My name is Alan Gormley. I’m Development Coach
here at Bromsgrove Hockey Club. On the 24th of October, 2016, one of our ladies came along to me
from the hockey session and said: “I’m finding this too much. Have you ever
thought of walking hockey?” – I hadn’t. So, we invented it and have made up
the rules as we went along. Did a massive advertising campaign
and we drummed up terrific interest. My name is Charlotte
and I came along to walking hockey
because I’d been banned from running
because of knee injuries. And I used to play hockey years ago. And when I heard about walking hockey,
I thought it was fantastic to be able to do something competitive
without having to run. My name is Bob and I’m just about thinking of giving up
the running game of hockey and came along with a pal of mine to
try that tonight for the first time. My name is Paul and I suffer
from a bad knee injury, which has precluded me from playing
and taking part in normal hockey, and I saw the advert in the local paper
and I thought walking hockey would be fantastic. It gets you back on the pitch again with a stick,
and I really enjoyed it. We’ve had over 70 people see us now. We’ve got a dozen clubs in the UK
looking at taking it on. We had interest from Dubai, New Zealand and Australia
and they invited us to go out there and talk to them. There’s several lessons, but the main one I learned was
to not assume people know what you’re talking about because hockey’s evolved significantly
over particularly the last 10 years and we have people here who either haven’t played,
or haven’t played for 20, 30, 40 years, so the whole terminology and everything is different,
so it’s really back to basics. Let people have fun, let them lead as much as possible. I think the key thing for wanting to adopt the sport,
any sport, and adapt it to suit people’s needs is to listen to people and to talk to people. It really does develop your skills very, very quickly. There’s a big fun element in it as well. Definitely come along and give it a try;
it’s fantastic fun. Give it a go. Give it a go.
This is definitely for me.

Bromsgrove Hockey Club celebrates successful “Walking in to Hockey” sessions
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