This is a lecture from fuc … Hello, welcome to my lesson I’m Tommy Wong Nice to meet you How are you? I’m fine, thank you Do you like Mi band? Do you like Mi 4i? Today, I’m going to talk about Hockey’s dick identity and Newton’s series Hockey’s dick as thin as a stick now we have tons of binom meal use his dick to poke them all eat it eat it eat it and it comes out from your ass so that’s how our hockey’s dick work Next we’re going to introduce Newton’s series Professor Wong, please There’s a story behind Newton’s series Once upon a time Newton was sleeping under an apple tree I remember that the apple is red …… the tree is green and Newton …… is black Suddenly, an apple …… falls down and wake him up and he says WHY THE TREE HATES ME?????? WHY DON’T YOU BEAT TOMMY UP?????? This story tells us that there’re no relationships between apple and Newton’s series Thanks for watching Bye Bye

Chapter 1 Hockey Stick identity and Newton’s series (Onnine Ver)
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