We’re in New York City… beautiful evening I want to chat with you a little bit about
the event we’re going to and Uomo Sport Yeah so obviously the event tonight Uomo and Steven are putting on a kind of a
launch party I guess for the Open as I am now an ambassador and wearing the brand I’m really excited and proud to be wearing Uomo and I love wearing it on court it’s one of these like really special brands starting with just the material
they use and in the quality I’ve never worn tennis clothes that have felt so
comfortable and are breathable while I play tennis the way tennis started you know it was always classy,
wearing classy stuff, wearing classy clothes a very high-end sport and
I just I really enjoy that part about it all right well here we are This is an amazing player… definitely on the rise…
all positive signs so we’ll keep going He’s a great ambassador for the brand I don’t give these out too often Do you want to put it on? Yes, please I feel like a superhero!
Thank you guys! This was great! Thank you for having us!

Celebrating the US Open with Brayden Schnur & Uomo Sport

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