– This video is sponsored by Best Fiends. – [Mom] Are you guys
ready to play this game? – (Young boy) Yes, this
is gonna be so much fun, and the winner gets $10,000! (cheering) (modern techno music) – Who’s ready for another
trick-shot challenge! (cheering) The boys came back with a fun idea, because I won the trick-shot
challenge last time they wanna do a boys versus
mom trick-shot challenge, but this time we’re playing
with all the sports. Which sports are we playing with, Kyle? – So we have golf, ping-pong, basketball. We also have a football, soccer
ball, and even a baseball! – Ahhh, yeah! Are you guys
ready to play this game? – Yes, this is gonna be so much fun, and the winner gets $10,000! (Cheering) May the best trick-shotter win. – But wait a second, we
have to go find Gage, see what he’s doing,
cause I know he wanted to play this game too. Well wait, why don’t you
guys set up the first shot, – Okay. I’ll get Gage, and then
we’ll be right back. Let’s see what he’s doing in here, anyway. Gage, what are you doing? – I’m playing Best Fiends. – [Mom] Well we’re outside getting ready to play trick-shots. – I’m sorry, just let me
finish this level real quick. – [Mom] What is Best Fiends? – It’s a free 5 star rated
puzzle game in the app store, where you connect these
little same colored objects, and you can collect cute characters, like these that you see on screen here and it’s really fun. – [Mom] To defeat those little bad guys? The slugs?
– Yeah, the slugs. – [Mom] That’s so fun. – And, it’s also Mother’s Day in Minutia, So you guys can play the game too, by clicking the link in
the description below where you can get 5 dollars
worth of diamonds and gold. – [Mom] What. – If you just click the link
in the description, yeah. – [Mom] That’s so cool,
so if they use their link, they can get the game for free, and have 5 dollars worth
of gold and diamonds? – Yeah.
– Sweet. – And you can play the Mother’s Day event. And remember, it’s Best Fiends, and fiends is friends, without the r. – All that Mother’s Day
talk, that sounds like a challenge, Gage! – Oh no! – All of you guys are
into these mom challenges, are you challenging me to a
Best Fiends competition later? Is that what this is?
– No, am I? – (laughs) Okay, here we
go. We’re so ready to start this challenge you guys. Alright, who is gonna
set up the first shot? – I will! Yeah, I will.
Okay, I have a good idea. – Are you guys ready to lose? – No, I think I’m gonna win. I mean, it is kinda Mother’s Day, so, I mean – Is this your Mother’s Day gift to me? – Yes, it’s me winning. Me taking your $10,000. (laughing) – Or, if we lose, we
have to give you $10,000. (record scratch)
– No, no. If you lose, I get to
choose the punishment. Yes! So if you win, you guys get $10,000, but if I win, I get to punish you? – Yeah! – [Mom] Do you accept? – Yeah!
– Yes, yes! – Yeah, I think I accept. – Well, we do have to split $10,000, let’s do it guys, let’s go! – That’s okay, we got this. – Alright, here’s the first shot. We have the basketball
hoop set up right here, and I’m gonna try to kick
the ball into the hoop. It’s gonna be a little bit of a stretch, but I think I can make it. – [Mom] You’re gonna need
some good luck I think. – [Gage] First shot, you can do this! (modern techno music) (score buzzer) (cheering) – Now you have to try it (laughs) – Oh man, okay wait a
second, I have a question. – What?
– What are we even spelling? – [Luke] We are spelling, wait,
it’s Mother’s Day, so we– – So we could be awesome mom! My mom is the best in the world! – That’s kinda long.
– What about mother? – Okay, mother. – [Luke] You are the best in the world. – This is the mother game! – [Luke] Okay, you are
the best in the world, but I think it’s too long,
so let’s just go with mother. – Right answer. Alright guys, it’s my turn to go. Luke just made it, so give me some good luck. Pull open the I card, do you think I’m gonna win this challenge? I won the last trick-shot challenge. I am a savage. The most savage mom on YouTube. Vote up in the card who’s gonna win. Team Blue or Team Red. Alright! In three two one, go! (miss buzzer) Dang it! – [Luke] (laughs) That is M for mother. – Okay guys, I’m taking
the lead on this one. So, you have to throw the football and hit the cups. – [Mom] Okay, let’s
see what you got, Kyle. – Ready, three two one, (score buzzer) (cheering) – Ah yeah, let’s go! – I need to come back from this, I am behind by one. Who’s coming back? – [Gage] Alright. (Score buzzer) (cheering) – Alright you guys, basketball trick-shot, out of the guest house, into the basketball hoop. Whoa, look at that shot you guys. Do you think I can make it? Three two one. Yeah!
(cheering) – What.
_ Yes! Okay, team red has to decide
who’s gonna go up against me. Gage, I hope you have some good luck going on right now. Otherwise you’re gonna be tied up with me! – Alright.
– Here we go! – [Gage] Three two one go. (miss buzzer) No! – [Mom] That is an M for you. – M for team red. – [Mom] Okay, so Gage
just earned the red team the letter M, but Luke
thinks he can try it. So I’m making you a deal
– yeah. – [Mom] If Luke can make
this shot on his first try, it wipes away the M that Gage earned. – Should we do it? – [Mom] But, if Luke misses, that is M-O for team red. – Oh god. – I know, I think I can do it, but only if you guys smash the like button to give me good luck
because I’m gonna need it. – [Gage] You got this. – [Kyle] Come on, make it, make it. Erase the M (miss buzzer) (cheering) – That is M-O for team red and team blue has the ball. Alright you guys. Trampoline trick shot. Trompoline.
– [Gage] Trampoline. – Alright you guys basketball trick-shot into the swimming pool. I have to get it through
the pineapple toy. Okay, here we go. One two three, go. (score buzzer) (cheering) Yes, alright team red, I hope you feeling lucky. Can he make it into the pineapple floaty. – Magical powers, three two one, go. (miss buzzer) (screaming) I was so close. (fake crying) – [Mom] What is that for you guys, Kyle? – That’s a M-O-T, mot. – [Luke] Oh no. – That’s a mot. – Alright, team red has control. I’m gonna throw a
football from right here, into the hoop. I think this is pretty easy. Let’s do it. (techno music) Here we go. – [Gage] You got this Luke. (techno music) (score buzzer) – Yeah. (cheering) – Alright you guys, Luke made that shot. That was incredible. – [Gage] That was amazing. – Um. Alright it’s my turn. I’m up, I need some luck. Okay you guys here we go. In three two one – [Kyle] Not gonna make it. (miss buzzer) – Dang it. [Gage] Yes. – No, M-O for me – That’s a mo, catching up. – All right team red.
– You’re captain mo. – To captain mo, that’s me. – Okay you guys, this is the next shot. You got to hit the ping
pong ball into a red cup, but if you hit it into a blue cup, that’s an automatic letter. (cheering) – You guys the stakes are raised. Kyle is springing it up a notch. – That means for you mom, no matter what, if I make it into a cup, you still have to do it. – [Mom] Oh my gosh. – And. (score buzzer) (cheering) Yes. (mom laughs) Okay, now you have to try
and make it into a red cup. – Warm it up, warm it up, warm it up. Get it into the red cup. Red cup, red cup. Here we go in three two one red cup. (ball bounce) (miss buzzer) (laughing) – M-O to the T
– what. – We are tie. – You guys that is a tie game. I’m stressing out right now. This is getting a little out of hand. Gage is up for team red. Gage, what is your trick shot. – Alright, the challenge is, that you have to stay in this square to catch a golf ball
Luke is going to throw from that line right there. – [Mom] Okay. – It has to be a bounce shot. – [Mom] A bounce shot. – One bounce
– This line. Come on Gage you gotta make this. (ball bounce) (score buzzer) (cheering) I’ll bounce it. I promise I won’t cheat okay, I promise. – [Mom] Okay, I’m trusting you. – [Gage] You got this mom. – It’s all coming down to this. Let’s see what you got, Luke. – [Gage] You don’t got this, mom. (ball bounce) (miss buzzer) – Oh, I stepped off. – [Gage] Oh, oh wait. You stepped off. – So that means you get a letter. – [Gage] You get a letter. – No. (cheering) But I caught the ball. – M-O-T-H, – But I stepped out the square. – That’s moth – You only got E-R left.
– You got moth. You got moth. – Okay, next challenge – Trick-shot off the wall
with the ping pong ball. Here we go. – [Mom] Whoa. – Okay here we go. Come on make it in. (cup falling over) – Oh wait
– Wait, that hit inside, and then it flew off. – [Gage] It hit inside the white. – [Mom] I think that counts. (score buzzer) (cheering) If it’s in, it’s in. Okay I think the ball
hit the rim of the cup. You guys tell us what you
think over on Instagram. We’re gonna put this clip over there. Tell us down in the comments on Instagram, if you think that it
actually went in or didn’t. Either way, I’m not one to back down from a challenge. So bring it on boys. – [Gage] You got this. – Three, two, one – [Gage] You don’t got this. – [Kyle] I’m gonna get ready
to catch it because you. (miss buzzer) (laugh) – You guys that is another letter for me. M-O-T-H-E. – You have one more letter, mom. Until we win the challenge. On the concrete, where the
concrete meets the grass. This line and you have
to make it in the hoop. Ready? – [Gage] You got this. – Come on, come on. (techno music) – [Gage] Such an easy shot (score buzzer) (cheering) – Yeah, I got it. – [Gage] No way. – Okay this is my last
chance to win this game, to bring this game back into my favor. You guys, I need lotsa luck. – [Gage] You got this. (miss buzzer) (cheering) – You guys win the $10,000 cheque. Congratulations. (cheering) I tried my best but they, in the end they just were better. You guys were better today. – Thank you, – (clapping) congratulations. – You did so good, mom. – You guys, click any of these
videos on screen to watch. We picked them just for you. If you like this one,
we think you’re gonna like these others and we’ll
see you guys next time. Bye
– Bye $10,000, yeah.

BEST TRICK SHOT WINS $10,000! Impossible All Sports Challenge!
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