in the history. Most of the times,
in one game– A one-goal hockey game,
it’s always a huge, huge fight and battle
for winning that game. Two minutes, two minutes… A lot of talking in our zone,
sort it out. Let’s talk, boys,
loud and clear! Be men out there, okay? Tell each other. Don’t get mad at each other,
get mad at them! Okay, men! Heart and smart! Let’s win every duel! Puck to the net, short shifts,
energy guys, energy! Our usual stuff…
backchecking, block shots. Dominate the slot.
Tempo, tempo, tempo. Boys… Two days ago… in the group stage. Not happy, not happy at all! Let’s make sure we’re happy
after this game, guys. Let’s make sure
we do everything to kick their ass. Wolf pack attitude! Remember Paris, guys, huh?
Hunt them, hunt them. Every shift, every shift. -Hillie, you start.
-Yeah! Geere. Schlumpfi. Cody. Schäppi. Rüffi. Let’s go!
Here we go! Come on, come on! -Let’s go, boys!
-Let’s go! Let’s go, boys. This team always responds
the right way and… Let’s go. …now it’s do or die. Jonas Hiller
will get the start. Four-hundred and four
NHL games played for Jonas Hiller.
This is his third Olympics. Almond and Hager
get us underway at Kwandong Hockey Center. Here we go, Red.
Here we go, Red. Almond has run over
Christian Ehrhoff. Ehrhoff is down in a heap. An Ehliz… Hey! …not happy with the charge
from Almond. That’s a hit! And Cody Almond is ejected
from the game. So, we said
it would be physical. And it is a power play now
for Germany. Hiller goes down! And now tempers flare.
Scherwey goes after Kahun! There’s a shot.
It gets through! Goal for Pföderl! No problem, no problem. Power play goal! Leo Pföderl, his first
of the competition! 1-0, Germany! No problem to get through it.
Let’s go! Hollenstein to Diaz. Diaz with the shot! That’s it! Hard angle, that bounced
to the line. The washout signal
is given by the referee. Hey, Vince! No goal. Diaz is trying to punch
the shot through and it hits Fauser
right in the mouth. Sharpen up, let’s go! Schappi. Heavy shot. Germany with
a 1-0 lead after twenty minutes of play. Boys, good decisions
with the puck. The play, still make it. Suter’s there,
it’s bounced in by Moser. Simon Moser ties the game! Here we go, here we go,
here we go. His second goal of PyeongChang. Come on! Here we go, Jonas, push it. Good play, good play,
good play. Come on! Ambuhl tried to use Seidenberg
as a screen. Ref, hey! Seidenberg falls
on top of Ambuhl and cross-checks
were exchanged. Come on, Vinnie, let’s go! Go for the goal! Rufenacht barreling down. That’s how you do it,
keep going! Fucking rights, guys! These teams are starting
to develop a little bit of
a dislike for one another in this knockout game,
no doubt about it. No! Support him, support him. That’s it, Hilli.
That’s the way to be short. Jonas Hiller made the stop. Switzerland and Germany
tied at 1-1. Rights, Hillie. Rights, Hillie. Boys, I… It’s just this way.
Now comes the third period. -We have to give even more…
-Yes, boys! Come one! You’re tired, boys, right? Shoot for sticks,
fake ’em out… Today a very good goal from… from Moser. That’s it.
Boys… Important! Mindset… Foot on the gas, eh? Play to win, play to win. Every shift, go out there.
You’re gonna go– If, after ten minutes,
we’re not leading it… We go for line three. Boys, this is our time.
Do you see this spot? We want to go there. In there…
this is the slope… 20 minutes and then
we arrive here and we get
the party started, guys! Let’s go, guys! Let’s go!
Suter, line, let’s go! Two teams that do not want
their PyeongChang dream to end. 1-1,
Switzerland and Germany, heading into period three. That’s it.
Loeffel, Loeffel, Loeffel! Two teams with so much
on the line. Shot from Boyle.
Just kicking out the right pad. That’s a great stop by Hiller. Aggressive guys, aggressive. Hördler’s pulled down. Looks like a penalty coming up
on Enzo Corvi. Help each other.
Help each other. Schütz with the shot! And what a stop by Jonas Hiller
on Felix Schutz! Let’s keep going, guys! Let’s go! Kink swings wide of Suter. Kink goes off the back
of the blocker of Hiller and now there’s
a rebound there. Then again, Jonas Hiller
pressed into action and does the job
for Switzerland. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Ten minutes, guys. Go, go, go, everyone! Germany now gonna
take a penalty. Ehliz with a stick
into the face of Scherway. Hey, that’s four! That’s four! Boyle with a big hit! Power, power! Play to win! Play to win!
Let’s go! The loser here
will have no tomorrow. Up, up, up! Go, go, go! Ambuhl with the shot. Aus den Birken has been
just as good as Jonas Hiller. Overtime ahead.
Switzerland and Germany tied 1-1 after 60 minutes
of play. Come on, boys! Who’s gonna be the hero, boys? Let’s take them down! Four on four,
ten-minute overtime in the qualification
playoff round of PyeongChang. Go, go, go, go! Go! Go! Mauer… skates back to the line,
gets it to Dominik Kahun. Kahun shoots,
Kahun stopped by… Hiller, but it’s over! It is over. Seidenberg, the hero
for team Germany. Seidenberg
with the overtime goal. Germany win, 2-1. What a victory.
2-1, Germany over Switzerland. Just couldn’t get the–
The pieces to fall into place. Well, it sucks. I mean,
it’s part of the game, it’s… We weren’t good enough,
but, yeah. I guess that’s
how life goes sometimes. It was always a dream for me. It means so much because
it’s just all four years and it was
a big goal to come here. Being at the Olympics, it is something that
you can always be proud of. It makes you word harder to get another chance
to go to the Olympics. It was the ultimate dream,
It’s a big fall for us. I think we came with a lot of big goals
and high goals, I mean, we wanted to do well,
but somehow we couldn’t really play free or call up our full potential
and it’s sad, but I look forward
to the next opportunity. I have 100% belief in these

Behind the Scenes at the PyeongChang 2018 Ice Hockey Tournament w/ the Swiss Team | Winter Tales

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