With only 6 months to go to the Olympics, it is important to know what the progress is in our preparation cycle and to have a baseline assessment as to how fit the athletes are and where we currently are as a group. Today we have done some injury prevention exercises to find out which risks there are to get injured. The moment to do this is well-chosen as we have just ended a very intensive week. We can now measure the impact this has had on our bodies. Thanks to the in-depth and individualised screenings we undergo, we get a blue-print of each of our athletes; What is his static? What’s his posture? How does he move and what’s his mobility and flexibility? This way we are aiming at building up and maximising the fitness level of our players in such a fashion that within 6 months we have a squad that can perform optimally in Rio. (c) Laurent Van Brussel

Belgian National Hockey Team ‘Red Lions’ Physical screening by Topsportslab
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One thought on “Belgian National Hockey Team ‘Red Lions’ Physical screening by Topsportslab

  • November 6, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    Belgium world champion in ridiculous names for their national sport teams.


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