Watch out Raggles! Goal! It’s a perfect day for Ice-Hockey All crisp and cold And Big Bear is making Hot Chocolate and pumpkin cake at his house after the match this afternoon Mmmmm Hello Holly Are you coming to watch the Ice-Hockey game at The Showground Mm-hm and I’ve made you a present! A present! Oooh I love presents! Thanks Holly! Da-daaaaa! They’re to keep you warm Umm… …what are they exactly Holly? Ear socks I knitted them all by myself Do you like them? They’re err… …lovely and bright Aren’t they Raggles? Holly made them especially for you Oh um… …thanks Holly I’ve never been given anything like them before Horray! I’ve been knitting things for everyone If I hurry I can finish them all in time for the Ice-Hockey game later Ready for the Ice-Hockey game Big Bear? Not quite Will I’ve got to finish bringing my pumpkins indoors before the cold weather ruins them You’ve certainly grown a lot this year They will last me all winter if they’re protected from the cold I’ve already filled the potting shed So I’m taking the others into my den Woooah! It’s a bit full in here Big Bear Knock knock! Hello! As official Ice-Hockey referee I thought i’d come and see how the Hot Chocolate and Pumpkin cake preparations are going I got everything ready this morning Bluebird Mmmm lovely cake Big Bear If anyone can reach it Bluebird’s got a point Big Bear How is everyone going to fit in here after the Ice-Hockey game? I hadn’t thought of that It’s because they’re all spread out You need to stack them up properly There! What did I tell you? Room for everyone now Awww this has taken ages! Come on! Rosie and Raggles will wonder where we’ve got to! Weee…chilly…brrrr You’re right little acorns Hello Oakley Look what i’ve made you For me? Oh how kind of you Holly Umm… …what do I do with them exactly? Wear them of course They’re branch warmers Branch warmers? Everyone will be so so warm today Bend down Oakley Oh uh… …thanks Holly You’re welcome The others are going to need my knitting to keep warm for the Ice-Hockey game Wooly, wobbly jelly! Sorry little acorns It’s these branch warmers They’re a bit itchy Sorry we’re late Big Bear has filled his house with pumpkins for the winter We had to tidy them up Ready to play? You bet! What have you got on your ears Raggles? They’re ear socks Holly knitted them for me Rather you than me Raggles Positions everyone! Hello I’ve made everyone a present! Presents? I like presents Here you are Big Bear And this is for your Rosie Thank you Holly Will! I’ve made you these Me? Uh-oh But they’re huge! Holly has worked really hard to knit us these things Will They’re um a huge help Holly I’m so glad you all like my knitting Now you’re all ready to play! My scarf! Here I come Will! And Big Bear’s got the puck! It’s a… …uh-oh Where’s the ice gone? I’ve got it Rosie! Mind out Big Bear! Not again! And it looks like Will’s going to score Here I come! And Will falls I was tripped up! That’s your fault Raggles! Don’t blame me! It’s these stupid ear socks! Ooops Raggles didn’t mean it did you Raggles It’s OK Rosie Raggles is right I haven’t made very useful things after all I’m sorry I spoiled the game Don’t go Holly I’m going to see Oakley At least he liked his branch warmers I didn’t mean to upset her Rosie I know you didn’t Raggles I’ll go and tell her I’m sorry I think we need to show Holly just how much she means to us Do you think she’d still like to have hot chocolate and pumpkin cake at my house Good idea Big Bear I’ll go and tell her Right I’ll make the hot chocolate And I’ll cut up the pumpkin cake! Speaking of pumpkins Are they safe like that? Of course they’re safe Look Look out Big Bear Oh no the milk! And the cake! The poor squashed cake! I’ve got plenty more milk and cake But I’m afraid there’s just no room for our party I’m sorry I’m not wearing them Holly You see trees don’t really need branch warmers I didn’t mean to upset you Holly I’ll wear my ear socks every day from now on It’s all right Raggles They weren’t very good as ear socks, were they Um… …no You should have seen Will trying to hold a Hockey Stick with his mittens At least I found a use for my knitting It’s made everyone laugh We did look funny Holly We all wanted to say thank you for trying to keep us warm Will you come to Big Bear’s den with us? He’s making you a special Hot Chocolate Oh yummmm Calamity! Disaster! Terrible news! The party’s off Big Bear’s den has got pumpkins rolling all over it! They’ve squashed everything Pumpkins? I think it’s stuck It’s OK little acorn I’ll get you Maybe we should keep it in there out of trouble Keep it in there… …of course Oakley you’re a genius Come on Holly We’re going to need all the knitting you’ve got Ready Pumpkin Hammocks! The perfect way to store all your pumpkins Big Bear More hammocks Holly! I don’t think I can knit that fast Then maybe we should all help Haven’t you forgotten something Raggles? Umm…shower Pyjamas Brush teeth That’s everything isn’t it What about these? Do I have to wear them Rosie? Who said anything about wearing them? They make perfect Hockey Stick covers

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