[swoosh] ANNOUNCER: Here is an
AMI This Week Shortcut with Alex Smyth. [music playing] ANNOUNCER 1: Now to
start this overtime– Drama! Oh, he’s got it! ANNOUNCER 2: Gold medal number
four for the United States of America in para ice hockey. And they’re great. ANNOUNCER 1: And sadly
to say for the Canadians, they’ve snatched themselves
a silver medal, right out of the mouth of having gold. ALEX SMYTH: It would be
a gross understatement to say the Canadian para
ice hockey team was not happy with the way the
2017-2018 season ended. Losing the gold medal at
the Pyeongchang Paralympics, in overtime, after leading
the game for 59 minutes, was heartbreaking. ANNOUNCER 1: What a
devastating turn of events. ANNOUNCER 2: And that elusive,
second gold for Canada, the wait continues. ALEX SMYTH: But for Dominic
Cozzolino and Rob Armstrong, the loss is just
fuel for the fire. DOMINIC COZZOLINO: Being from
Canada and playing hockey, you only want gold;
you don’t shoot for anything other than gold. So, winning a silver at
the Paralympics in 2018 was tough to swallow,
but absolutely, it’s only gonna be used
as motivation now. And, it’s just going to help
us push through those days that, you know,
it’s tougher to– tougher to do what
we have to do. But, yeah, it’s always
in the back of our mind. Just kind of pushing us to
reach our next goal, which is a gold medal. ROB ARMSTRONG: It’s
a new quadrennial. The whole team,
it has a new look. We want to bring that winning
culture over and prepare for the next four years. And ultimately, this April we
have World Championships, so everyone-it was
flipping a switch. We had a summer
to dwell on that, and it’s all about training
for what’s ahead of us now. ALEX SMYTH: And
what’s directly ahead, as Rob mentioned, is the World
Championships in the Czech Republic. ROB ARMSTRONG: It’s an
eight-team tournament, and it’s going to
be really good. Like, exciting. It’s a quick turnaround
from Paralympics, it feels, but I think a lot of
guys are hungry, a lot of teams are excited to get going. ALEX SMYTH: With six new
players on the 18-man roster, there’s a lot of
fresh faces looking to get their first
taste of the Worlds. But, even with all the turnover,
the team is in good hands. Both Rob and Dominic
finished in the top 10 in scoring in Pyeongchang. ANNOUNCER 1: What a finish. I didn’t think the
angle was there. And that’s Armstrong
who corkscrews himself into a fifth goal for Canada. ROB ARMSTRONG: Being one of
the more experienced guys– this will be my fourth year
on the team-and playing in some high level tournaments,
such as World Championships and Paralympics, some guys
would look up to me in a role. I encourage that role. I think there’s a lot of
great leaders on our team, so whatever I can pass on
to the new guys, I do so. ANNOUNCER 1: And
Cozzolino, out to Delaney, and that is a third
goal for Canada. DOMINIC COZZOLINO: It’s nice,
just to kind of remember what we fell in love with
when we were rookies. You know, they’re going
through all those same emotions that I went through
when I first walked into their dressing room, and
it just kind of brings back those feelings of how special it
is, you know, to do what we do. ALEX SMYTH: For Dominic,
one of the greatest things about doing what he
does, is the pride he feels wearing the Maple Leaf. DOMINIC COZZOLINO: Yeah wearing
the jersey is super special. I mean, it never gets old. When I was a rookie, it was
something super special, and, you know, it
almost brought me to tears the first time I
walked in that dressing room. But the feeling hasn’t
really wavered at all. I mean, every time I
walk in the dressing room I see the Canada
flag and the jerseys hanging up in the stall,
it definitely, definitely makes me remember
all those feelings I had when I was a
kid, and, you know, why I love playing this game. ALEX SMYTH: Canada is one
of the favourites heading into the Worlds, and Dominic
feels that the team’s blend of veteran leadership and
youthful enthusiasm will give them a competitive advantage
when they hit the ice. DOMINIC COZZOLINO: I
love our team right now, I love-we’ve got
a couple of new guys that are bringing that energy
and pushing us to be better, and you know what? I think we’re right
there, and I think we’ll have a good result
come the gold medal game. And, you know what,
either way we’re growing in the right
direction and our team’s looking really good. So, I’m excited for what the
future has in store for us.

Canadian Para Ice Hockey
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