Good morning! Today we’re trying if the Catrice Cosmetics
Instant Blurring Stick actually has an effect on the skin. Right now I have only hyaluronic acid and
a skin moisturizer, obviously a skin moisturizer on my face to give this a fair um chance. I got this for one Euro ninety-five at Bipa,
which is a drugstore in Austria, so it’s quite cheap um I couldn’t find a US dollar price
because apparently this is a limited edition it is the Active Warrior limited edition,
but this is probably gonna be replaced by the hashtag insta to go blur stick which is
gonna be vegan, but claims it has the same effects. So look out for that one, I’m just testing
if blur sticks actually have an effect at all. I got this in zero one zero transparent um
actually it’s c zero one transparent. I think this is only available in transparent,
so yeah. Catrice Cosmetics is of course a cruelty free
brand. This stick claims to uh have a visible soft
focus effect, whatever that means I guess it just means blurring, that you’re gonna
look blurred because of such perfect skin. It says it is a practical size and it’s also
mattifying. You can use it as a touch up after you’ve
done your makeup or you can use it as a primer before you put your foundation on. The main ingredient is Dimethicone, which
is a silicone based polymer and of course this is approved by the FDA, also in Europe
it’s approved, it says it has no really… not really any side effects except maybe if
you’re allergic to it, but people have claimed that it causes breakouts and that also with
continued use your skin gets used to it and might actually dry out the skin, so be aware
of that. Alright so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna
put this on only half of my face so we can see the difference between the two sides,
otherwise I don’t feel like I can give you a fair opinion of it. Be aware that this is a first impression,
I am going to do a wear test, but I have not tired this out before. I hope you can see my pores well. I do have large pores, I also have acne scars
on this side here on this side as well of course, also on my forehead I’m very scared
yeah and the large pores and you can see I have a few left over kind of blemishes. Alright I’m gonna start applying this. You’re supposed to just kind of put it on
like this and then tap it in with your fingers. iIt smells really, really chemically I hate
the smell, it’s not very good. Ok it feels super heavy but I think I applied
a lot as well. So I’m gonna rub this in now. Also just gonna kind of tap it. Ok so it has definitely mattified my skin,
I think you can see it very well here. It has mattified my skin very well and also
I do feel like the pores are a little less visible. I think I’ll see it better once I put the
foundation on, but I do see an effect. Actually I think this would be really great
just to, if you’re not wearing any makeup and um you just… you just wanna kind of
um have a little bit of a blurring effect so your pores don’t look as defined, I think
this this would be great for that actually. So now I’m gonna use the MAC Studio Fix Fluid
in NW13. Just two pumps and I’m gonna use that all
over my face with this Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush. Ok so I think especially if you look right
here, let me get that in the center, if you look right here. This is the sided without the blurring stick
and you can see it’s settled in my pores there and the pores look very defined and on this
side it’s a lot better. Now i’m gonna go in with some concealer. This is the Essence Camouflage Full Coverage
Concealer in the shade zero five Ivory. I’m gonna use this to conceal as well as to
highlight. I can see even a clearer difference now after
I’ve applied the concealer. Side with the blurring stick, side without
the blurring stick and to set it all I’m using the Lavera Fine Loose Mineral Powder in transparent. Now that the powder is on, there is less of
a difference because the powder does do wonders for my pores um but I still see a slight difference
on the side with the silicone and without. Also the side with the blur stick is a lot
smoother than the one without the blur stick. So now I’m gonna finish the rest of my makeup,
I will show you what it looks like in natural lighting, whether I can see a difference in
natural lighting as well and then I will check in later when I start to get oily so we can
try and use it as a touch up. Ok so here I am in natural lighting. You can see especially on my highlight, this
is the side with the blur stick, that my pores there look less defined than there. Let me go a little closer, oh need to clean
that, um not sure how well you can see that with this, this is a different camera, but
I just wanted to give you that natural lighting look of both sides. I do see a difference personally um I’m not
sure if it’s picking up on camera though. Hey, so it’s been about six hours now and
as you can see I’m pretty much a greasy mess um don’t mind my foundation, that’s just how
it happens. So I don’t really know how to do this and
I couldn’t find anywhere like how you’re supposed to touch up with this, but also I can no longer
see any difference between my pore size at all um I don’t know if you can. I’m just gonna go ahead and kind of rub this
on and see if that works with the foundation underneath and now I’m gonna tap that in. I just wanna mattify it, so I’m not expecting
like miracles, but I do wanna be mattified. So I don’t, I feel like it’s mattified but
I don’t feel like it has made like an insane difference. You can see on my nose though that the color
is very different. See that here where I put the stick and here
where I didn’t? Um so it is doing something, but I do feel
like it would have been more efficient if I went in with a blotting paper and then with
the stick but then again why I’m going in with the stick after, I used the blotting
paper. It works just fine. Now I’m just gonna take some on my finger
here and I’m just gonna tap that in here. It’s not amazing, it’s not like a blotting
paper and it’s not like if I put powder over it, but it works. Ok so to recap a little bit, um it does have
ingredients or a ingredient that some people tend to break out from, so if you don’t um
react well to silicone, this is not a product for you uh but I think for this price it does
actually do what it promised. I mean if you compare this to the porefessional
for example, the primer, the pore…. porefessional that’s supposed to reduce your pores um it
doesn’t really do better of a job than this does and this is so much cheaper um it does
smell very bad, it doesn’t last as long the effect that the pores are smaller but it does
have an effect. Also to do a touch up it kind of works, I
guess you shouldn’t wait as long as I did until your foundation is completely gone because
it just doesn’t make such a difference anymore, but overall I think this is a great product
and I do recommend it. Ok I hope that you liked this video, if you
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bored, so I really hope I’ll see you next time! Bye bye!

Catrice Blur Stick | First Impression | Wear Test

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