*crowd cheering* *crowd cheering* *crowd cheering* *crowd cheering* 3…2…1… yeah! *crowd cheering* *Sports announcer speaks* *fans cheering* I’m Bud Lacava, I graduated from Bentley in 1978, it’s really exciting to be here tonight When I was at Bentley over 30 years ago, hockey was just a fledgling program It’s come so far, and they’re having an absolutely wonderful season this year It’s great to be here tonight, I’m seeing a lot of old friends, getting to chat with a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time, just a really exciting time for Bentley, glad to be part of it, glad I’m here The program has come a phenomenal way from when I joined Bentley and it’s great to see It’s great to see, and frankly I’m excited to see where it can go from here It’s come a long way under Coach Soderquist, and the sky’s the limit It’s been really exciting watching the program grow and mature and it’s pretty unbelievable from where I came from to imagine that Bentley is playing at Fenway right now it’s a fantastic opportunity and great alumni turnout and it’s a wonderful event

Bentley University Hockey at Frozen Fenway December 28 2013

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