Though breaking started in the
streets of the United States, Korean B-Boys have recently been dominating
the competition. With breaking coming to
Korea about 15 years ago, teams here are now
reaching world rank status. We’re here to see the
journey that got them here, what allows them to rapidly
become the best in the game, and how they continue
to dance and perform under the pressures of
knowing they’re the best ranked crews in the world. Hi, I’m Flipz. I’ve been breaking
for over 20 years. I’ve been able to dance
in movies, commercials, and toured with
some of the biggest artists in the industry. I’m here in Seoul,
South Korea, to see how their love and passion
for break dancing started. Gorilla Crew is a dance group
of some of the original B-Boys of Korea. They now run schools
which they teach breaking to the new generation. Now I’m going to check
out Gorilla Crew. Oh, what’s– oh, Gorilla
Crew in the house. What’s up, bro? Whoo, 2Touch. Neo. Yeah. So how long have you
guys been around? Yes, it has been twenty years
now since we started the team. So 20 years ago, man. What was the defining
moment for you guys? What started it all? It is ridiculous,
but our generation have been mostly inspired by
comics, and started dancing. So comic books. I think that’s awesome. Well, you guys get to
live the story now. I’m dying to meet the OG. Ah, you are saying you
want to meet our director? Yes. Let’s do it. There he is! How are you, man? What’s up, dude? Yeah. How does it feel to be one of
the original crews from Korea? I was the youngest when
I first joined the team, but now I am turning forty. Today, after twenty
years, there are so many street dancers
in Korea. So you have
underground hip hop. And then you have
the mainstream K-Pop. Is there ever any
type of fusion? There is no clash, because
the underground music is still being respected as
it being underground, and rap or hiphop music
is being aired a lot through the Korean media. In the meantime, there have
come about so many young
street dancers in Korea, so we act
with a sense of responsibility. So you have an academy
and you also go to schools and teach different kids about
the foundation of hip hop. When it comes to
teaching at schools, street dance is categorized as
a ‘practical dance’ at schools, and we try to teach them
contents such as history of hiphop, etc. I love that their foundation
and their fundamentals are on point– posture,
style, labor, funk. And the discipline.
They got it all. We’re about to go meet
up with Fusion MC, formerly number one ranked
breaking crew in the world. Oh! Yo! What’s up, y’all? Look at this, Fusion MC. Whoom. You guys have been
doing it big. For how long? 17 years. 17 years. And you guys are the OGs. Wait, how do you say OGs? -Jung.
-Jung. You know, this is amazing. Are you going to
show me around? -Yes.
-Let’s do it. -What’s this?
-It’s our history room. What? You guys got your own museum. -What’s this up here?
-This is our mayor. And this is a thank-you
from our city. So the city has you guys’ back. They support you guys. That’s big, man. These are just all the awards
from the biggest competitions we’ve done. Fusion MC! -This is the money.
-That’s crazy. You guys have done so
good for yourselves. So where are we going to next? -Burning hall.
-Burning hall? You guys are taking
over South Korea. You’re the best of the best. But how did it all start? We came up from the underground
to over here in ten years, I am loving it. You guys are like
South Korea’s top crew. You’ve won all these battles. But what I want to know is every crew has,
like, individuals that have hidden talents. And I saw that you
guys have a beatboxer. Let’s go! Yeah. And then, DJ? In the house. Footwork, style, flavor. Let’s go. Choreography– who’s
putting it all together? Choreo man. And then power moves? Let’s go. And then we got a
B-Girl in the house. Whoa! And if there’s
any room in there for me to get down with y’all– I don’t know, man. Really?
Do I have to audition? -Yeah, right now.
-I got head spins. Five, six, seven, eight– OK, so he just went, right? He finishes. Is there any way the crew can
come in through the middle? When it goes ‘boom’,
when the music starts, he seems to be saying that
he will do the tumbling. So he’s like this. And all he needs to
do is to just go– rhuf. Like, everyone goes, whu. And I’ll go, round-off, voom. Ah, yeah. Five, six, seven, eight. I was watching you
guys train all day. I was watching you guys come
up with the choreography. How do you guys get
so good so quickly? I would say just
diligence, every day. Practice six or seven hour. -A day?
-Yeah, every day. And everyone has their
own special trait. A lot of us have,
like, strong ideas. And we kind of build
off each other. And it’s nonstop. Diligence, every day,
every day, every day. Where did you guys get
your inspiration from? Yoga, acrobatic,
taekwondo, circles. Maybe a little bit
of martial arts too. Some guys have some background. Yeah. And you know what’s great
is I see it in your style. Thank you guys for showing
me around, taking the time. I feel like I’m ready now. Yeah?
Do you guys think I’m ready? -I hope so.
-Hope so too. -You guys are ready.
-Yeah. -Let’s do this, man.
-Let’s go. Let’s kill it. Let’s go. Fusion MC music. Let’s go. It’s clear why the Koreans
have some of the best B-Boy crews in the world. By taking their strict
approach to life and applying it to
their dance, it’s allowed them to
reach new heights. Meeting Kim Woosung
was pretty incredible. He’s one of
the OGs in the game. And he’s doing something
so awesome by passing down the torch and allowing the
next generation to shine. Spending time with Fusion
MC was also pretty epic. It’s clear to see why all
of the hours of dedication really pay off. They’re accepted and
supported by their community. I saw it firsthand. When they came out, the entire
town came out to support them. So the way that Fusion MC is
able to perform under pressure is also pretty mind boggling. And they actually let
me hop in and let me do a couple of solos with them. I can’t wait to see how
Korean crews continue to elevate the
culture, the passion, and the drive of breaking. Sky’s the limit.

Breaking’s best takes over South Korea and the sport | Olympic Outposts
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