Hi, I’m Damien from DTR Gas and Heating. Just here at Clayton Rugby League Club, on the Heat for Good initiative. As you can see inside, the place is quite run down. We’ve got volunteer tradesmen, gas engineers joiners, decorators, helping to do the place up changing radiators. This old beast is getting replaced today with a new Viessmann boiler. Hopefully it will be a lot more efficient and a lot more safe. Carol heard the competition on the radio and asked if I would enter on behalf of the club. So, we did, and now it’s amazing! Full team of people here doing wonderful things for the club. This club was a big part of my childhood when I was a little kid. It helped me a lot and progressed me with my rugby really. Now I’m playing professional rugby if it wasn’t for this club I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. What’s been really warming for me is to see all these people coming forward giving up their time or giving something to help us which has just been magical in a way. It just shows that there is a real community spirit still alive and that people are prepared to help. I think in society these days we’re that much in the digital age of social media people tend to lose that togetherness. So, for me personally, it’s about bringing those people back together. Sports are great aren’t they, they tick every box for every family. So, that’s what I like about it. We’ve done a few of these now and the guys sometimes change depending where you are in the UK. But the general buzz and atmosphere is fantastic. We definitely go away from it feeling… refreshed, motivated. Because you get a lot of these guys giving up their time, they’re self-employed so there might be just one or two of them in a small firm. So, coming together to do something like this gives you that togetherness. The last one was in Oxford, that one meant a lot to me as it was for a centre for kids with disabilities and I have a disabled daughter. So, you know, that was definitely my favourite one because the charity meant a lot to me. It needed a lot doing to it, we know that but what a great turn out it just shows the community; children here, parents here. Not shy of picking a paint brush up, screwdrivers or whatever else they’ve needed to do, it’s more than appreciated from all that’s been involved today. Brilliant. Essentially everybody likes to belong to something and be part of something and I think even though there’s a lot of bad things in the world I think essentially the human being just wants to be part of something good and that’s what this club is, something good. I think, people feel that it’s good to give something back and not enough people do that and actually, if everybody just gave up a little bit of their time the world would probably be, a much better place.

Celebrating Volunteers’ Week at Clayton Rugby League Club
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