Hey guys Benoit Huot here
I tried a while back at the world Para nordic, sit skiing, well today I think I’m gonna realize a dream. I grew up trying to become the next Patrick Roy and play for the Montreal Canadiens and it didn’t work out but today look where I am. Hey Rob, how are you? Do I look OK?

You know we’re gonna take over here and try this sled over here. What’s wrong with my sled? You know, I just don’t think you’ll be able to keep up in this one. So we’re gonna bring you over here and get you situated. OK my friend well you’re going to have to teach me because I have no idea what I’m doing. Just bring that strap over to the strap to your left side there Hey, those are nice and tight. Are you sure? Oh, yeah. Oh, there you go I think that they go across like this, see I’m learning already. You’re looking good. Okay Before you told me that I didn’t have the right sled. So what’s the difference between this one and what I had earlier? Well the sled you had was that the blades are a lot wider You’d just be struggling turning and if you want to keep off with me and Marc here, there’s no chance you could be in that sled Okay, so first step I’m here because obviously we want to learn but I’d like to get some tips and advice. What would be ideal on the ice for  the first timer?  Someone like me You know where I would start is just the skating. You can’t play with the puck until you know how to skate So I think we just jump right into skating here. Ok, let’s start. I’ll go easy I want to see how fast you guys are able to go. You’re willing to get the race against me? Let’s do this. Okay, let’s try it out Shooting to the net 101. Where do we start? Do you tell us? You know what I just start with a dominant hand here. Just get the feeling for the puck Make sure you’re always looking at where you want to shoot.
Like it’s tough to lift it. You mentioned earlier that the we were able to do slap shots with these sticks. I might not be the best example, but yeah, some guys are really good. Really high? As high as that forearm will let you. Does it create more power?  Of course, we have some really great shooters on our team we have some really great shooters on our team My favorite position in Para ice hockey, I think I figured out. Please do not do this at home Well guys, I had a I had a lot of fun, but just before we close up any last-minute advice for myself for next time I jump on the ice with you guys and for people back home.  You know what, the skills are there. You think? I think so. I think there’s a little bit of potential there. So for people like you, it’s just keep getting at it. Keep going on the ice keep working at those skills. Rob well best of luck and bring it home and we’ll be cheering for you and your team. Well, I hope you were not laughing too much at me. I hope we were able to educate you on what Para ice hockey was all about.

Benoit Huot – 2019 World Para Ice Hockey Champs Feature
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