3Rivers Archery Your Longbow and Recurve Experts Hi, today we’re talking about the Bodnik Quick Stick longbow. It’s a compact 60-inch longbow that offers a lot of performance in a
beautiful package. It has, as you can see here unstrung, it has a reflex/deflex design to it which adds a lot of performance to it. Where you get
recurve level performance out of a longbow profile to it. Just to show off what we
have here before we get it strung. We have a lot of Bubinga and Rosewood
in the riser here. With accents of white and black Mycarta. Makes for a very gorgeous wood combination to it. The cap here and that, a lot of good grain patterns to it. Limbs, the performance comes from a bamboo core . Which is great. It’s light and snappy,
it’s going to shoot very nice. And then the veneers are Alder. Which gives you just a nice little grain pattern
to it. And then clear glass. And then the whole thing has a satin matte finish. It’s not a smooth, smooth finish. Like you’d feel another bows, but you can
definitely feel like it’s been finished. It’s a good quality to it. Gives a really good in hand feeling for it. Now, with the hybrid design it takes some
of the recurve to it. Things you’ll notice are like it has a groove
for where your thumb will sit on it. It’s more of a standard grip, instead of a low
that you’d see on a lot of longbows. It is cut to center and though I have this one installed here.
The calf hair rest and plate. You have to install the rest. It comes with the template. Very easy to do. Just cutting so that it styles to how you want it. Comes with a Bearpaw Whisper string. Which is a unique blend of materials
to it that keeps it quiet, yet also gives it good zip. Reinforced white and black Mycarta tips so it can use the high performance strings. Like the one that comes with it. Which makes it just a really nice… Nice bow. Maybe not a starter bow,
but a great upgrade bow. Now this is one when you’re like, “Okay I can shoot, and now I want to get some performance out of it.” Great option for shooter like that. Now only being 60 inches you would think that would be for shorter draws. It’s actually very smooth at 28 inch draw,
and even longer ones. Personally, I really like it for somebody that
has a standard 28 inch draw. Feels very comfortable. And. You really get a lot of performance for that. Yet with a longer draw, you know, you will feel a little bit there but I mean for being
60 inches it is a great bow. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go on the range and I’m going to shoot some arrows out of it. Out of our shooting machine. We have a 50 pound bow. And the shooting machine is set at a
28 inch draw precise. I have a five a five hundred grain arrow, and a four hundred grain arrow. So we’re
going to get 10 pounds. Sorry, ten grains per pound of pull, and then eight grains per pound of pull. Just to show you how they perform. That way you have a target arrow
option and a hunting weight arrow option. Just to see what kind of performance
you’re going to get, and I think we’re gonna be pleasantly surprised out of
this small package like this. So let’s get up there and check it out. So what we’re going to start with is
the the ten grains per pound. and we’ll get it cocked back here and shooting. We’ve got our shooting, or I’m sorry, the chronograph
set up about five feet away from the back of the bow here. That way we get a good read. We’re not aiming for the center of the target. Just that it goes between… Between the chronograph readers. Alright we’re ready to shoot. 181 (feet per second) Duplicate 181 (feet per second) 180 (feet per second) With the hunting weight arrow we had about a
180 feet per second out of three shots. Two 181’s and a 180. So a good respectable weight. Especially short bow like that
throwing a good heavy weight. Let’s see what it does with the
eight grains per pound of pull. 197 (feet per second) 196 (feet per second) 197 (feet per second) And that’s with our second arrow there. In the mid-190’s out all three shots. Really great performance step up going from the 10 grains per pound to 8 grains per pound. The Quick Stick definitely lives up to its name there. I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery.
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Bodnik Quick Stick Longbow Review and Testing
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  • September 19, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    Good company and products

  • September 19, 2019 at 7:41 pm

    Do u guys sell warbows above 150-200lbs? I currently do 140lbs @ 32"


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