Krista O’Malley, I live in Scottsdale,
Arizona, and I’m a project manager for a construction forensics group. I first
found The Joint when I my back was acting up I’m a former rugby player and
just have upper back issues between you know, sitting at a desk all day, but also
just prior injuries. I had just gotten into a car accident a few years ago
and I needed to see a chiropractor because I was just miserable. I couldn’t
move my neck, I couldn’t move my shoulders, you know, sitting was not
comfortable. Nothing I did was comfortable, so I just kind of googled
where I could go and get in for a reasonable price, and immediately. And The Joint is what came up. I started chiropractic care, again, just through
rugby. You know, I was D1 and working hard all the time, working out,
and you know, stretching and weightlifting was really helping my body,
but there was still an element that was missing that I couldn’t adjust. I
would notice during certain drills where I would get hit in my back would crack
and you know it would feel great but it would be short-lived because then
of course my muscles would tighten up so I started going to a chiropractor just to
help learning different stretches that we didn’t get in, you know, with an
athletic trainer or anything like that, but, also just to realign my spine
because I was essentially getting tackled and needed the help with that. I
tend to go to the chiropractic route rather than the traditional medicine
route, just because I think that with taking care of yourself, and getting the
adjustments with a knowledgeable doctor, and the proper stretches, you know.
There’s no need for pills, there’s no need for shots, there’s no need for
anything other than just you know, really focusing on your body and having a
doctor that can focus on your body with you. So now I find myself seven and a
half months pregnant and still visiting The Joint throughout my pregnancy just
because of the different sleeping positions that they recommend for
you, and especially once you get bigger you just experience that lower back pain
throughout the day, and just at night you kind of can’t get comfortable. So, I go in
and they help stretch me out and they you know, help with that lower back and get
that moving so that I’m not uncomfortable during the day or walking
or sitting or anything like that. For me, being a former athlete, with car accidents, and then now being pregnant, it’s amazing. Just to know that I’ve got that support
through a doctor that I trust, but also one that’s going to take into
consideration all of the different aspects whether again, it’s a former athlete,
it’s pregnancy, it’s a car accident, or if it’s just a general bad day and needing
your back adjusted. A word or phrase when it comes to The Joint. Relief.

Chiropractic: From the Rugby Field to the Nursery Room
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