I’m watching the ice a lot more than I watch
the game while it’s being played. If I see a funny bounce or something out of
the ordinary, I take note of it. If the ice is not good, I probably shouldn’t
have a job. My name is Michael Cunniff. I’m the Zamboni
operator here, the ice technician. Been here for 25 years the other day. Unfortunately that just means I’m old. It’s kind of fun. I like the atmosphere during
the games, like fist-bumps. Everybody likes to get involved in the fist-bump. I take pride in the job for sure. It’s more
work than just driving around on the ice on a Zamboni. It’s the preparation that goes into it that
makes the ice better. I take care of the ice here by myself so I
like that. I know pretty much everything about the ice. And I’m actually out there two-and-a-half,
three hours every morning, Edging, shaving the ice. Make sure it’s all
level. You’ve got to keep the ice at a certain depth.
That’s the most important thing. The shallower the ice, the better the ice. I mean if the ice was a quarter of an inch
thick, the ice would be hard as a rock, it would be beautiful. But you can’t keep it that low because the
blades would skate through the ice and they don’t want them dulling their blades. If it’s too thick then the ice surface is
too soft, You know the puck doesn’t move and you can
ruin the whole game. I think each rink you have to find a level. One inch is perfect for this arena. Now when the game time comes, the whole place
looks like a different rink. You do get kind of pumped up. Everything brightens up, all different colors
in the stands. It looks like a totally different place. So
you’ve got to concentrate on what you’re doing. I’ve seen a lot of good teams. I’ve seen a
couple of national championships 15 winning Beanpot teams I’ve been here for. It’s good to be working here while it’s going
on. I’m just the type of guy to get the job done
right, keep people happy, coaches happy Players happy if I can. I think it’s a little more cool to other people
than I think it is, But it’s a cool job.

BU Hockey’s Zamboni Driver
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One thought on “BU Hockey’s Zamboni Driver

  • February 1, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    Ice tech from Edmonton, Alberta here. This video perfectly encapsulates the job, and the experience. Very well done.


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