(upbeat guitar music) – [Drew] It is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. Welcome to Naples, Florida, also the Pickleball capital of the world. Welcome to the Minto US Open
Pickleball Championships, powered by Margaritaville. As the sun sets on southwest Florida, we are nice and cozy in Zing
Zang Championship Court. It’s been rocking here, all week long. We’re sold out for the final few days, as the pros get set to take center stage. And, we welcome you, everybody. Great to have you with us,
alongside Melissa McCurley and Mark Renneson, I’m Drew Fellios. And, Melissa, 2018 has had
some phenomenal moments so far. – Absolutely, Drew, one of
the most exciting moments is Scott Moore to become the first male to win the triple crown
here at the US Open. – Yes, and certainly a lot more. We’ve seen some up and
comers, as well, Mark. – That’s right, if you love pickleball, remember this name, Kaitlyn Christian, professional tennis
player from California. She’s made a splash on the scene, and people are really impressed with how exciting she is to watch. – All right, the sport of pickleball is the world’s fastest growing sport. If you have not sampled it, you have to. Sit back, and enjoy. Here’s some of the rules to
keep in mind, though, Melissa. – [Melissa] Games are to 11
points, you must win by two. It’s a best two out of three format, and points can only be
scored by the serving team. – [Mark] And, speaking of that serve, it’s gotta be an underhand serve that is hit diagonally across the court. The ball has to be allowed to
bounce on the receiver side, and then it gets sent back to the server side to bounce again, so, it makes that third
shot really critical. – [Drew] Yeah, we’re gonna
see some tremendous rallies here in these matches. Keep it mind, also, the hallowed ground, it’s called the kitchen. – [Mark] The kitchen is also
known as the non-volley zone, and it’s a seven foot
space back from the net. You can enter that zone, but you can only hit the
ball if it has bounced, so you’ll see players get
right up close to that line, reach over as far as they can, try to pick those balls out of the air, and put them away for winners. – Today, the focus is Men’s Pro Doubles, and Melissa, one thing is certain, this match is gonna have
tons of attitude, does it? – It really is, Yates and Wright together with a two-time Open men’s
finalist here and champions. Tonight, they’re pitted
against each other. So, one of them will become the third time men’s Open champion. – [Mark] Weinbach and
Rozpedski had a convincing win, 11-2, 11-9 over Warnick and Dawson. They really showed why they’re
the class of the field. – [Drew] Men’s Pro Doubles
Championship is coming next, at the Minto US Open
Pickleball Championships. The sun sets on Naples,
first serve is next. – [Announcer] US Open
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latitude to the active, adult paradise of
Latitude, Margaritavilla. – [Drew] Naples, even more beautiful when the sun is going down here at the Minto US Open
Pickleball Championships, powered by Margaritaville. This, the pickleball capital of the world, as we get set for Men’s Pro Doubles and two phenomenal teams. Kyle Yates and Matt Wright on one side, Dave Weinbach and Marcin
Rozpedski on the other side, and this crowd has been entertained to pickleball at a premium all week long, but you just get the sense, the best could be still
yet to come, Melissa. Men’s Pro Doubles, how
about Kyle Yates, Mark, and the job that he done this week. – [Mark] Well, he’s been unbelievable. In the singles and the
doubles, Kyle has shown some of the most athletic
and electric pickleball that you can see out here. He’s been playing amazing power game as well as soft game, and
great around the kitchen. – [Drew] Won Mixed Pro Doubles, as well, and his partner is Matt Wright,
who is gradually becoming one of the real superstars on this scene. – [Melissa] A dominator in the game, is what we’re seeing,
Matt, so we can expect him to be a real presence
in the match tonight. – [Drew] And, they’ll be
taking on Dave Weinbach, and Marcin Rozpedski. Marcin, certainly a
household name in pickleball. – [Mark] There’s Dave Weinbach. Dave Weinbach, known as ‘the
Badger’, hails from Wisconsin. Weinbach has some unconventional
technique out on the court, but he’s got some of the
fastest hands in the game, and he’s got great touch around the net. – [Drew] Meanwhile, Marcin Rozpedski, also just a great guy to watch, so much fun, he has skills tremendous. – [Melissa] Tremendous, and so, the chemistry between he and Dave has been instant out here
at the US Open this week, so we can expect that chemistry
to continue here tonight. – [Referee] Zero, zero, two. – [Drew] Guys, the team serving, perhaps a little bit more seasoned, a little bit more experienced, but take nothing away
from Yates and Wright, they are phenomenal to watch. – [Line Judge] Out. – [Mark] Boy, and you can see, early on, Kyle Yates looking for
an around-the-post shot. If his opponents Weinbach and Rozpedski are going to pull him out wide like that, he’s looking to go around the post. Remember, when you hit around the post, you can hit the ball as low as you want. What matters is whether or
not it lands inside the lines. – [Referee] Point. – [Drew] That is most unique here in this sport of pickleball. Also unique, each team, each
player gets a chance to serve, – [Referee] Two, zero, two. – – [Drew] You can only
score points, too, Mark, whenever you are serving. – [Mark] That’s right, if
you’re the serving team, and you win the rally, you get the point. If you are the returning
team and you win the rally, you force the serving team’s
second player to serve, and once you beat them,
then you get the ball. Side out, that’s just what happened for Kyle Yates, serving now. (crowd cheers) – [Referee] Second serve. – [Melissa] A nice shot there, by Marcin, and we have talked about, in
some of the other matches, Drew, the mental and physical fatigue. These players starting playing
at eight o’clock this morning in mixed doubles, and
here it is 9:30 tonight. They have had quite a bit
of rest time since then, but, we’ll see if see any of that take a factor in here tonight. – [Mark] So, we’re seeing early on, that Weinbach and Rozpedski
clearly targeting Kyle Yates. Testing him early, to see if
he can handle the pressure, see if he can maintain these
good cross-court dinks. (crowd cheers) And, in that case he did. – [Drew] Imagine how these teams have been waiting around for a while, as you get another look at this point. It was a very emotional moment before this championship match with that sort of a parade of nations. Mark, you took part in it, and just a spectacle to watch here on Zing Zang Championship Court. – [Mark] Yeah, it’s so great, this US Open Pickleball Championships. People from all over the world come to it, and I was quite honored when the tournament directors
invited me to take part. There’s lots of Canadians
here from all over the place, and unfortunately, there’s
only so much room on the court. But, it’s so great, this is
the thing about pickleball, it brings people together
from all over the place. And, yeah, those parades of
the flags around the court is something really special here. – [Melissa] It is a
player favorite, no doubt. – [Referee] Second serve, two, to, two. – [Melissa] Yeah, or you
can see, Marcin is showing a little bit of limitation
in his movement. He’s gonna be going in for a
knee replacement on Tuesday, so, not long after he leaves here. – [Drew] Given that, you
would probably ask yourself, “Is he healthy enough to
play a championship match “at this level, having to
undergo something like that?” But, in pickleball it’s not necessarily how athletic you are, is it? – [Referee] Two, two, two. – [Melissa] Yeah, well,
I think he would tell you it’s definitely a factor for him, so he’s looking forward to
getting out of the pain, needing that knee replaced,
has gotta mend, so. But, here, certainly
position and placement can certainly play a factor, and just being smart and
limiting your errors. But, movement is certainly
important at this level here, that we’re seeing tonight. – [Referee] Three, two, two. – [Mark] I wonder whether
that will be a factor in how they play. Typically, players who are trying to move a little bit less on the court
for one reason or another, typically are more inclined
to start the fastballs on these exchanges a little bit sooner, to really press the issue, rather than maintain long rallies, so, Marcin has to weigh that desire. (crowd cheers) There’s a winner from
him, for the fastball. He’s got a weight that desire
to end the points quickly with the need for being patient. – [Referee] Two, three, one. – [Melissa] Those kinda winners there will pump some adrenaline in that knee. – [Drew] Guys, who do you
think, as this match goes on, the crowd is going to side with? Do you think they will pick a favorite as we get deep into this match? Now, remember Kyle Yates
is the hometown guy, but Weinbach and Rozpedski,
the elder statesmen, you gotta think that they’ll
have their following, as well. – [Mark] Yeah, it’s tough to say. Really could go either way. I do think, judging on that, the crowd’s reaction to
that winner from Weinbach, people are looking to see
really great pickleball here, and all these players bring
something unique to the game. One way or another, we’re gonna get some
great pickleball here. – [Referee] Side out. – [Mark] Melissa, our
stats at guru Josh Elliot just let me know that so
far, Rozpedski and Weinbach have only one single third-shot
drive so far in the match. The serve is the first shot,
the return is the second, and what comes next is the third shot. It’s a critical shot for establishing who controls the point, and the drive is a low fastball. Instead, Weinbach and Rozpedski mostly have chosen to drop the ball soft and low into the kitchen, forcing the other team to hit
up, and hit relatively slowly. – [Referee] Four, three, one. – [Melissa] Thanks to
Josh Elliot for being here with us this evening,
and keeping those stats. (crowd cheers) – [Referee] Point. – [Mark] Kyle’s pumped up. Yeah, so, that’s what we call a poach, when the ball is going
towards your partner, but you’ve gotta cross in front of them to intercept that ball,
that’s called poaching, and it’s a good idea to do it, if you think you’ve got a better shot at finishing the point
than your partner does. – [Melissa] He did a
great job on that point, and showing court awareness, as well, making sure it did not
step into that kitchen and have a fault. – [Drew] Our first timeout,
six, three, Yates and Wright, in game number one, Men’s
Pro Doubles Gold underway. – [Announcer] US Open
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Dick’s Sporting Goods. By Gamma, the official grip of the US Open Pickleball Championships, and by Margaritaville Hotels and Resorts, check in and chill out at
margaritavilleresorts.com. – [Drew] One of the hotspots this week, has been the License to Chill VIP Lounge right here next to Zing
Zang Championship Court at the Minto US Open
Pickleball Championships, powered by Margaritaville. Grab a few cold ones, enjoy
some great food, as well, and of course, we didn’t partake in any of that fun this week. We were working the whole time, right? – [Melissa] Working the
whole time, but believe me, – [Mark] Strictly business. – [Melissa] Each time I
had a chance to make a pass through that License to Chill,
I certainly made a pass. – [Drew] It is packed tonight, and prime seats for this championship. – [Line Judge] Out. – [Referee] Point. – [Mark] That’s unlucky for Rozpedski. The ball, he clipped
off the top of the net. Was gonna be a pretty
good dang cross court, but it clipped off the top
of the net and went out. – [Referee] Seven, three, one. – [Mark] Seven, three,
one, Matt Wright serving. It’s a chance to take a
commanding lead of the first game. – [Melissa] And so, Mark, Matt and Kyle are stacking here, as well. Based on what you know
about these two gentlemen, what do you think the strategy is there? – [Drew] Best point of the match so far. (crowd cheers) – [Mark] I think we saw what
the point of it, right there. When you stack, when you put your players on the side of the court
so as the point unfolds, you get to play on the side you prefer. Right now, Wright and Yates are preferring Yates to
play on the right hand side. This means that when
balls get hit out to him, he’s likely going to be
able to play his forehand, and when he gets into a cross-court, forehand-to-forehand dinking
rally with Rozpedski, they seem confident that
that’s a good pattern for them. So, we’ll see if they maintain
this kind of stacking. You see the returners here,
Rospedski stacking as well. He’s gonna return serve from the left, but then play the point from the right. – [Drew] Well played. – [Referee] Second service. – [Mark] Yeah, and so, this is something that recreational players don’t always do, but you do see from the elite players. The margin of error is so
small, that it’s important that you can play from the side you like. So, players will honor the requirement, if it’s their turn to
return serve from the left, that’s fine, they will do that, but then, they will quickly move over
to the right hand side. So, again, you’re seeing
Yates and Wright stacking and Rozpedski and Weinbach. – [Melissa] All of these players are very well accomplished
players, and Wright. (laughs) – [Mark] That is a hard body
shot by Wright on Rozpedski. Marcin didn’t flinch, watch right here. – [Melissa] Yeah, he knew what was coming. (crowd cheers) – [Referee] Point, win. – [Drew] There’s that
personality from Kyle Yates. We were waiting for it to come out. And, as Yates and Wright take game one, right now, looking like a very
confident bunch, 11 to three. – [Mark] Here’s a couple looks at it. Dave Weinbach sets up the
ball a little bit too high with his back in, Kyle Yates is there. So, this is the one-two punch that comes when you use a drive, you can
get a high ball to put away. – [Drew] Game one in the books, game two coming up in
just a moment from Naples. – [Announcer] US Open
Pickleball Championships on CBS Sports Network is
sponsored by Franklin, the official bag, glove, and starter set of the US Open Pickleball Championships. And by Ilovepickles.org, a place to celebrate all things pickled. – [Drew] Well, to host an
event of this magnitude, at the Minto US Open
Pickleball Championships, powered by Margaritaville. This is an earlier shot from the day. Melissa, you need to
have the courts to do it, and East Naples Community
Park certainly has that. – [Melissa] Yeah,
definitely have the courts. This was formerly a vacant skate park, original build of 31 pickleball courts. Currently, there are 50 total
courts that we played on here, at this tournament, this weekend. And, the newest courts
feature the Deco Turf. – [Drew] Game one in the books, and it belongs to Yates and Wright. Mark, what really stood out to you? – [Mark] Well, I think it was the winners that Weinbach and Rozpedski hit early on, except, those unforced
errors balanced them out. – [Drew] Blocked shots, a two-nothing edge for
Weinbach and Rozpedski, but Yates and Wright figure
out a way to get it done. And, this Zing Zang Championship
Court rocking here tonight. Sold out for this Men’s Pro Doubles, and as you said, Melissa, that Deko Turf cushion surface so key. It’s a state-of-the-art surface, and allows players to play longer without feeling fatigue in their joints. – [Melissa] Yeah, that’s
another special thing about this venue here. They do a lot to really
think about the players. Their experience here, from the court surface to Margaritaville, to vendor tents, music,
food, player snacks, all the things that go into
making this a great event. – [Drew] Matt Wright, corporate attorney from Wichita, Kansas. He and partner Kyle
Yates, the hometown boy, taking game number one. – [Referee] Zero, zero, two. – [Mark] Yates and Wright
really shot out of the gate here to win that first game, 11-3. I’ve gotta say, Melissa,
that was a lot quicker and a lot more one-sided
than I would have expected. – [Melissa] Oh yeah, I
would agree with you. It’s not what I expected
coming out of game one either, so let’s see if a game
two can turn it around. I think, definitely,
Weinbach and Rozpedski are going to have to try to see how they can slow these guys down, they’re gonna have to get more balls dropping through the kitchen, give themselves a chance
to get it to the line. – [Drew] Oh, just wide. – [Mark] So, that was another around-the-post shot attempted by Yates. He thought it was in. Everyone else around the area
seemed to think it was out. – [Drew] Tough to see from that. – [Mark] Pleading with the line judge, and referee extraordinaire Byron Freso. – [Drew] Well, one thing is for certain, we do have our top referee,
or at least one of them, here at Zing Zang Championship Court, as Byron Freso has been on top of it throughout the entire week. He has really become a
familiar face, a friendly face in this great sport of pickleball. – [Melissa] Yeah, he sure has. He and his wife, Marsha Freso, travel around the country
refereeing and doing clinics, and just sharing a love
of the game with others. – [Drew] There’s Byron, all smiles today. – [Referee] Three, zero, two. – [Drew] He took part
in parade of nations, – [Melissa] Yeah, he’s from Guyana. Let’s see what happens here, this is the kind of game I just mentioned that Rozpedski and
Weinbach need to get into. Yeah, see, that’s going
to fare better for them against a powerhouse like Matt Wright and an all-around game
player like Kyle Yates. – [Mark] So, Melissa, we already have three unforced errors
from Yates and Wright, and that is more than they had
total for the previous game. – [Referee] Zero, Four, One. – [Melissa] So, here we go again. – [Referee] Second serve. – [Mark] So, it gets
recorded as an unforced error when you put a ball in the net, or whatever that you should
make, but really, Drew, when you know, when you’re
looking across the court, and you’ve got such an advanced player looking to pounce on anything, it really, even if you miss that shot,
it feels like it’s forced, because you know your margin
for error is so small, that if you don’t hit that perfectly, you’re gonna lose the point anyway. Just a no-look dink from Kyle Yates. – [Drew] Saw Weinbach
drift to his left there, then come right back into the court. I think he was anticipating one of those around-the-net shots. (crowd cheers) – [Mark] So much for
that knee replacement. – [Melissa] Yeah, really, we’re
really not seeing it here. – [Mark] So, that was a good misdirect by Kyle Yates, right at the end. A misdirect is when you set
up your body and your paddle as though you’re hitting one direction, but instead hit the other. He set it up as though he
was gonna hit cross court, just laid back the wrist a little bit, hit it down the line instead. Caught Weinbach off guard. – [Referee] Point, two, four, two. – [Drew] Two, four, two. – [Melissa] And, just a smart
play there by Rozpedski. What he saw was Matt, cheating
over just a little bit, ’cause Kyle had gone a
little bit wide on the court, and he put it down the
line on Matt’s backhand. – [Mark] If you watch Rozpedski, he’s always so well balanced, so solid. I can imagine that, any time
he’s about to hit a ball, – [Drew] Oh, what a great rally. – [Mark] I was saying,
Rozpedski looks so solid and well balanced every time. He has such a wide stance,
it almost looks like a Mack truck come pushing over, and having that solid foundation,
that well-balanced setup, doesn’t guarantee success with your shots but it makes it a whole lot easier. – [Melissa] Rozpedski, the
director of pickleball and tennis at the Lakes in Palm Desert. He told me earlier today,
they’re building a stadium, sunken stadium pickleball
court there, at the Lakes. He puts on an event
just before the US Open, and a lot of the top players go there to prepare for this event. – [Drew] What a cool
environment that must be. Let me ask you, Melissa, is pickleball in Arizona and California at the level that it is
here in southwest Florida? – [Melissa] Oh yeah, definitely so. There’s a lot of pickleball out there. A lot of high-quality level play, in both Arizona and California, Utah, and I guess lots of other
places around the country, too. – [Line Judge] Out. – [Melissa] And, that was
just the perfect shot. Marcin seems to be really
zoned it right now, Mark. – [Mark] Yeah, Marcin
is such a professional, he comes from a professional
tennis background, played for Poland Davis Cup. He’s a gamer, he knows what
to do when the chips are down. – [Melissa] Marcin, just
two years ago, here, was the single’s champion,
too, at the US Open. – [Line Judge] Out. – [Drew] Yeah, seeing
some great personality on the court right now, guys. I want both of your picks, in this sport, as far as growing the popularity
of it, you need stars, you need players and athletes
that command attention and attract big audiences. Melissa, who would you say are
the best candidates for that, on the men’s and the women’s side? And, I also want, Mark,
your choices as well. – [Melissa] Yeah, well, there’s
just so many of them, Drew, so it’s really hard. These players spend a lot of their time off of the courts here, spending time with with
players all around the country, doing clinics, and camps, and trips, and they are really good about spending quality time with those players, when they’re on those
clinics and trips, as well. – [Line Judge] Out.
(crowd cheers) – [Drew] Oh, very close. – [Referee] It’s out. – [Mark] Yeah, I love watching a few of the players that have come up. For me, it’s the ones
that are most exciting are the ones who get back balls that you think are impossible
to get a paddle on, let alone get a high-quality shot. So, the fastest movers that
I’ve seen in the game lately are Tyson McGuffin, out
of Yakima, Washington, and Kaitlyn Christian out of California. She’s currently still in the professional tour playing tennis. She’s a doubles specialist. Tyson is a tennis pro in Washington, as well as being full time,
doing the pickleball thing. These two players, they slide
across these hard courts, and they’re really,
I’d recommend to anyone if you have a chance to watch
these players play in person, it’s definitely worth doing. – [Referee] Point. – [Drew] And, four good ones right now, as Yates and Matt Wright
try to battle back. We’re underway here at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships
powered by Margaritaville. – [Announcer] US Open
Pickleball Championships on CBS Sports Network is sponsored by Naples Marco Island and the Everglades, Florida’s paradise coast. And by Pickleball Central,
the pickleball superstore. – [Drew] Overhead shot of
beautiful Naples, Florida, and it has just been a
perfect week of pickleball here at the pickleball
capital of the world, and inside Zing Zang Championship Court, it’s the Dick’s Championship Celebration. – The US Open Pickleball Championships is an incredible event. People from all over the country, as well as the world, participating. I think we have over 2,000
participants this year, with an extremely fun
atmosphere, great competition, and it’s just a whole lot of fun. – [Drew] Jennifer Dawson,
triple crown champion one season ago, not
slowing down any time soon. We pick it up now in this second game. – [Melissa] I think it’s
worth a mention, too, that several of these
players have full time jobs, outside of playing pickleball, and they still manage to
play at this high level, and still manage to find a
way to give back to the game. – [Melissa] Weinbach and Rozpedski, showing their resilience
here at seven, three. – [Referee] Three, seven, two. – [Melissa] I think the crowd’s on the edge of their seat right now, just really waiting for
something pretty big to happen. (Dave shouts) – [Line Judge] Out. – [Melissa] Dave, hollering
out loud. (laughs) – [Mark] Yeah, Dave’s one of
the most vocal players on tour, but that was a good example there. A major skill of pickleball,
of course is hitting the ball, but a really underrated one for a lot of recreational players is the skill of when
knowing not to hit the ball, when to get out of the way,
let those balls sail long. That’s trouble.
(crowd cheers) – [Mark] So, that ball got a little wider than Rozpedski would like. He wasn’t as well setup as he wanted. Didn’t play a terrible
dink, but it’s high enough that a player of the
caliber of Kyle Yates, he’s gonna put that away every time. – [Melissa] Nice drive by Rozpedski, then followed by a drop
shot into the kitchen, allowing he and Dave to get to the line. – [Mark] Yeah, we’ll sometimes
see those third-shot drives, and if the receiving
team weathers the storm, it’ll become a fifth shot drive. Seeing more and more of
that, the third shot drive is to see if your opponents
can handle the pace, and if they can, just
play a fifth shot drop, land it low, near the kitchen,
and come on into the net. – [Drew] Guys, it looks like that Weinbach and Rozpedski
forcing the younger duo to play more pickleball here
than hard-hitting tennis, and the plan is working
temporarily, but how about that. – [Melissa] That’s exactly
what’s happening here. (crowd cheers) And, that is just what
this crowd needed to see. You could just feel them
on the edge of their seat, waiting for that kind of point to happen. – [Mark] You know what, Wright and Yates needed that right now, they’ve made 10 unforced
errors in this game alone. Something electric like
that, jump across the kitchen and a winning shot from Yates, maybe, is just what the doctor ordered. – [Drew] Ooh, just long. – [Mark] That was called long
by lineswoman Marsha Freso, excellent referee in her own right. That was a good attempted Ernie by Wright. He played it, but Weinbach and
Rozpedski were ready for it, redirected that ball, landing
just inside the baseline. Score’s four, eight, one. – [Line Judge] Out. – [Referee] Point.
(crowd cheers) – [Matt] So, Drew, one of the things that sometimes people
are a bit confused about is why players dink. And, sometimes recreational players think that dinking is
the right way to play, it’s the proper way to play. That’s not the case. It is a tool that you use,
and it’s a tool that you use when the alternative, hitting
fast, isn’t a good option. When the ball you receive
is low, below net level, you’ve gotta hit up,
you hit that ball fast, it’s gonna go out if
your opponents dodge it. And so, this is a tool they use to neutralize their opponents when they’re not in a great position. But, you can see with these players, any time that they have
a chance to hit hard, especially when they can
hit down, they take it. So, these dinks, the soft game is a tool, but it’s not the only one you’ve got. – [Drew] Yates and Wright
starting to make a run here, within two here in game number two. (crowd cheers) – [Melissa] So, I really like Weinbach and Rozpedski’s chances here. If they can continue to
play that style of game. To your point, it’s forcing Matt and Kyle to play more pickleball, and that really serves
as a strength, I think, for Dave and Marcin to
get back into the match. – [Drew] Like in basketball, you don’t want to go fast break, you want to slow things down
and just try and execute. – [Melissa] Unless, you’re playing against a basketball team that’s got slow defense. In that case, the fast
break makes a lot of sense. And so, this is what these
players are really good at doing, is identifying the
strengths and weaknesses of their opponents, and playing to them. It’s not a one-size-fits-all model, and so, you can see right now,
that, in many of these cases, because the players are so skilled, they can handle those fastballs
or those medium-speed balls, that you’re better off
playing a low, slow ball which we call a dink,
and looking for something that’s a little big high that’s more advantageous to pounce on. – [Drew] Rozpedski really
getting picked on here. Right down the middle,
Yates with the winner. – [Melissa] Yeah, Dave’s not
seeing many balls right now, but Dave is really known to
be one of the best players at the kitchen line as anyone in the game. – [Mark] So, we see the importance
of a counterattack game, and I like what Rozpedski was doing. He got a ball that was elevated
slightly, he hit it hard, but Wright and Yates were ready for that. You can’t wait to react to a ball, you need to expect what’s
coming and be ready for it. So, when you send a ball
hard at your opponent, you’ve got to expect that
it’s gonna come back fast. They were ready for it,
and that’s a winner. There’s another.
(crowd cheers) – [Melissa] Yeah, and that time, it came back toward Dave,
right, instead of Marcin, and so Dave was able to get
some power on that ball. – [Mark] Six, eight, two is the score. He makes that around-the-post shot. – [Melissa] Yeah, he’s
certainly looking for it. They’re in a real game of cat
and mouse right now, Mark. – [Mark] One of the hardest
things in pickleball is to play a good shot
and get it over the net, so that your opponents can’t get it. The nice thing about when
you hit around the post, there’s no net you have to worry about. Play it as low as you want, and as long as it’s between
those lines, it’s good. (crowd cheers)
– [Referee] Point. – [Drew] Timing perfect for Matt Wright. – [Mark] Expect a timeout
coming up, yeah, there it is. (“Surfin, USA” by the Beach Boys) – [Melissa] Well, that’s
exactly what we have, we have a timeout. – [Drew] Tied at eight, game number two, Men’s Pro Doubles Gold
continues in a moment. – [Announcer] US Open
Pickleball Championships on CBS Sports Network is
sponsored by Paddletek, the official paddle of the US
Open Pickleball Championships. By Selkirk Sport, leader in high-performance
pickleball paddles. And by Zing Zang, America’s
favorite Bloody Mary mix. – [Drew] Just a perfect
night here in Naples, at the Minto US Open
Pickleball Championships, powered by Margaritaville. And, our tremendous broadcast team, Melissa McCurley, Mark Renneson. Mark from Third Shot Sports, Melissa from pickleballtournaments.com, very well known in the
pickleball community, and some great rallies we have seen over the last few minutes here. – [Melissa] Yeah, it’d
be interesting to see what Dave and Marcin wanted
to adjust during that timeout. I’m not seeing anything so far. – [Referee] Side out. – [Drew] What would
you recommend, Melissa, if you were coaching this duo? – [Melissa] So, this would
be my recommendation, just based on what I’m seeing. And, they’re doing a great
job of isolating Marcin and keeping Dave out of the game. You can see Dave came way over, then, just to get himself
inserted into the game. So, why not Dave move over onto
the other side of the court, Marcin move over to the
other, and give that a try? Dave has whipping
backhand down the middle. Marcin’s got a great forehand. Just give them a different look. – [Drew] Well, Matt
Wright here, unloading. – [Referee] Eight, eight, two. – [Mark] That’s one of
the interesting things about pickleball compared
to some other sports is how much you can, in
fact, isolate one player. In some other sports
like tennis, for example, if they were hitting to your partner, you wanted to intercept it,
you could just step diagonally, in front of them, close to the net and take that ball out of the air, but of course, because of the
kitchen, the non-volley zone, you can’t play that ball out of the air by stepping diagonally in front of them. So, you really can target someone if that’s what you choose to do. (crowd cheers) – [Mark] Kyle was all
over that backhand volley, he was ready for the attack, countered it with a great
backhand of his own. – [Referee] Eight, Nine, One. – [Mark] Eight, nine, one is the score. – [Drew] Important side out here. – [Mark] Kyle’s playing with
a lot of confidence right now. (crowd cheers)
– [Mark] Winner. – [Melissa] And, that was a
smart play there, by Wright. He was taking it toward
the body of Rozpedski, all Rozpedski could do
was move out of the way, and it was just a floater into the court. – [Mark] It was one of
those off speed winners that you think the receiving
team thinks might just go long. Nine, nine is the score. – [Melissa] Can hear them talking now, going between Marcin and Dave. (crowd cheers) – [Mark] Marcin fired up about that one. – [Drew] That is vintage
Weinbach on that point. – [Mark] Yeah, Dave is a
great communicator out there, and sometimes it’s so loud and it’s so clear, it’s kinda funny. But, he gets the job done. Nine, nine, two, Matt Wright serving. It’d be interesting to
see if they target Wright a little bit more here. Yates seems to be holding
up to the pressure. Let’s give Matt Wright
a little bit of a try and see how he’s feeling. Or not. (laughs)
(Melissa laughs) Don’t get me wrong, Matt
Wright is a great player, he’s making a lot of shots. But, when you’re opponents are doing, 10, nine, this is
championship point right here, Matt Wright, Kyle Yates. Looked like Gates and
Wright were out of it here in this game two, but they
have clawed their way back. Kyle’s looking for that Ernie opportunity, or an around the post. – [Drew] Yates just unflappable right now. – [Melissa] Yeah, he showed great poise and patience throughout
this match, so far. – [Drew] Longest point of the match. – [Melissa] And, what
patience being showed by all players right now. (crowd cheers) – Wow.
– Wow. – [Melissa] Wow, what a point. (laughs) – [Mark] Wow, that’s some of the best pickleball I’ve seen Kyle play. – [Melissa] Yeah, when you see rallies that are going that long,
you’re seeing the position, the poise, the patience
coming from all players. And, here’s another look, Mark. – [Mark] Yeah, how many
shots were in this rally? Kyle, I gotta give it to him, he was patient, he hung in there. He didn’t do too much, too
soon, and then finally saw that opportunity catch
Dave Weinbach off guard, and he did not miss his chance. – [Melissa] Great match,
you guys, great match. – [Drew] As good as it gets
from Kyle Yates and Matt Wright. That shot says it all. Yates and Wright, Men’s
Pro Doubles champions here on Zing Zang Championship Court. Our coronation is next here from Naples. – [Announcer] US Open
Pickleball Championships on CBS Sports Network
is sponsored by Onix, elevate the sport, elevate your game, and by the US Open Pickleball Academy, learn from the best to be the best. – [Drew] Just concluded,
the Men’s Pro Doubles here at the Minto US Open
Pickleball Championships, powered by Margaritaville. How about Kyle Yates and Matt Wright? Yates from Ft. Meyers, Matt
Wright from Wichita, Kansas. The final point the most
exciting of the night, and the two win in grand fashion, Men’s Pro Doubles champions. The capacity crowd at Zing
Zang Championship Court, loving it, and this is was US
Open Pickleball is all about. Great to have you with
us, everybody courtside. Drew Fellios with Mr. Yates, Mr. Wright. Also joined by Bill Bullock, he’s the vice president of
Minto, the title sponsor here at the US Open Pickleball Championships. And, it’s time now for our
award’s presentation, Bill. – It’s our third year sponsoring, and it keeps getting better and better. We re-upped for the fourth year. We cannot wait to see how
great it’s gonna be next year. Congratulations, guys, incredible match. – All right, let’s award
our champions their medals. Kyle Yates, and Matt Wright. These two went at it earlier
in the day, in mixed doubles, and they get it done tonight as a tandem. And, what a moment here on
this championship court, sponsored by Zing Zang. You guys were fabulous,
and you win in two games. Are you surprised how easily it came, although the team on the
other side of the court, they were spectacular, as well? – Yeah, it was far from easy. The first game broke our way,
we felt pretty comfortable, and then, they came back
gangbusters in the second game. I think they got up eight, three. We were match eight in the second game, and we put a little flurry
together at the end. But, we had our gameplan. We stuck to it for the most part. And, look, any time you go
into battle with this guy, you’re gonna have a
chance, so, it was fun. – [Drew] Kyle, you recently
became partners with Matt, and it’s a match made in heaven, huh? – Absolutely, I played against
him in the finals last year, and I told myself, “I don’t ever want to play
against that guy ever again. “He’s too big, it’s too hard,” so, I decided, “Hey, I’ll give it a shot
with him, and see how we do,” and, I think we did pretty good. – Altogether, the atmosphere was simply spectacular here tonight. Minto, a big reason for that. How awesome was this championship? – For me, it’s the best
tournament of the year. I know that they’re
putting a lot of emphasis on the tournament in Indian Wells, the nationals later in the year, but the atmosphere, just the people, they’re dancing, the music’s
going, they’re having fun. This is what we play for, this is it. – Yeah, all the tournament directors, the volunteers, the sponsors. Everyone does a great
job with this tournament. So much fun, we love playing every year. It’s just down the road from my house, so I certainly love
playing here every year. – [Drew] Well, Kyle Yates, Matt Wright. Guys, congratulations, well done. And, thank you so much. We appreciate your
sponsorship, Bill Bullock, the vice president of Minto. And, that is gonna do it. What a year 2018 was at the Minto US Open
Pickleball Championships. For Melissa McCurley and Mark
Renneson, I’m Drew Fellios, saying so long from Naples.

CBS Sports Broadcast – PRO Men’s Doubles Gold – Minto US Open Pickleball Championships
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